How to Cool Your Child’s Excessive Consumption

How to Cool Your Child’s Excessive Consumption

There is no concept of money. If you have money, you want to spend it. If you want to spend it, you want it. After you buy it, you regret it. It is a high level of bad consumption for many children and even adults.”The desire to consume makes them see the colorful world correctly. What about reasonable consumption?

This makes many parents frown.

  Teach children who spend too much money to make a budget Yin Yin is a child with excellent academic performance. Due to the good family conditions, parents have very loose management of their children’s pocket money. This has allowed Yin Yin to develop a habit of spending extra money.When I went out on the street, I moved home whenever I liked something. I asked my parents several times a month for pocket money, but how much money did they spend and where did they spend it, Yin Yin himself made it clear.

  Typical characteristics: This kind of child does not have a specific concept of money. When he tries to have money, he spends it. When he has spent it, he asks his parents. He does n’t know whether the purchase is practical or not, and he ca n’t tell where the money is used.It is a magical experience for them to replace money with their favorite toys and items.

  The cooling strategy issues “wages” regularly.

As the child spends too much money, the parents can give him a certain amount of pocket money at a fixed time, and declare that he no longer needs it at ordinary times, or help him set up a small ledger. Where can the pocket money be used, adults regularly do “financeReview “and let your child manage his pocket money.

  Deferred strategy.

When the child asks for unreasonable shopping, he can also use the strategy of slowing down, not immediately agreeing, but not completely negating. Use the cooling of this time and instill in the child the shopping principle of “buying or not buying things” at any time to let the childLearn to give up temporarily.

  Submit a savings award.

Use your child ‘s commendation for praise and encourage savings. If you find that your child is worth shopping or that you have savings at the end of the month, you can submit a “pay-as-you-go” bonus. You can also give him a savings goal and set up a “savings bonus” to encourage him.saving.

  Make the “impulse shopping” child more rational. Because my son posed as a few “acne” that caused eyes, he was eager to get acne, so he asked me to buy an acne-removing product, but I was worried that the child would be allergic.In addition, it is normal to grow a few acne, which can not use such expensive cosmetics, so he refused his request.

I didn’t expect that the kid actually bought it back with his pocket money for a month, but screamed that it didn’t work.

  Typical characteristics: Impulse shopping children immediately make purchase decisions when they see what they want, and soon after they feel that they do not like or find worthless, feel that they have suffered a loss, regret their impulses, and many children evenIt can also lead to emotional depression, suspicion and blame for yourself.

  Cooling strategy comparison.

In fact, 70% of shopping comes from impulse. When a child regrets shopping, parents should comfort the child, and teach the child to shop around, learn to bargain, and try to buy the necessary items at the lowest price possible.

  Don’t go shopping blindly.

It is necessary to minimize the number of times that children go shopping blindly. Because most children lack self-control, it is difficult to control their desire to consume. It is also possible to let the children think about what they will buy this time and the approximate cost, and try not to bring more money.To my heart, do not blindly shop.

  Say “No” to the “Infinite Claim” type of child. My daughter Mei Mei is smart and lively, but the only headache is to buy this and buy it when you go out. Sometimes we feel that the snacks outside are not hygienic and I do n’t buy it for her.The face turned “clear to overcast, overcast to rain” immediately!

  Typical characteristics: Most of these children are loved by their loved ones, and adults often bring him home with some small gifts, so that he is used to buying gifts for his parents, so he asks his parents for things, including toys and food,Rejection is difficult to accept, crying.

  The cooling strategy stands firm.

Sometimes, the parents satisfy the child’s desire in order to calm their children’s crying or be impatient of the child’s repeated demands, which is quite detrimental to the child’s self-control.

其实可以告诉孩子:“你‘需要’的东西,我们一定为你准备;你‘想要’的东西,可以告诉我们,我们会斟酌情况,决定要不要买给你;但如果你用哭闹或Lose your temper in anticipation, we will not buy it for you.

“The United Front.

Some children will ask their mothers for money to buy toys that Dad says can’t buy, or when parents ask him to do things, use money as a prerequisite. This is how children gradually use their growing negotiation skills to increase their “income”.

Regarding this phenomenon, parents should reflect on educating their children to see if their husbands and wives are consistent, and warn their children to resist his dishonesty.

  Family “shareholding system”.

When the child is unwilling to give up on something he likes, the parent can adopt a “shareholding system”. For example, if the parent pays 3/4 of the fee, and the child pays 1/4, the child has his own occupation, which is beneficial to him.Controlling the psychology of “buying if you want” will also cherish the items you buy more.

