Mothers must take medicated food

Mothers must take medicated food

In traditional Chinese medicine theory, there are spleen invigorating and nourishing kidney and brain.

To make your baby smarter, expectant mothers should eat more spleen and kidney foods from pregnancy. Below we recommend a few of the most common foods for expectant mothers. Consuming them every day will definitely make your baby smart.


Jujube Chinese medicine believes that jujube has the effects of strengthening the spleen and stomach, nourishing qi and blood, and nourishing the heart and lungs.

Qi and blood are congenital. Expectant mothers have too much blood, which directly benefits the fetus.

  Special reminder: Although jujube has many benefits, because of its sweet taste and warmth, eating more will help dampness and heat, so if you take it daily, it is best not to exceed 3 capsules.

  Unexpected harvest: Jujube is also rich in vitamin C and vitamin E. It is very beneficial to the mother’s skin, and it can prevent pigmentation and form spots.


Walnut kernels have the effects of nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing qi and nourishing blood, and warming the lungs and intestines.

It is a very good nootropic food, and it also has the function of black hair. It is often consumed by expectant mothers, and the baby’s hair will grow very well.

  Special reminder: Walnut kernels are supplemented with trace amounts and protein. It is sufficient to consume 3 capsules per day. Do not eat more.

It can be eaten raw or cooked.

  Unexpected gain: If the walnut kernel is eaten raw without polysaccharides, the effect of laxative and laxative will be more obvious, which is suitable for expectant mothers who have trouble with constipation.


Peanuts, peanuts, also known as Changsheng.

Chinese medicine believes that it has the effects of nourishing the spleen and stomach, moistening the lungs and relieving cough, and promoting lactation and intestines.

  Special reminder: It is best not to exceed 10 tablets per day.

Because raw peanuts are cold, too much raw food can easily cause diarrhea.

The fried peanuts are mildly warm, and if you eat too much, you will get angry.

  Unexpected gain: Persist in eating peanuts, which is not only educational, but also very helpful to mother’s postpartum milk secretion.

Why TCM Beauty can be so amazing

Why TCM Beauty can be so amazing

Core Tips: The strong internal organs are the guarantee of overall beauty. Qi and blood filling is the material basis of overall beauty. Therefore, Chinese medicine cosmetology attaches great importance to the role of internal organs and blood in beauty. Here we teach you how to nourish the internal organs and nourish qi and blood.Physically fit and long-lasting.

  (1) Nourishing the five internal organs, nourishing qi, blood, and five internal organs, namely heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney, human organs, organs, extremities and nine organs, and the fur and bones all form an organic whole centered on the internal organs.

The rise and fall of qi and blood of the five internal organs are directly related to the glory and dryness of the face. The five internal organs pass through the meridians, the transport of yang, yin and blood, and body fluids, and spread them to the body to nourish and nourish the skin and resist external invasion.Blood is one of the most basic substances that make up the human body and sustain life.

Qi and blood play a warming, defensive, nutritional, and nourishing effect on the body’s various dirty arm tissues in order to maintain the normal sexual function of various organs. Qi and blood are vigorously manifested in red complexion, plump muscles, and moisturized skin and hair.

  (2) Dredging the meridians, promoting blood circulation, stasis, and meridians spreading throughout the human body are the pathways for running the whole body of qi and blood, connecting the limbs of the visceral and limbs, and communicating the upper, lower, and outer sides.

Various nutrients required by the human body are branched from the meridian system to every part of the body. If the meridians are not open, the qi and blood can not run smoothly, and the skin and fur cannot be maintained, it can cause skin diseases and affect beauty, such as acne., Freckles, rosacea, melasma, and residual traces are all related to Qi and blood loss, stasis and blood stagnation. Therefore, in the method of beauty in Chinese medicine, whether it is taken orally, topically or acupuncture, massage, aerobic bacteria, etc. must overcome evacuation.The principle of meridian collaterals, blood circulation and blood stasis, in order to obtain better cosmetic results.

  (3) Qufeng is clearing away heat, the blood-cooling and detoxifying fur face is the closest to the outside world, and the external evils invade the human body first and touch the fur.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “sexual sensuality” is the most popular of xenophobia.

Among the six stigmas, wind evil, heat evil has the greatest damage to beauty, and facilitates the poisoning of human blood, causing the blood to become hot, leading to the occurrence of many incapacitation diseases. Therefore, Qufengqingre, cooling blood and detoxification are anotherImportant principles.

  (4) Swelling and loosening, dryness, dampness, and itching Some diseases that are detrimental to beauty, such as ulcers, rosacea, etc., are mostly caused by rheumatism, often swollen and itchy locally, sometimes severe and mild, andLingering.

Therefore, while expelling wind, clearing heat, cooling blood and detoxifying, the party and government forces should be appropriately formulated with products that reduce swelling and heat dissipation, and dampness and antipruriticity, such as snake bed, prunella vulgaris, fritillaria, and ground skin.

  (5) Skin rejuvenation, whitening, wrinkle reduction, fair skin, rosy and radiant, elasticity is essentially a healthy puppet, and it is also the charm of beauty.

In addition to traditional Chinese medicine beauty, the purpose of whitening and rejuvenating the skin, and improving the appearance of yin and yang, and promoting blood circulation and collaterals, etc. can often be added to some beauty formulas to directly nourish the skin, whiten and wrinkle-free medicines such as almond, Peach kernel, egg white, jade powder, ruby film, etc.

