Get in touch with Pilates

Get in touch with Pilates

Maybe not the entire world, but in most parts of the United States, parts of Canada, Europe, Africa, and all of Asia, it must be experiencing a Pilates storm, an exercise designed for stretching, strengthening and body balancemethod.

  The Pilates movement was founded in 1920 by legendary figure, sports trainer Joseph H.

Created by Pilates, this Pilates-style approach is tandem training on mats or with professional equipment.

  Pilates and his wife opened the first Pilates Pavilion in New York City in 1926. Most of their first guests came from the dance industry.

  With targeted systematic training and focused breathing training, Pilates has proven to people that it is valuable not only because it is an exercise in fitness, but also in professional sports training and all types of physical rehabilitationImportant auxiliary.

  Because of the love of the majority of dancers, Pilates classes are popular in domestic fitness rooms, physical therapy rooms, group classes, luxury spas and leisure fitness centers.

  With the aging of the population and people’s easing requirements for healthy exercise, Pilates seems to be more able to enter the mainstream, including the system of public primary and secondary schools, thus shaping the model of fitness.

  In the past three years, Pilates has developed in China with the help of some world-class teachers and Pilates practitioners.

  Eduard Botha is one such teacher. He is from South Africa. Not everyone has an international Pilates trainer certificate. He is currently teaching courses at the Pacific Century Club in Beijing.

  Botha received a Pilates trainer certificate from the International Center for Body Art and Science in the United States, but he said that Pilates qualifications are now available in China.

  Botha said, “Pilates can be found in many fitness centers in Beijing, but there are very few places to use Pilates to train.

“In Pilates private lessons, guests practice various movements and stretches using Pilates equipment.

The multiple settings of the equipment allow Pilates instructors to easily guide people of different sizes.

  Equipment Pilates is also a good way to assist rehabilitation training, so it is very popular with clinical medical scientists.

  Why is Pilates so popular in China?

Botha said that most people can do Pilates. Although doing a good job is a challenge, if you work hard, you will see results.

Chinese medicine teaches you to look at your feet for 10 seconds to judge your health

Chinese medicine teaches you to look at your feet for 10 seconds to judge your health

Pedicure health care: Chinese medicine teaches you to watch your feet for 10 seconds to judge your health.

Do you want to know the health of others without touching their foreheads within 10 seconds?

Sneak at his feet.

  Sudden contraction of the feet Hypertension problem: Sudden cramps in your feet, or sudden contraction of your muscles, may be transient conditions caused by exercise or dehydration.

Sometimes, when lying down, a muscle or surrounding muscles suddenly become paralyzed, followed by soreness.

If this happens often, your diet should increase your calcium, potassium and magnesium intake.

Pregnant women must be careful during late pregnancy to increase blood flow to prevent this from happening.

  Solution: Try bending your feet and massaging the pain.

You can also use cold towels or disinfectant alcohol to relax your muscles.

To avoid cramps in your feet, gradually step your feet before going to bed, and then drink a cup of hot milk to add calcium.

  Feet and toe problems: Crude circulation is usually caused by vascular disease.

This occurs when the heart cannot supply enough blood to the foot due to arteriosclerosis.

Insufficient blood supply will make people unable to detect the pulse of the foot.

Earliest, the feet may be bright red or blackish; when they rise, the feet will immediately turn pale.

  The toe claws are slightly sunken, and the crux of the spoon-shaped indentation problem is the sign of anemia.

Caused by insufficient hemoglobin, a protein that replaces iron found in blood cells that transport oxygen.

Internal bleeding (such as ulcers) or severe irregular menstruation can also cause anemia.

When anemia occurs, the same happens with nails: the color and nail bed appear pale.

And the nails are fragile and the feet always feel cold.

Fatigue is the primary symptom of anemia. Other symptoms include concomitant shortness of breath, dizziness, or headache.

  Solution: Anemia can be diagnosed by a full blood count test.

  Crux of incurable foot pain: This is the main manifestation of diabetes.

Elevated blood glucose levels can cause damage to the nerves in the feet, manifested as scratches, cuts, or irritation caused by stress or accidental friction.

Other symptoms of diabetes include frequent thirst, frequent urination, fatigue, blurred vision, and obesity or weight loss.

  Solution: Immediately treat the ulcer and have a check for diabetes.

  Cold feet problem: This happens to women.

Women’s core body temperature is lower than men’s, so even they are healthy and sensitive to cold.