  To make the “gift-comparing” type of child more simple. In the last New Year, my son who was in the second year was very unhappy. Because the son knew that his good friend A Chao wanted to practise English listening, he thought of giving him an MP3.New Year’s gift, the reason is that the last time his son had a birthday, and received a pen that was expensive, if he did not send a better MP3, it would be very shameless.

I usually educate my children to treat friends with sincerity and know how to give, but the gift of middle school students must be so valuable and the heart of comparison is so serious, I am really worried.

  Typical characteristics: Children of comparison type are generally better-looking, rarely consider the actual economic affordability of the family and the actual value of the goods. They like to spend a lot of money on high-end goods. Gifts between students will also compare and show off.Said that having the envy of others is a great joy and achievement.

  Cooling strategies look at gifts properly.

Because the child has a simple mind, he will draw an equal sign between the value of the gift and his heart. He believes that the more valuable the gift is, the closer the relationship is.

As a parent, you must give your children a correct idea: the meaning of gifts is to express their hearts. Sometimes, some practical help or hand-made gifts actually make the other person cherish, and excessively valuable gifts may also bring to the other party.Heavy psychological pressure and financial burden, guide children to treat it correctly, and don’t abuse others’ overly expensive gifts at will.

  Grasp the scale.

Parents’ consumption for their children should be selective and modest.

The desire for children to shop should not be indiscriminately satisfied.

Otherwise, it is easy for children to develop bad habits of lack of restraint.

The process of choosing consumption for the child is to tell the child what is important and what is not, which directly affects the formation of the child’s value.  Consumption tips: The three “do not advocate” do not advocate controlling children’s consumption desires by reducing or even stopping children’s pocket money, or violent scolding.

Because the sudden decrease in income will lead to a stronger desire for children, and instead try to obtain pocket money to meet their shopping needs through other channels.

  Parents are not encouraged to use money to measure everything. They usually use money to talk to their children about conditions.

Remember: never let children listen to money!

The supremacy of money causes children to lack responsibility and compassion, and long-term development may be narrow and selfish.

  Various bank cards are not recommended for children who live on campus, so that children become “cardholders” prematurely. This will develop a bad habit of swiping cards casually by children and increase a lot of extra spending.

Expectant father appears, expectant mother runs out of bad mood

Expectant father appears, expectant mother runs out of bad mood

We all know that in pregnancy, a good mood is the most important “nutrition source”, but there are also many pregnant moms who have various psychological “discomforts” during pregnancy. As the most intimate love and life partner of pregnant moms,How can dads play in this respect so that pregnant mommy and bad mood say goodbye?

  After pregnancy, my wife becomes a networm, and she is still worried about being disturbed: I love my little wife every day. When I am pregnant: My wife loves to surf the Internet for 3 months.

After resigning at home after pregnancy, with more time, it became a net worm. This net worm is still worried about anxiety and nothing to do.

She particularly likes to read all kinds of posts on the Internet. If there is something windy, she goes online to find the answer.

  Once when I got home, I saw her crying at home. When she asked, she said she had an abortion.

I was also taken aback, but when I went to the hospital for a checkup, there was a little secretion. Just resting at home, I made her scared.

  Interpretation: First make your wife clear that her current anxiety has put herself and her baby in a disadvantaged position.

I can tell her that research by a British psychiatrist has shown that abnormalities in the endocrine system of pregnant moms who worry about and correct their emotional deterioration have caused adverse effects on the brain development of fetal babies and increased the abnormal probability of their development in the future.

In addition to making pregnant mommy aware of the disadvantages of worrying, the most important thing is to help her suffer from the effects of worrying emotions on her.

  Prompt to accompany his wife to participate in pregnant women’s classes or activities. In addition to literacy in health care during pregnancy, it is important to help her to establish interpersonal relationships with a common goal in reality instead of relying on virtual online environments.And true and false news.

With some optimistic “pregnant friends”, the good mood of others will also have a positive impact on her.

  Separation between the two places is the life that makes us difficult to describe. People: My wife Li Ming is pregnant: 3 and a half months I am a doctoral student. Due to the needs of study and work, my wife and I are not in the same city.

Recently my wife became pregnant. Although it was an accident, it was a surprise.

We really want this baby, but because we are separated in two places, I can’t stay with her every day, I can only call her, send a text message, and I feel that I have run out of words.

