[How to pickle green garlic]_How to pickle_How to pickle

[How to pickle green garlic]_How to pickle_How to pickle

Green garlic is fresh garlic, everyone should be familiar with this condiment, and it is very irritating.

There are many ways to eat green garlic. Like many other vegetables, green garlic can be marinated. Fresh garlic is not stored for a long time and can be eaten for a long time after marinating. The method of marinating is also very simple.
So, how to pickle green garlic?

Let’s take a look at the specific method below.

One method of marinating green garlic is as follows: 1. Peel the garlic.

Soak in cold water day and night.

(Remember to change the water twice in the middle) 2. Cut the shallots and the length of the garlic cloves, spare.

3. Carrot, cut and clove-sized segments, spare.

4. Stir the vinegar with an appropriate amount of salt.

5, garlic cloves to control the moisture, and the onion section, carrot section together into the vinegar water, mix well.

Install altar.

(The vinegar water should drown the pickling material a bit) Don’t seal the jar mouth too tightly. This will help the air to enter and pickle the garlic earlier.

(I do n’t know exactly why.

I only know the experience of the older generation of pickling green garlic.

Ha ha, just follow suit!

) After seven to ten days, the garlic cloves turn green and ready to eat!

Method 2 of pickling green garlic 1 Peel and wash the garlic, ready for use 2 Prepare a clean container, preferably glass or porcelain 3 Put the peeled and washed garlic in the container and pour in the fragranceVinegar, be careful not to stay in the container as much as possible. Pour a little bit more vinegar, cover it little by little, and soak it for seven days.

[How to make garlic eggplant]_garlic eggplant_how to make_how to make

[How to make garlic eggplant]_garlic eggplant_how to make_how to make

The garlic eggplant can often be eaten, but how to make it can have better taste and taste, then you should pay attention to some eating methods and technical issues, and the following will introduce you in detail.

How to make garlic eggplant.

Method 1: Make 500g of eggplant.

50 grams of garlic, 20 grams of soy sauce, 20 grams of sesame oil, salt, monosodium glutamate.

① Wash and peel the eggplant, cut into pieces, steam it in a steamer for about 15 minutes, and put it on the plate to cool.

② Peel the garlic, chop it into sap, add to the bowl, add soy sauce, sesame oil, refined salt, MSG and mix well.

③ Pour down on the eggplant and stir well.

Method 2: Garlic eggplant ingredients: long eggplant, olive oil, garlic, soy sauce, sesame oil, salt 1.

Wash the eggplant and cut into long strips 2.

Put it on a plate and put in a steamer. After the water in the steamer is boiling, steam for 15 minutes3.

Squeeze the garlic into a puree, add olive oil, soy sauce, sesame oil, and a small amount of salt 4.

Steam the eggplants and let them cool. Pour the mashed garlic on top to make the three staples: eggplant 300g, parsley 30g, garlic 30g. Auxiliary oil amount, salt amount, raw soy sauce amount, red pepper amount, MSG amount.raw material.

2. Cut the eggplant into long strips.

3. Press the garlic into a puree with a tool.

4. Pour some water into the steamer. After the water is boiling, steam for 5 minutes on high heat.

5. Take a small bowl, add an appropriate amount of salt, pour a bit of soy sauce, add a bit of boiling water, and then add a little MSG.

Pour the well-stirred sauce onto the steamed eggplant.

6. Pour the garlic on top.

7, add coriander and red pepper, burn the oil to 90% heat, and pour over the vegetables.

[Practice of Fortune Hongyun]_ Common Practice of Fortune Hongyun _ Practice of Fortune Hongyun _How to do fortune Hongyun

[Practice of Fortune Hongyun]_ Common Practice of Fortune Hongyun _ Practice of Fortune Hongyun _How to do fortune Hongyun

People’s living conditions are better, and they are beginning to pay attention to health.

However, many people have a huge misunderstanding about health, and health is not a health medicine, or it costs money to maintain it.

