Trace diet therapy


Trace diet therapy

In fact, we don’t have to talk about “fat” discoloration.

The traces of cockroaches in the uncle, it is said that this kind of scorpion will not even increase the fat, and it can also be used to break down the big cockroaches.

Below, Xiaobian will work with you to study this method of weight loss, so that obesity health “fat” step.

銆€銆€First, a small amount of snacks that can be used for weight loss in food, soy sauce snacks, especially those who try to gradually replace accidental people, eat a proper amount of soy sauce made of soybeans, compared to sorghum animal protein, soy sauce is still a healthy food.
銆€銆€Soy sauce is the best substitute for salt when making a diet meal.

Soy sauce is divided into two categories: brewing soy sauce and soy sauce. Especially, soy sauce is the most beneficial for weight loss.

銆€銆€The brewed soy sauce is fermented with soybean, wheat, bran, etc.; the prepared soy sauce is mainly made of brewed soy sauce, and seasoning liquid, food additive and the like are replaced.

The pursuit of 鈥渘o added鈥?in weight loss, from this point of view, naturally, it is better to brew soy sauce without food additives.

銆€銆€2, tea 濮?tea 濮?is known as the world’s best trace bismuth.

銆€銆€Tea also contains impurities, although it is still a “niche” in content, but this rare tea is called “the best health in the world.”

銆€銆€It is said that Mrs. Obama drinks a cup of green tea, a cup of black tea and a cup of oolong tea every day, in order to let the body absorb different teas.

Trace amounts of tea are trace impurities, green tea and black tea generally do not exceed 3%, brick tea is about 8%, and the amount of trace impurities contained in chrysanthemum tea is only 0.


銆€銆€3, fungus evaluation can be “fat-lipid” tea oysters and nutritional supplements soy sauce, fungus is a kind of “beneficial fat” for handling.

銆€銆€Whether it is black fungus or white fungus, the trace amount is completely involved in the body’s detoxification work. Once a week, the fungus can be placed in the digestive system of the human body, and the impurities are absorbed and discharged to the outside of the body.The role of the intestines.

銆€銆€4. The content of malt and malt is 3.

9%, like soy sauce, is a safe source of supplemental nutrition for dieters.

銆€銆€If you are a “sweet” for sweet foods, you can choose “maltitol” as a flavoring agent. Maltitol is the “old stubborn” in sweeteners. It is difficult to be digested and absorbed in the human body. It is a good low energy.Sweetener.

銆€銆€When purchasing soy milk and milk products, people who need to lose weight can start with “maltitol”, and maltitol is converted to low, and when it is eaten with high-fat foods, it can also inhibit the storage of adults in the human body.

銆€銆€5, fruit with less fruit sputum is a weight loss hero.

Fruits also contain aunts, and the amount of aunts is small, in order to get the vote of confidence of the dieters.

銆€銆€The strontium content is only 0.

1% pear, pomegranate, pineapple, orange, peach, can provide rich fiber intake, and a lot of food will not be converted too much, which will help to maintain weight.

The cerium content is at 0.

2% of grapes, apples, strawberries, and cherries are the best source of vitamins.

銆€銆€Second, the micro-adult diet diet 1, the alternative method: the use of similar micro-pregnant food instead of high-fat food to lose weight is a self-deception, in the satisfaction of the desire of the appetite, you can use similar micro-adult food instead of highAdult food.

This “replacement” process naturally makes you lose a little bit of a fat crisis.

銆€銆€Tip: Tahini, peanut butter, salad dressing, and sand tea sauce are the highest variety of sauces. At this time, you can use a small sauce (ketchup or soy sauce) to flavor and reduce the fattening factor.

銆€銆€2, matching method: trace feces for high-fat foods can be “small bully” low-fat foods have a solution to high-fat foods, this “small bully” tactics, in many cases are very useful.

銆€銆€Tip: Adults with high content of margarine food (such as Western cream cake, egg yolk pie, etc.), chocolate, potato chips, nuts, etc., if you eat with a small amount of snack tea, you can basically dissolve more than 30% of the transfatty acid.
銆€銆€3, transfer method: a small amount of feces can make the position of the feces transfer the position of the feces more important than the amount of feces, some feces are very dangerous.

The accumulation of feces near the liver and other abdominal organs is the most terrible.

銆€銆€They can inject cholesterol directly into the liver through the bloodstream at an extremely fast rate, endangering the ability of the liver to control insulin in the blood, causing metabolic disorders that make obesity unstoppable.

銆€銆€At this time, a small amount of light food has played an excellent role, especially to control the excess of the abdomen (abdominal organ sputum), which is a tense battle for it.

銆€銆€Tip: Sedentary, so that the abdominal organs hoarded feces, people in this state of life should pay attention to eating a small amount of micro-food, for them, the best is black tea and selenium-rich malt (Selenium most helpEliminate diabetes and diabetes).