The wife has pressure to work and needs to take care of herself. She feels aggrieved and helpless.

  Interpretation: First of all, you need to understand your wife’s situation. It is hard to get pregnant and you are still alone.

Because you are out of town, there seems to be no other way to think about it than to comfort you.

  Probably the most practical way is to find foreign aid and ask your parents or parents-in-law to help you.

In addition, the words of comfort are endless, as long as you are careful.

Falling in love requires skill-21 taboos in love

Falling in love requires skill: 21 taboos in love

Falling in love requires skill: 21 taboos in love 1: Don’t fall in love with a good friend’s boyfriend / girlfriend.

  2: Do n’t be your boss ‘s rivals. 3: Do n’t mention your lover ‘s old relationship. Even if the other party voluntarily mentions it, try to minimize criticism and comparison.

  4: Don’t criticize your lover in front of your friends. You don’t think you will hear the words in his / her ears, you will definitely hear them, and they are salted and vinegared.

  5: Don’t praise any old lover in front of him / her, it is better to keep his / her name and appearance not to let the other party know.

  6: Do not attack the immediate family of the lover.

  7: Don’t go with him / her to romantic places you used to go with old lovers.

  8: Don’t say who is interested in you and who pursues you, you will lose some of your personal freedom. 9: Don’t see in front of others how you and your lover are intimate and replace the intimacy process.

  10: Don’t talk to your current lover about your intimate behavior with any old love, and make him or her explicit or implicit.

  11: Don’t criticize his / her figure.

  12: Don’t look down on his / her dead party.

  13: Men must not scold lovers stupidly in the public, women should not laugh at their men in front of outsiders. 14: Don’t break up every time you argue.

  15: Don’t tell the other person clearly why you love him / her (for example: because you are smart / because you are beautiful / because you have a full body .) 16: love is not 100% true, and the remaining leave is one-tenth (eg praise him/ Her) 17: Do not play games that are frank with each other, do not believe that both are often frustrated and frank.

  18: Don’t easily share a floor with him / her and raise a dog together.

  19: Just before you broke up, admit that you never loved him / her.

  20: Avoid excessive consumption / dissolving / mixing into each other’s life.

  21: You can love to live without him / her, but don’t tell him / her.

Driving a song?


Affecting vision and causing a car accident

Driving a song?
Affecting vision and causing a car accident

When driving, people are always used to turning on the sound or radio, while driving music while driving, some people even like to make the music loud, to solve the boring and dull road.

But a new study in the United States reminds drivers that the music is too loud when driving, and even threatens driving safety, which will affect vision.

銆€銆€Research data shows that if the noise exceeds 90 decibels, the equivalent of being in a music bar or subway station, your eyes will protest.

90 dB noise sensitivity Eyes reduce the sensitivity of the light reduction; 115 dB noise sensitivity The sensitivity of the eye to light brightness is reduced by 20%.

Noise, the average value of the object is worse.

If the sound tension is played in a closed space such as a car, the music with faster rhythm, the sound of the sound and the vibration of the car will work together, and the sound can easily reach 95 decibels.

銆€銆€Although there is no relevant research data in China, Xia Qun, the chief physician of the Department of Ophthalmology, Beijing Hospital of the Ministry of Health, said in an interview with the reporter of Life Times that when the eyes are looking at an object, they can see clearly when they are at rest.

This is because the focus function of the eye is affected during exercise and the contrast sensitivity of the vision is reduced.

“If the driving speed is too fast, the ability to adjust the vision will be relatively reduced, and the focus of the retina will not keep up, which will affect the accurate discrimination and judgment of the image size, shape, position, chromaticity and luminosity of the image information.

In addition, when people are driving a car, they must look at the surrounding situation at any time, and capture and identify the road condition information in time to drive safely.

If the sound in the car is too loud or the rhythm is too fast, it is easy to make the brain not concentrated, distracting, and can not fully observe the surrounding road conditions information, thus laying aside safety hazards.

銆€銆€Therefore, it is recommended to control the sound effect in the car when driving. Don’t choose rock music that is easy to make people’s emotions or music that is easy to make people feel emotionally fluctuating. It is best to put some songs that are good for mood, such as light music or piano.Music, etc., in order to maintain a relaxed and happy mood while driving, concentrate on driving.

At the same time, the speed of the car should not be too fast, and it will not cause tension when driving, and correctly judge the road condition information.

If you are in a bad mood before driving, it is best to adjust your mood before driving.