Health is a mentality, it requires you to start at the bottom of life, such as diet.

Well, now I will introduce the recipe of rich and wealthy Yunyun.


Look at the raw materials 2.

Add red beans and put in a pressure cooker for 20 minutes and turn off the heat.


Longan shelled and pitted and peeled.


Sweet-scented osmanthus flowers are soaked in warm water.


Put the sugar bean porridge cooked in the pressure cooker.


Turn on the fire again, and while stirring, keep stirring to avoid the pan.


Boil until the sugar melts, add longan, and pour the sweet-scented osmanthus (water called osmanthus osmanthus) into the pot and pour in the osmanthus sauce.


Take a look at the finished product. Fortune Hongyun is the most tempting person for those who are not yet married.

So if you can learn as soon as possible, improperly enjoy a different delicious, but also solve your own lifelong affairs.

Yasui Food (603345): Steady revenue and high growth control fee increase net profit margin

Yasui Food (603345): Steady revenue and high growth control fee increase net profit margin

Performance summary: The company achieved revenue in the first three quarters of 201934.

900 million (+18.

8%), net profit attributable to mother 2.

400 million (+21.

2%), deducting non-net profit 2.

1.3 billion (+22.

1%); of which 19Q3 achieved income 11.

600 million (+16.

6%), the net profit attributable to the mother is 73.01 million yuan (+ 35%), and the non-net profit is deducted from 64.02 million yuan (+25.

6%), the performance exceeded market expectations.

Q3 revenue continued Q2’s rapid growth momentum and performed strongly.

1. Q3 revenue growth rate was 16.

6%, continued to maintain a rapid growth momentum: 南宁桑拿 1) In terms of categories, Q3 flour products, meat products, surimi products, and alternative products achieved revenue 3 respectively.

200 million (+ 19%), 2.

700 million (+2.

8%), 4.

300 million (+ 21%), 1.

USD 400 billion (+ 30%). Due to the sudden change in the growth rate of meat products due to cost and phase adjustment, other categories have maintained a rapid growth rate of 20% +.The channel growth rate was 15%, 24%, 7%, and 600%. The distribution channel as the main channel is still steadily advancing. Q3’s sales channel in the supermarkets has accelerated its direct sales, and the sales of fresh products have driven sales., East China, South China, Central China, Northwest China, and Southwest China achieved revenues of 82.18 million yuan (-23%), 1.

400 million (+ 37%), 600 million (+10.

5%), 1 billion (+ 59%), 1.

1 billion (+ 24%), 3124 million (+ 15%), 9294 million (+ 48%), Northeast China increased revenue due to Liaoning ‘s production capacity transmission to North China, and other regions all maintained large and rapid growth under channel penetrationgrowth of.

2. The company received Q3 accounts in advance7.

600 million, an increase of 2 every year.

9 billion (+ 63%).

The channel feedback terminal sold well, and dealers were actively stocking under the expected price increase.

Cost-bearing reduction in gross profit margins and compression of expenses increased net profit margins.

1, Q3 gross profit margin of 23.

9%, down by 1 every year.

73pp, reasons: 1) the price of raw materials such as pork and chicken rose; 2) the product phase adjustment, the growth rate of high-margin meat products was slower, the flour products with lower gross profit margins, and surimi products grew faster.

2. The company further reduced sales expenses by reducing promotions, and Q3 sales expense ratio decreased by 0.

9pp to 11.

9%, the management expense ratio increased by 0.

37pp to 2.

9%, the cost of refundable convertible bonds decreased, and the financial expense ratio decreased by 0%.

98pp to -0.

25%, the overall three rates dropped by 1.
5pp to 14.

5%; 3. At the same time, the company recorded investment income of 9.55 million yuan (finance income), increasing net profit.
Q3 net margin increased by 0.

86pp to 6.

3%, profitability has further improved.

Leading companies have outstanding adjustment capabilities and long-term logic.

