There is some kind of contraindication for children tonic cream-

Is there any contraindication to children’s supplements?

[Introduction]As a winter conditioning method, cream prescription is welcomed by more and more people because of “customizing” the patients.

However, experts remind children to pay attention to contraindications if taking ointment.

  If the child is over 4 years old, the viscera of the children will be delicate, especially the lack of the three organs of the lungs, spleen and kidney.

Children’s cream formula is a prescription for adjusting the yin, yang, qi and blood according to various physical characteristics such as congenital deficiency, deficiency of lung, spleen and kidney, and other physical characteristics.

For children with repeated colds and high blood pressure, it can be appropriately treated with the cream prescription, which is conducive to improving physical fitness, enhancing antioxidant capacity, improving the status of lung deficiency, and preventing intervention and prevention.

  [Contraindications]It is recommended that children take the ointment before the age of 4 years.

When taking the cream, avoid cold, greasy, spicy and difficult to digest and transformative irritating foods, so as not to interfere with the digestive function of the spleen and stomach and affect the absorption and conversion of the cream. It is not suitable to drink strong tea and coffee when taking the cream.

  The main symptoms of children with deficiency syndrome are not deficiency. The main symptoms are: deficiency of the lungs, which is mainly manifested by the common cold, sweating, easy respiratory infection or repeated penetration, and allergic diseases.

The second is spleen deficiency, which is mainly manifested by prolonged anorexia, wasted body, stunted development, paleness, anemia, dizziness, and thin stools.

The third is kidney deficiency, which is mainly manifested by pale complexion, fatigue, dizziness, hematuria or kidney disease.

Experts said that cream conditioning is targeted. Only with a weak constitution, children with certain chronic diseases need to take it.

  [Contraindications]For some long-term hospitalized children, doctors may add ginseng, toads, etc. This type of cream should not eat radish, and cream containing Shouwu should avoid pigs, sheep blood and iron, and can not be taken with milk.Because it contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, it easily reacts with organic substances in the tonic medicine, resulting in difficult to dissolve compounds.

  The characteristics of children’s ointment with good effect for 3 years are different from those of adults. The body of “naughty yin and yang” can not be abused, and the warm kidney and aphrodisiac should be used with caution to avoid precocious puberty.

It is called tonic, and the medication is more expensive. Usually, it is supplemented with Codonopsis, Pseudostellariae, Atractylodes, etc., and it is used less to nourish the stomach. It is added to the tonic medicine, such as Chenpi, Bergamot, etc.There are cancellations in the supplementary process.

  The cream prescription is generally taken at the winter solstice, and is taken 2 years a year?
For 3 months, it is usually better to take the ointment for more than 3 years.

In the first week of the child taking the ointment, it is recommended that the child be taken once a day on an empty stomach to facilitate drug absorption.

After one week, you can change the daily morning and evening fasting once a day.

  [Contraindications]Some children may have dry mouth and sputum after taking the cream, which can be reduced by half and the time taken to solve the problem.

If you have a fever or cold, you should suspend taking it during acute diarrhea, vomiting or acute attack, and you can continue taking it after the complications are relieved.

Careful pranks can also protect your heart?

Careful pranks can also protect your heart?

Sometimes between lovers and friends, there is sometimes physical contact during play, and they also like to tickle each other, that is, to flex each other’s limb sockets.

This little action actually has a very good health effect. When the close friends in the boudoir gather together to chat, it may be worth reviewing this little “prank” and scratching each other’s limbs.

  From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, tickling can stimulate an important acupoint at the armpit-Jiquan.

This acupuncture point is the first main point of the Shaoyin Heart Meridian, which is located at the axillary tip and where the axillary artery beats.

Frequently plucking the polar spring has the effect of qi and blood circulation, so it can widen the chest and qi, and protect the heart and lungs.

  The best massage method of Jiquan Point is plucking, but the harder the plucking is, the better. The plucking should be gentle, the movement should be coherent, and violence should not be used.

The amount of each pluck should be appropriate for the person. According to your current physical condition, a moderate pluck can be done, generally about 10 times.

  Take the plucking of the main pole Jiquan as an example. The specific method is as follows: the left upper arm is slightly abducted to expose the lower pole of Jiquan. Then, use your right index finger and middle finger to touch the left pole to acupoint.At that time, the forefinger is fixed, the middle finger and the fingertip are gently buckled, and the cord particles are plucked back and forth, and there will be a full flashlight numbness when plucking, about 10 times per plucking.

  It is best to put a layer of cloth between the index finger, middle finger and acupoints to reduce the patient’s itching as much as possible, which will also increase the friction between the index finger and the skin at the acupoint, which is easy to operate.

When plucking, make the electric numb feel to your hand and take a deep breath while plucking.

Hours Seeing Parents Having Sex Has Impacted My Life


Hours Seeing Parents Having Sex Has Impacted My Life

I am 25 years old and have no girlfriend. I have talked about one before, but I broke up because of the shame that I ca n’t have sex with her normally.

This starts when I was young.

  At the age of 16, our school had a blackout in the afternoon and the students were allowed to go home. After I went home, I passed my parents’ bedroom and saw that my parents were doing that kind of thing.… Later, my head always appeared in my mind. My room was next to them, and the old house was not soundproof. I just stayed up at night and stuck it on the wall.

I am distressed but unable to extricate myself.