If a woman over 40 years old has cold legs, it may be hypothyroidism because the thyroid gland regulates body temperature and metabolism.

In addition, poor circulation is also one of the reasons.

  Solution: Insulating natural materials are most effective in keeping warm.

If you have health problems other than cold feet, I suggest you see a doctor.

  Feet nails are thick and yellowing: the cause is a fungal infection under the nails.

People with onychomycosis are usually unaware and will remain undetected for years.

However, this infection will soon spread to all toenails and even fingernails, causing the nails to smell bad and darken.

People with diabetes, people with circulation problems and immune system problems are susceptible to the disease.

If elderly people have problems walking, it may also be the problem, but it is not easy for people to notice.

  Solution: See a professional doctor who treats the feet or often go to the doctor for treatment.

What water should the baby drink?

What water should the baby drink?

How is the daily water requirement of infants different from that of adults?

  First, infants and toddlers require different amounts of water and concentrates than adults. Third, infants’ metabolism and immune systems are not well developed.

Human intake: 55% of adults, 80% of newborns, 0?
70% for 3-year-old infants?

Daily water requirement in terms of weight, 50 ml / kg for adults; 0?
1 year old infant 150ml / kg; 1?
3 years old infants 100ml / kg.

If there is insufficient water, water, electrolyte metabolism disorders and metabolic acidosis are prone to occur.

  Infants and young children have special physiological structures: gastrointestinal and renal dysfunction.

Due to the imperfect development of the kidneys and other organs of infants and young children, the filtration of the glomeruli, the concentration and reabsorption and excretion of the renal tubules are poor, so more water is needed to discharge waste, and excessive trace elements in ordinary water willIncrease your baby’s kidney and gastrointestinal burden.

Therefore, water recognized by adults is not necessarily suitable for children.

  What are some aspects to consider when choosing a possibility for your baby?

  According to the recommendation of the World Health Organization, the beneficial substances for human health have at least the following basic conditions: sterility, no toxic and harmful substances, minerals beneficial to the human body, strong permeability and solubility.

Choosing carbonic acid for infants and young children should focus on hygiene, safety, and nutrition.

First of all, health and safety, less illness.

It meets the sanitary standards of drinking water and does not contain any mold, pathogenic bacteria, harmful radiation and so on.

Basically, the nutrition ratio is reasonable and the physiological burden is small.

Minerals and trace elements are essential nutrients, and the best supplement can be taken by the baby from long-term continuous water.

Drinking ionic minerals is easily absorbed by the body.

Finally, the taste is sweet and delicious.

The content of calcium and magnesium salts in the water should be small, which reduces the hardness of the water and has a slippery feel at the entrance.

Use this kind of water to make milk powder and rice noodles, which will melt quickly and will not damage the vitamins and other nutrients in it.

  Baby should be scientific to drink water. Don’t drink ice water to baby.

Drinking a lot of ice water can easily cause gastric mucosal blood vessels to contract, affect digestion, stimulate perfusion, and even cause abdominal pain and diarrhea.

  Is there a harmful substance in the water that is harmful to the human body?

There are more than 2,200 organic chemical pollutants in water; 785 organic chemical pollutants in tap water; 20 carcinogens; 23 suspected carcinogens; 18 carcinogens; 56 mutagens.

So, is there a convenient, safe and hygienic way of drinking water?

The answer is yes.

That is, water purifiers, also known as straight drinking machines, have long been common in European and American countries, and have quietly risen in large economically developed cities such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen.

As the name suggests: The straight drink machine re-distills and purifies the tap water through the pipeline to sterilize it to produce an absorbable that fully meets human health needs.

The direct drinking water purifier uses the working principle of the membrane-it applies a certain pressure to the raw water to pass water molecules and ionic mineral elements through various filtering membranes (there are only 0 on the filtering membranes used by the drinking machine.

001 microns, while bacteria, viruses are generally 0 in diameter.

(04-1 micron), so that harmful substances (such as heavy metals, bacteria, viruses) etc. dissolved in water are intercepted and removed to achieve the purpose of purification and discharge.

Big Pore Hydrating Astringent Helper_1

Big Pore Hydrating Astringent Toner Help

What to do if the pores at both ends are large, how to condense the pores and keep the skin hydrated and healthy?

The correct use of astringent moisturizing toner is the key to solving skin problems!

Proper use of toner will keep us fresh and refreshing in the coming summer.

Let’s take a look together!

  Toner can sterilize and condition the skin’s pH value, condition the cumulative damage of the tap water (hard water) to the skin, and once again remove the remaining grease, makeup and metals and chlorides in the tap water.