1. Within the upward cycle of costs, the company effectively resolved cost pressures through product phase adjustments and price increases, and stabilized profitability through expenditure expenses, showing outstanding adjustment capabilities of leading enterprises.

Next year’s surimi, chicken prices will continue to increase, the company’s cost side has been under pressure, and the company is expected to further increase its price in the future.

2. The fluctuation of performance is a short-term factor, and the logic of long-term costs is clear: Benefiting from the high prosperity of the frozen food industry and its own capacity release cycle, the company’s income end has achieved a steady growth of 20%, and its performance is highly certain.

With a low market share, Anjing has obvious cost advantages and enhanced brand power. Leading companies with leading advantages will continue to harvest market share and increase the net interest rate.

Cost disturbance may affect the company’s profit release rhythm in the short term, but it does not change the company’s core value.

Earnings forecasts and investment advice.

Due to the slightly higher-than-expected profit in the third quarter, the expected profit forecast is raised, and the revenue for 2019-2021 is expected to be 51.

5 billion, 62.

4 billion, 74.

900 million, the net profit attributable to mothers will maintain a compound growth of 25% in the next three years, and the corresponding PEs are 36X, 28X, 23X, maintaining the “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: 北京桑拿体验网 raw material prices may fluctuate sharply, and sales may fall short of expectations.

Zhou Dasheng (002867) 2018 Annual Report Review: Outstanding speed of exhibition shops has significantly improved profitability

Zhou Dasheng (002867) 2018 Annual Report Review: Outstanding speed of exhibition shops has significantly improved profitability

Event: Zhou Dasheng achieved operating income of 48 in 2018.

70,000 yuan, an increase of 28 in ten years.

0%; realize net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.

10,000 yuan, an increase of 36 in ten years.

2%; gross profit margin was 34%, an increase of 1 over the same period last year.

7 averages; net margin is 16.

6%, an increase of 1 over the same period last year.

0 average; ROE is 20.

5%, an increase of 2 over the same period last 佛山桑拿网 year.

9 averages; EPS is 1.

7 yuan / share, an increase of 28 over the same period last year.


The speed of exhibiting stores is excellent, and the growth rate of single store revenue is increasing.In 2018, the company relied on its excellent supply chain integration capabilities and adopted an extension-type, scale-first channel construction strategy to establish a wide-ranging and deep “self-owned + franchise” chain network.The annual net increase of 651 stores, including a net increase of 625 franchise stores, a net increase of 26 self-operated stores, the company currently has 3375 stores, expansion capacity is excellent.

In terms of segmentation, the revenue growth rate of individual stores and franchised stores was 12 respectively.

1%, 11.

2%, the increase in the growth rate of single store revenue was mainly due to the rapid development of included products and the further improvement of product structure.

The company’s gross profit margin is 34%. Those with excellent profitability benefit from the increase in the proportion of alternative jewelry with a higher gross profit margin and the rapid expansion of the company’s stores, which significantly improves the company’s profitability.

In terms of segmentation, the gross profit margins of franchise business and self-operated offline business increased respectively over the same period last year.

4, 0.

1 level, the company’s overall gross profit rate is 34%, and its profitability is excellent.

The proportion of dividends is high, and the performance target is enhanced. The market expects that the company will increase cash dividends in 20183.

US $ 1.7 billion, with a dividend rate and a dividend rate of 39% and 2%, respectively. At the same time, it plans to transfer 5 shares for every 10 shares to give back to shareholders.

In addition, the company’s financial budget target for 2019 is 15% -25% revenue growth; net profit growth is 15% -25%, and the performance goal is to announce that it is conducive to enhancing market expectations.

We maintain the company’s “overweight” rating. We expect the company’s operating income for 2019-2021 to be 59.

01, 67.

37, 76.

55 ppm; net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company was 10 respectively.

02, 12.

07, 14.

3.8 billion; EPS is 2.

06, 2.

48, 2.

95 yuan / share; corresponding PE is 16.

75, 13.

90, 11.

67 times.