  When I grew up, I gradually forgot that I thought it was not a big deal. Later I found my girlfriend and found that the problem was serious.

My girlfriend and I are in a good relationship. Later, the two of them discovered that I couldn’t watch her at all. Later, they tried the same thing several times. Both of us were distressed.

I thought my body couldn’t work, but once I woke up in the middle of the night and thought of the scene from my childhood, my desire was so strong . I never expected my girlfriend to wake up, seeing my appearance, crying, crying, and saying anythingI broke up.

Thinking that I hated her, I had no choice but to tell her childhood experience, but I did not expect her to be even more angry and said that I was psychopathic.

It’s been almost a year since I broke up with her, and I don’t dare find it anymore, I’m afraid it’s still the same.

  Am I really a psychopath?

It’s still the Oedipus complex, and I’m also embarrassed to say these inexplicable things, I hope you don’t scold me, help me, thank you!

Massage face-lifting method makes the face more thin and thinner

Massage face-lifting method makes the face more thin and thinner

Guide: In the modern, thin and beautiful, the big face is interrupted by many beauty lovers, the face is relatively large, except through plastic surgery to solve.

Is there a way to achieve face-lift without using a knife?

The following small series recommend this massage face-lifting method for everyone, as long as you usually do more exercises, and massage in place, the face-lift effect is some.

Let’s take a look at the detailed face-lifting massage steps.

  Removing the excess meat under the ear is the part of the nerve that transmits signals from the brain to the face. Doing more massage can make the lines of the face more firm and soft.

  1. Use your forefinger and middle finger to extend the underside of the earlobe and turn it 12 times in the forward and reverse directions.

  2. Pinch the muscles under the mandible with your thumb and forefinger and push it 12 times behind the ear.

  3, use your fingertips to push down under the ear and do 12 times.

  Removal of the mandible of the lower jaw is the most sensitive part of the nerve response, often massage to remove excess meat from the lower jaw and face.

  1. Hold the lower jaw with your thumb and forefinger, extend the Lianquan point below the lower jaw, and shake it 12 times.

  2. Pinch the mandibular muscle with the index finger and thumb and stretch it 12 times in the chin.

  3, from the lower jaw to the prevention direction to do massage, a total of 12 times.

  The sacral massage can correct the bone distortion by massage, which makes the blood more smooth and helps to discharge waste and useless aunt.

  1, apply the massage cream with both hands, palms and stickers, rub for dozens of times, so that the palms are hot.

  2, the roots of both hands palms are placed back and forth 6 times in the most prominent part of the humerus.

  3, put your hands on the top of your cheekbones, your mouth slightly open, press the cheekbones for 1 minute.

Xiaobian Message: When you are doing massage and face-lifting, pay attention to the strength of the massage and the exact position of the acupoints to achieve the best results.

What are the most nutritious health wines in the world?


What are the most nutritious health wines in the world?

The first place, mulberry wine: mulberry wine is a new type of pure natural food, using green and environmentally-friendly, whole fruit temperature-controlled fermentation technology to produce high-quality beverages, fruit wine.

Modern research has confirmed that its nutritional value far exceeds that of wine. The content of selenium in trace elements, which has 10 major effects on the treatment and protection of the human heart and immune system, is higher than that of wine.

41 times, the protein is 8 for wine.

44 times, lysine is 9 of wine.

23 times, antioxidants and so on are far more than wine.

It has many beauty and health care effects such as nourishing and nourishing, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, lowering blood fat and blood pressure, softening blood vessels, enhancing immunity and so on.

銆€銆€Second place, wine: A variety of amino acids, minerals and vitamins contained in wine can be directly absorbed by the body.

Therefore, wine can play a good role in maintaining and regulating the physiological functions of the human body.

Especially for the weak, people with sleep disorders and the elderly are better.

銆€銆€Third place, alcoholism: “Compendium of Materia Medica” records: “鏋囨澐 娑?Run five internal organs, there are phlegm and cough, Shengjin Runfei, clearing heat and stomach effect.”

Capsules are sweet and sour, cool, with clear lungs, lungs, cough, and stomach, thirst, qi, stop vomiting, the main upper body, the effect of Shengjin Run five internal organs.

It can cure cough, vomiting blood, dry heat and other symptoms. It can be used to treat lung heat cough, heat-heated lung sac, hemostasis and vomiting.

The effect of clearing the heat and strengthening the stomach, so the bio-fermented alcoholic beverage will become the health-care liquor favored by consumers!

銆€銆€Fourth place, cider: It is made from apples such as Guoguang, red banana, yellow banana and ruby.

The wine is amber, with the aroma of apples; the flavor is remarkable, the taste is slightly sweet, and the wine contains some nutrients in the apple, as well as rich vitamins, as well as malic acid and citric acid.

Malic acid has a certain effect on preventing arteriosclerosis.

銆€銆€The fifth place, Hawthorn wine: Hawthorn, also known as red fruit, after the wine is bright, sour and refreshing, mellow and long, with outstanding flavor.

The right amount of hawthorn wine has the effect of eliminating the product, strengthening the spleen and appetizing.

銆€銆€Sixth, lemon wine: Modern medicine proves that lemon has therapeutic and preventive effects on stomach gas, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney stones, etc.; national medical certificate, lemon has heat, diuretic, beauty, moisturizing and other effects.
Therefore, lemon fermented wine will become a high-end health wine that is favored by the public.