  (6) Shugan Jieyu, qi and reconcile some head and face diseases, such as vitiligo, melasma, early white hair, etc. are mostly caused by emotional failure, liver stagnation, qi stagnation, loss of qi and blood.

Therefore, in the treatment of Chaihu Shugan powder, Xiaoyao Pills and other methods of dispelling liver and qi.

17 toxic daily necessities endanger your health

17 toxic daily necessities endanger your health

1. Air freshener.

hzh{display:none;}  空气清新剂大多含有苯酚。After being inhaled by the human body, it can cause dyspnea and headaches and irritate the eyes.

After contact with the skin, it may also cause peeling and cause measles.

  Alternatives: Freshen the air with natural methods, such as growing potted plants or placing grapefruit peel.

  2. Bleaching agents Most bleaching agents contain a chemical called sodium hypochlorite.

It is very corrosive and emits irritating and toxic gases. Excessive exposure may cause damage to the lungs and hair.

Bleaching agents and ammonia products (often used in household cleaners) are particularly dangerous to use at the same time because chemical reactions occur twice and chlorine is released.

  Alternative: For some stains that are difficult to clean, you can wipe with lemon repeatedly.

  3. Artificial carpets Most of artificial carpets contain organic compounds, and long-term contact may cause allergic diseases.

  Alternative: Buy carpets made of natural fibers such as wool and cotton.

  4. Dishwashing liquid and washing powder Dishwashing liquid and washing powder contain sodium carbonate and phosphate, which can easily cause allergic reactions.

  Alternative: Use phosphate-free products.

  5. Electrical appliances Many electrical appliances, such as televisions, computers and electric blankets, usually contain bromine flame retardants.

Bromine flame retardants are released into the air, may be inhaled by the human body, and are not easily discharged from the body.

At present, bromine flame retardants have been shown to cause abortion in rats and have been replaced in European countries such as Sweden.

  Alternatives: Use hot water bottles instead of electric blankets; move appliances out of the bedroom to avoid inhaling bromine flame retardants while sleeping.

  6, cleaning powder Many cleaning powders used to clean glass windows contain special ammonia odor.

This can irritate and corrode the skin, causing eye and lung discomfort.

Prolonged contact with ammonia will cause liver damage.

  Alternative: Use two tablespoons of vinegar, mix with one liter of hot water, and wipe the glass with a cloth dampened.

  7. Hair dye Hair dye can be absorbed into the body through the scalp.

Earlier, the European Commission banned 22 chemicals for hair dyeing.

  Alternative: Believe that nature is beauty.

  8. Campfire stoves Dioxins can be produced at home.

A study by the University of Leuven, Belgium showed that teenagers who regularly use a campfire have much smaller plasma pills or breasts than teenagers in other regions.

  Alternative: Avoid making bonfires at home.

  9, nickel-containing jewelry Nickel-containing jewelry, jewelry may cause contact dermatitis.

  Alternative: Minimize jewelry made of gold or platinum.

  10. Toilet cleaners Toilet cleaners usually contain naphthalene.

This toxic substance can irritate the skin, eyes and respiratory tract.

When inhaled in large quantities, human liver and kidneys are damaged.

  Alternative: Pour 250 ml of white vinegar into the bowl and brush it the next day.

Very small happiness


Very small happiness

A friend bought a room, the area is not large, less than 80 square feet.

And it is the tail room, the room layout is not reasonable, the lighting is not very good.

銆€銆€When I went to play, my friend and his young wife took me to the terrace. I saw a table on the terrace and some lounge chairs. Friends took the fruits and melons out of the room and gave me a bubble.Tea.

I am sitting in the sun, the breeze is sloppy, and I am very comfortable.

The friend’s wife is watering some flowers that have just bloomed. She pointed to the children on the guide not far away and said, “There is a kindergarten. You see these children and have a lot of fun.

“The friend’s wife stood on the terrace and looked at the children, smiling.

銆€銆€Coming back from my friend’s house, I seem to know why my friend bought this room.

A person who can read a child in the city and can feel happiness from a child, he must be a person who can grasp happiness.

Even if such happiness is small and negligible, they still hold it firmly in their hands.

銆€銆€There is also a friend who works in a trading company in Hangzhou.

In our circle, his income is not high. When we are together, everyone will persuade him to change jobs, but he stays in that company for ten years.

銆€銆€Speaking of reasons, I really can’t believe it.

The friend’s family is all around, in order to go home every day, he bought a one-five car five years ago, and he commutes to work three hours a day.

The reason why he did not want to leave the unit was because the company had enough parking spaces and it was true that when he arrived, the parking space would not be fully occupied.

銆€銆€He turned out to be a parking space and would rather give up other better job opportunities, which would make people wonder.

But he did not realize that his decision was wrong. On the contrary, his life was peaceful and stable. He liked this kind of work in the city, and his home was nearby.

Can you say that he is not happy, not happy?

銆€銆€Life is secret. If you don’t approach a person’s heart and emotions, you won’t find it all.

It turns out that you think that their boring, uninteresting life is actually not what you imagined.

銆€銆€Happiness is very small, if your heart is very big, then happiness will pass by.