Considering that the company’s product structure fits the consumption trend, it is expected to benefit from the consumption upgrade in low-tier cities and lead the jewellery industry. We are optimistic that the company maintains an 武汉夜生活网 “overweight” rating in the development of the jewelry industry.

Risk reminders: The development of new stores is not up to expectations; the overall economic outlook is expected to cause the industry to recover less than expected; important shareholders reduce their risk.

Cobos (603486): Strategic contraction of foundry business steadily grows with independent brands

Cobos (603486): Strategic contraction of foundry business steadily grows with independent brands
Cobos has released its semi-annual report for 2019.In the first half of 2019, the company achieved operating income of 24.27 ppm, 10-year average3.8%, net profit attributable to mother 1.32 ‰, 36 in the previous decade.63%; of which the second quarter achieved operating income11.79 ppm, 10-year average of 10.16%, net profit attributable to mother 0.610,000 yuan, an average of 46 in ten years.85%.  In terms of business segments, the independent brand business grew steadily, and the foundry business was dragged down.In terms of self-owned brands, the revenue of “Kovos” sweeping robots increased by 11 per year.24% to 16.According to Zhongyikang, the retail share of Cobos ‘sweeping robots in the first half of the year increased by 8pc to 48%; the independent brand of clean small appliances“ Tianke ”grew rapidly in the United States and gradually entered offline channels.119.Half-year growth.48% to 0.9.6 billion yuan.In terms of foundry business, as the company concentrated its resources to expand its own brand business and strategically contracted the service robot ODM business, the first half of the year was 84.47% to 0.$ 3.9 billion in revenue from clean OEM / ODM business for small household appliances6.00 ppm, a ten-year average of 13.87%.  Accelerate the introduction of R & D and sales talents, and increase investment costs.Gross margin slightly increased by 0 per second.69pct to 37.28%; sales expense ratio increased by 1 in ten years.85 points to 18.08%, mainly due to the 北京夜生活网 company ‘s introduction of talents to expand its overseas business of independent brands and domestic brand cultivation of Timco, which resulted in a 39% increase in employees; the management expense ratio increased by 0.63pct to 6.32%; R & D expenses have increased significantly by 38%.86% to 1.25 ppm, mainly due to the company’s introduction of research and development talents led to an increase in staff budget and financial expense ratio.61pct to 0.30%; net interest rate 2.79 points to 5.42%.  Turnover of inventory and receivables slowed, and cash flow remained stable.Inventory turnover days increased by 44 days to 134 days, and receivables turnover days increased by 16 days to 60 days; cash flow conditions were stable, and the cash to revenue ratio of goods sold was increased by a maximum of 2.1pct to 121.7%, net cash flow from operating activities in the first half of the year was 48.18 million yuan (27.02 million yuan in the same period last year).  Expanding equity incentive plans boosted business confidence.The company also announced the annual stock incentive plan for 2019.The total number of incentive objects granted by this plan is 298, including senior and middle management personnel, technicians and other backbones. The total inventory to be awarded is 671.760,000 shares, accounting for 1.20%, of which the highest share granted for the first time accounts for 80% of the authorized share capital, and the increase in divided shares accounts for 20%.The grant price for stocks approved under this plan is 13.90 yuan / share.  Investment suggestion: The company’s strategic contraction of foundry business has put pressure on short-term revenue, but the healthy growth of the independent brand business and the expansion of its market share, we expect the company’s revenue in 2019-21 to be 57.05/63.87/72.1.3 billion yuan, net profit attributable to mother 4.48/5.67/7.30 trillion, the corresponding EPS is 0.80/1.01/1.30 yuan, the current expected corresponding 19-21 year earnings increase 32/25/20 times, maintaining the “Buy” rating.  Risk reminder: OEM business continues to grow, industry competition intensifies, and shareholder reductions lead to gradual change

Basic skin care and moisturizing in summer _1

Basic skin care and moisturizing in summer

The “intensity” of sunlight is constantly escalating, making MMs’ skin feel more stressed.

Then, sunscreen, whitening cream, whitening mask.