Therefore, lotion is not just a bottle of water, it can re-do a healthy and soft conditioning for the skin, and help the effective absorption of subsequent maintenance ingredients.

  Can I use an alcohol-based toner?

  Experts point out: Alcohol allows to remove the oil secreted by the skin.

  At the same time, it also has antiseptic function, and it also has a sterilizing effect, but to fully achieve this purpose, the concentration of alcohol needs to be as high as 60%?
70%, this proportion is very irritating and harmful to the skin.

Nowadays, there are more and more non-alcoholic lotions, because many of their ingredients are sufficient for the advantages of alcohol but not irritating, especially some plant formulas, you can try it.

  Is there no seasonal difference in the use of toner?

  Experts point out: In fact, it is not just during the season change. Whenever the condition of the skin changes, the corresponding toner should be used alternately.

  Moisturizing toner can be used in winter or when the environment is dry; plant-based astringent toner can be used in summer or when the oil is more vigorous; whitening or hypoallergenic toner can be used in autumn and spring.

For acne or rough keratinous areas, you can use the corresponding toner locally, but it should not be used for a long time.

  Oil control effect lotion is a must-have for spring and summer?

  Expert guidance: oil control toner is not suitable for long-term use, it will change the skin’s natural water and oil balance.

  It is recommended to use it in the T-shaped area, or use oil-control toner during the day, and moisturizing toner at night to give the skin a chance to “gasp”.

  Kiehl’s (Kehl’s) Calendula Botanical Essence Lotion Reference Price: RMB195 / 120ml Gentle and non-alcoholic botanical extract Essence Lotion can effectively balance normal to oily skin.

Complete extraction of Calendula Flower Extract can tighten skin and improve skin.

  Suitable for skin: Neutral-Oily muscle improvement cycle: One month to Internet users feedback: a great water, no alcohol, very gentle.

The calendula petals in the bottle seem very comfortable.

: You can smell a hint of honeysuckle.

I am accustomed to pour out a little bit of lightness and pat on both ends after cleansing in the morning. After absorption, I apply rubbing cream and foundation.

And use it as a mask before going to bed at night, very comfortable and moisturizing.

Although it does not polish to tighten skin and remove acne marks, I insist on using it for a while and find it helpful for fine pores.

One small disadvantage is that it does not last long, so buy a small bottle for freshness, and always keep it in the refrigerator.

  Estee Lauder Exquisite Glow Toner Reference Price: RMB300 / 200ml Helps balance the balance of water and oil in normal and mixed skin.

Extracts from plants such as white hemp, citronella and barberry, which thoroughly cleanse and astringent the skin.

At the same time, it provides sufficient moisturizing power to achieve the ideal state of oil-water balance for normal and mixed skin.

  Suitable for skin: neutral, mixed muscle improvement cycle: 3-4 weeks Netizen feedback: This water has been used, after washing the face, use a cotton pad to pat the lotion on the face. I usually use foundation, and every time I remove and washAfter that, I used this lotion to clean it thoroughly, and the cotton pad could still bring out the clean makeup.

The cleaning power is really good.

My large pores have improved a lot.

It is very good in summer. I have oily skin, and I don’t feel dry in winter.

  Clarins Purifying Toner Reference Price: RMB260 / 200ml Suitable for skin: Blend, oily muscle improvement cycle: 3-4 weeks Non-alcoholic, plant-based toner that can make mixed and oily skin feel fresh and complete the cleansing steps.
Gently removes remaining marks from the cleansing milk.

Invigorate your skin and make your race clear and transparent.

Leaves skin soft, comfortable and radiant.
  Feedback from netizens: Sucker green water has always been famous, and my heart has been in the grass for a long time. I caught up with a friend’s trustee to purchase it.

Very good, fragrant, does not contain alcohol, making paper film works very well and is not irritating.

It is very refreshing and comfortable to use in summer, and it must be used with this lotus oil in winter, otherwise it is not enough to moisturize.

The convergence effect is still very obvious, like one!

Trace diet therapy


Trace diet therapy

In fact, we don’t have to talk about “fat” discoloration.

The traces of cockroaches in the uncle, it is said that this kind of scorpion will not even increase the fat, and it can also be used to break down the big cockroaches.

Below, Xiaobian will work with you to study this method of weight loss, so that obesity health “fat” step.