However, everyone knows that in order to prevent the sun and keep white, you must first do basic skin skills.

  The first step: exfoliating to remove skin dirt. In order to prevent skin tanning, many MMs will buy skin care products containing whitening ingredients for more concentrated and intensive whitening skin care.

However, when your skin is covered with old dead skin cells, no amount of whitening ingredients can be absorbed.

Therefore, hurry up and exfoliate first, to pave the way for your whitening.

  The night is when the speed of the old dead horny is accelerating, so the morning is the perfect time to exfoliate.

MMs can mix scrub particles with cleansing products according to their skin texture and needs, which is gentle and effective.

  If you want to exfoliate thoroughly in one go, you can also choose an exfoliating mask, this method is especially suitable for oily skin MM.

  The second step: hydrating and repairing your skin. You may just use some toner every day as a hydrating skin.

But now the whitening sunscreen war is imminent, these are not enough, why not give the skin a deep and deep hydration?

  Everyone pay attention, the hydration work is particularly suitable for exfoliating, because the pores of the skin were opened at that time, and the hydration essence is easier to enter the inner layer of the skin.

  It is recommended that you apply a paper film that is fully soaked in hydrating and moisturizing essence every day after cleaning your face at night. It is very effective and the price of the paper film is quite cheap.

  But remind everyone to pay attention, hydration is not simply a “shell” thing, external application and internal adjustment are indispensable.

Numerous authoritative studies at home and abroad have shown that waking up in the morning is a time when the human body is relatively dehydrated, so the first thing you should do when you wake up is to drink a large glass of water first, and perform simple and effective hydration “work.”

In addition, may wish to eat more fruits containing vitamin C.

  Step 3: Facial massage to brighten skin tone After the hydration step is completed, if you want to adjust the skin to the best state to resist external damage, then massage for facial detoxification is essential.

Facial massage can promote blood circulation and lymph circulation of the skin, accelerate the discharge of aging and replacement inside the skin, purify the internal environment of the skin, and restore the radiance of the skin.

Experts suggest that you can arrange a massage and detoxification treatment in a beauty salon during a conditional MM festival; or you can also massage yourself to improve skin tone.

  Self-pressing method: Grip your hands into fists and press on the lower edge of the face. “Gently step on, slowly release”-rhythmically massage.

Then gently pinch the ear with both fingers, and press the middle finger lightly on the front of the ear.

Then gently push the forehead, eyes and cheeks toward the ears.

Finally, from both sides of the nose to the lower jaw, gently push the massage to the bottom of the lower jaw.

Demystifying the unknown nutritional value of eggplant

Demystifying the unknown nutritional value of eggplant

A variety of seasonal vegetables have appeared on the scene. The local vegetables, eggplants, in purple or green robes, are not exposed at all, regardless of their posture or value.

But today, if you talk about its nutritional value, you may notice it.

  Eggplant is cold, which is suitable for people who are prone to boil and have sores, but the spleen and stomach are cold, and those with high blood pressure should not eat more.

Eggplant contains extremely low polarity, so the elderly and obese people do not hinder eating.

  The most nutritious eggplant in the original eggplant contains protein, trace amounts, glucose, vitamins and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients. The skin of purple eggplant is rich in vitamin E and vitamin P, which protects the cardiovascular system and delays human aging.It has a positive meaning, which is unmatched by other vegetables.

  Do not peel eggplants. After peeling the eggplant, the trace element iron is oxidized by the air and it is easy to become black. This may affect the body’s absorption of iron. Therefore, it is best not to peel the eggplant.

To you who love tea: In the autumn, don’t drink green tea, drink it to be healthy.

To you who love tea: In the autumn, don’t drink green tea, drink it to be healthy.

With the improvement of people’s living standards, many people nowadays like to drink tea. Tea is a kind of drink with great potential in China. Different teas have different colors, fragrances and tastes, and they have different attributes.

For health, different teas should be consumed at different seasons. If you drink a tea no matter what the season, it is not good for the body.