銆€銆€First, a small amount of snacks that can be used for weight loss in food, soy sauce snacks, especially those who try to gradually replace accidental people, eat a proper amount of soy sauce made of soybeans, compared to sorghum animal protein, soy sauce is still a healthy food.
銆€銆€Soy sauce is the best substitute for salt when making a diet meal.

Soy sauce is divided into two categories: brewing soy sauce and soy sauce. Especially, soy sauce is the most beneficial for weight loss.

銆€銆€The brewed soy sauce is fermented with soybean, wheat, bran, etc.; the prepared soy sauce is mainly made of brewed soy sauce, and seasoning liquid, food additive and the like are replaced.

The pursuit of 鈥渘o added鈥?in weight loss, from this point of view, naturally, it is better to brew soy sauce without food additives.

銆€銆€2, tea 濮?tea 濮?is known as the world’s best trace bismuth.

銆€銆€Tea also contains impurities, although it is still a “niche” in content, but this rare tea is called “the best health in the world.”

銆€銆€It is said that Mrs. Obama drinks a cup of green tea, a cup of black tea and a cup of oolong tea every day, in order to let the body absorb different teas.

Trace amounts of tea are trace impurities, green tea and black tea generally do not exceed 3%, brick tea is about 8%, and the amount of trace impurities contained in chrysanthemum tea is only 0.


銆€銆€3, fungus evaluation can be “fat-lipid” tea oysters and nutritional supplements soy sauce, fungus is a kind of “beneficial fat” for handling.

銆€銆€Whether it is black fungus or white fungus, the trace amount is completely involved in the body’s detoxification work. Once a week, the fungus can be placed in the digestive system of the human body, and the impurities are absorbed and discharged to the outside of the body.The role of the intestines.

銆€銆€4. The content of malt and malt is 3.

9%, like soy sauce, is a safe source of supplemental nutrition for dieters.

銆€銆€If you are a “sweet” for sweet foods, you can choose “maltitol” as a flavoring agent. Maltitol is the “old stubborn” in sweeteners. It is difficult to be digested and absorbed in the human body. It is a good low energy.Sweetener.

銆€銆€When purchasing soy milk and milk products, people who need to lose weight can start with “maltitol”, and maltitol is converted to low, and when it is eaten with high-fat foods, it can also inhibit the storage of adults in the human body.

銆€銆€5, fruit with less fruit sputum is a weight loss hero.

Fruits also contain aunts, and the amount of aunts is small, in order to get the vote of confidence of the dieters.

銆€銆€The strontium content is only 0.

1% pear, pomegranate, pineapple, orange, peach, can provide rich fiber intake, and a lot of food will not be converted too much, which will help to maintain weight.

The cerium content is at 0.

2% of grapes, apples, strawberries, and cherries are the best source of vitamins.

銆€銆€Second, the micro-adult diet diet 1, the alternative method: the use of similar micro-pregnant food instead of high-fat food to lose weight is a self-deception, in the satisfaction of the desire of the appetite, you can use similar micro-adult food instead of highAdult food.

This “replacement” process naturally makes you lose a little bit of a fat crisis.

銆€銆€Tip: Tahini, peanut butter, salad dressing, and sand tea sauce are the highest variety of sauces. At this time, you can use a small sauce (ketchup or soy sauce) to flavor and reduce the fattening factor.

銆€銆€2, matching method: trace feces for high-fat foods can be “small bully” low-fat foods have a solution to high-fat foods, this “small bully” tactics, in many cases are very useful.

銆€銆€Tip: Adults with high content of margarine food (such as Western cream cake, egg yolk pie, etc.), chocolate, potato chips, nuts, etc., if you eat with a small amount of snack tea, you can basically dissolve more than 30% of the transfatty acid.
銆€銆€3, transfer method: a small amount of feces can make the position of the feces transfer the position of the feces more important than the amount of feces, some feces are very dangerous.

The accumulation of feces near the liver and other abdominal organs is the most terrible.

銆€銆€They can inject cholesterol directly into the liver through the bloodstream at an extremely fast rate, endangering the ability of the liver to control insulin in the blood, causing metabolic disorders that make obesity unstoppable.

銆€銆€At this time, a small amount of light food has played an excellent role, especially to control the excess of the abdomen (abdominal organ sputum), which is a tense battle for it.

銆€銆€Tip: Sedentary, so that the abdominal organs hoarded feces, people in this state of life should pay attention to eating a small amount of micro-food, for them, the best is black tea and selenium-rich malt (Selenium most helpEliminate diabetes and diabetes).