Green tea is a common type of tea. Chinese medicine believes that green tea is cold and has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying.

There is such a legend in ancient China that Shennong tasted herbs.

Shennong often encounters poisonous herbs when he tastes the grass. At this time, Shennong will take out a medicine called tea from his back. This tea is the tea we put down first, so you can use this.Detoxification.

Of course, this is just a legend, but for green tea, it does have the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification.

Therefore, green tea is more suitable for spring and summer, especially in summer, when the weather is hot, green tea can be used to heat, but also to contact the summer moisture, it is a multi-tasking thing.

Green tea itself is cold and cool, and it can clear away heat and detoxification, but it also makes people with spleen and stomach cold and fearful.

The body of the spleen and stomach is weaker. When you drink green tea at this time, it will stimulate the spleen and stomach, and the spleen and stomach will be cold, and there will be stools.

From summer to autumn, the weather is getting colder, green tea has already begun to fade out of life, because the coolness of the sky and the coolness of the tea, this state of internal and external cool is easy to hurt the spleen and yang, is not good for the body, for friends who like to drink tea,At this time, you can choose warm tea, and some say that Pu’er is a good choice.

We know that wet evil is easy to hurt the spleen and stomach. In the last few days of summer, Chinese medicine is called Changxia. This season is the wettest time, which hurts the spleen and stomach. So when it starts in autumn, the first is to care for the spleen and stomach, and the second is to warm.Raise the spleen and stomach, so there is a more suitable tea, called Xiaoqing orange tea.

The appearance of small green mandarin orange is green mandarin, which can strengthen the spleen and qi, and is good for the spleen and stomach.

The bread of the small green mandarin is Pu’er tea, and the warming medicinal properties of Pu’er tea are very good for the warming of Jiaoyang.

On the whole, in the spring and summer when the temperature is relatively high, it is more suitable to choose unfermented tea of green tea. For autumn and winter, choose fermented tea such as Pu’er.

In addition to paying attention to the medicinal properties of drinking tea, you can also add suitable medicinal materials according to your own situation. If some women drink tea, they can add roses to the tea, so that they can help the liver and regulate the qi.For those who have a dry tongue, you can put a few tablets in the tea. These small combinations are all possible.

Fun yoga ball for easy thin body

Fun yoga ball for easy thin body

Sphere Yoga is an emerging weight loss exercise for the retina.

Music sounds and dances with colorful soft yoga balls, which can effectively lose weight and resist the fatigue of the day.

Compared with traditional yoga, ball yoga can better exercise the body’s balance, suppleness and coordination of the body. Through full contact between the human body and the ball, it can effectively massage local body muscles to achieve weight loss.

However, using a yoga ball is more difficult for beginners. It takes a certain amount of time to practice and make the huge ball flexible and flexible, which requires more practice.

  The little common sense of yoga ball can fill the ball to eight full, and the ball body is flexible, which is convenient for us to do grip and grasp movements.

  Beginners can practice small balls with the principle of easy control.

Skilled people can practice large balls.

  Stand still and keep your thighs straight.

Exercise your legs to eliminate excess body on the legs and make your body lines more beautiful.

  Raise your hand to grasp the big bamboo style to maintain balance, pay attention to the soles of the feet to firmly grasp the ground.

The effect is to stretch the legs and make the legs more slender.

  The angled legs make a horse-shaped figure, press the ball with both hands, the legs try to relax, the hips are aligned, and the toes are up.

Can tighten thigh muscles, massage the uterus, and improve irregular menstruation.

  The legs of the triangle are separated on the ball, sitting on the top of the fitness ball, the body is bent to the right, and the right hand is placed on the calf or the instep.

The effect is to eliminate the excess aunt measuring waist and arms.

  Single-leg wheels are mainly placed on both hands and legs.

This position can stimulate the balance area of the brain and enhance the body’s balance. It is good for the nervous system, digestive system, heart, blood vessels, respiratory system and glandular system.