[How to make milk-flavored pumpkin and almond soup]_Homemade methods of milk-flavored pumpkin and almond soup_How to make milk-flavored pumpkin and almond soup_How to make milk-flavored pumpkin and almond soup

[How to make milk-flavored pumpkin and almond soup]_Homemade methods of milk-flavored pumpkin and almond soup_How to make milk-flavored pumpkin and almond soup_How to make milk-flavored pumpkin and almond soup

Life is alive, short is not short, long is not long, and daily life is inseparable from eating.

If you eat well, you will be in a good mood; if you are in a good mood, your health will be much healthier.

Of course, in this healthy state, you have to cook your own meals. Then, please follow me to learn how to make milk, pumpkin and almond soup.


Wash and peel the pumpkin and cut into small dices 2 of equal size with a knife.

Add 12 cups of cold water to the pan, add the pumpkin, boil the water and continue to cook for 5 minutes until the pumpkin is cooked. Turn off the heat and let the pumpkin slightly warm 3.

21 Wash the onions and cut them into small dice 4 of equal size.

Soak the almonds in warm water until the almond skin swells, peel off the skin and set aside 5.

Place diced pumpkin, diced onion and half of almonds in the blender’s refining cup, add a bag of milk6.

The refining is installed on the main unit, the power is turned on, and the ingredients are ground into pumpkin pulp 7.

Pour the ground pumpkin pulp into a soup pot, turn on the heat, and cook with a shovel while stirring until the juice is boiled 8.

If you like sweetness, add the right amount of sugar, and if you like salty taste, you can add salt and black pepper to taste it9.

Put the other half of the almonds on the glass plate of the microwave oven and bake for 1 minute until the almonds are fragrant. Sprinkle on the surface of the pumpkin pulp and you will be here.

Then all you need to do is walk into the kitchen and make it a reality.

[Recommended alkaline beauty porridge]_How to do_How to do

[Recommended alkaline beauty porridge]_How to do_How to do

Hair graying is related to heredity, liver and kidney, and age.

Because our Chinese hair has been black from birth, with preconceptions, when our hair gradually turns white, it becomes unacceptable.

Some people will choose to dye their hair. After all, the symptoms will not be cured. After a while, the black dye will be washed away. The diet is our profound knowledge in China. Next, I will introduce four alternative beauty porridges.

Polygonum multiflorum ingredients: 50g polygonum multiflorum, 5 red dates, 10g brown sugar, 60g prior rice.

Method: Add Polygonum multiflorum into a small casserole, fry the juice, remove the residue and add the washed rice and red dates, add water to the porridge, and add brown sugar when the porridge is cooked.

Efficacy: Polygonum multiflorum is bitter, with rice, sugar, and jujube as porridge, sweet and good tonic, nourishing essence and blood, liver and kidney, black hair, strong muscles, mild and non-toxic, and no greasy stagnation. It is a nourishing medicine.

Liver hides blood, kidney hides essence.

Whenever the liver and kidney essence and blood are deficient, they must have early whiteness, backache nocturnal emission, heart palpitations, insomnia, dizziness, limb numbness and other symptoms.

Can be used.

Li Shizhen’s “Compendium of Materia Medica” said that it “is nourishing and nourishing the liver, solidifying the kidney and strengthening the kidneys, strengthening the bones and bones, and making the hair nourishing.

This porridge has the functions of nourishing blood and nourishing the liver, because of its fine kidney and kidney, and the hair of the beard, it is suitable for those who have early white hair and yellow hair.

Wolfberry porridge material: 50g wolfberry, 50g lotus seed, previous rice 60.

Method: Soak the wolfberry and lotus seeds in warm water for one hour, then go to the previous rice and cook in the pot at the same time.

Efficacy: The hair is a flower from the kidney. The amount of hair is related to the kidney, and the color of the hair is related to blood. The two affect each other.

As the saying goes, ten people have nine deficiencies, and kidney nourishment has become a hot topic today.

Lycium barbarum is considered to be a good kidney-tolerant food, which can be used as medicine or as a side dish.

Lycium barbarum is sweet and flat, and has the effects of nourishing yin and nourishing blood, improving eyesight, and strengthening people’s immunity.

Of course, black wolfberry is better, black goes into the kidneys.

Black wolfberry is rich in black fruit pigment-natural proanthocyanidins, which is not found in red wolfberry.

The most common wolfberry is cooking porridge, soaking wine and soaking water. Soaking water is the most convenient for office workers. It is better to chew directly.

The specific amount is determined according to one’s physical fitness.

Sesame porridge material: 30g black sesame, 60g previous rice.

Method: The method of sesame porridge is slightly more complicated, because the requirements for sesame are very high. First of all, wash the sesame, then dry the sesame and fry it.That’s it.

Efficacy: This porridge has the functions of nourishing the liver and kidneys and moistening the five internal organs, and is suitable for friends with patients who are physically weak and have early white hair.

Porridge has the effect of moistening and smoothing the intestines.

Suitable for those with asthma, stagnation and dry stool.

Wuxu carbonated porridge ingredients: 150 grams of black beans, 100 grams of glutinous rice, 30 grams of black sesame, 30 grams of peach kernels, 20 grams of cinnamon, 30 grams of pine nuts, 15 grams of jujube

Method: Wash the black beans and purple glutinous rice into the pot, and then put black sesame, walnut kernel, longan meat, pine nut, jujube, brown sugar, and boil porridge.

Efficacy: Yigan tonic blood, black hair growth.

Suitable for weak constitution of liver and kidney deficiency, deficiency of qi and blood.

Really hot physique to longan meat.

[Ginger soup hangover]_Action_Effect

[Ginger soup hangover]_Action_Effect

Drinking is a normal phenomenon in people’s lives, because it can release people’s stress from working during the day, or they need to drink in some public places to relieve some awkward atmosphere.

However, you should not drink too much alcohol. If you drink too much alcohol will be prone to alcoholism, you should promote proper blood circulation.

When drinking too much alcohol, you should be able to use some methods to hangover, so is ginger soup hangover?


The essence of hangover Many people do not understand the value of hangover. Alcohol is generally decomposed into a substance called acetaldehyde in the body, and then decomposed into water and carbon dioxide, which are excreted from the body.

Because acetaldehyde is highly toxic, if the body’s alcohol content exceeds its metabolic capacity, it can cause some complications or adverse reactions.

Symptoms such as headache, vomiting, thirst, dyspnea, physical convulsions, alcoholic gastritis, etc.

In addition, due to the diuretic effect of alcohol, the body’s water may be discharged, which may become symptoms of dehydration and dry throat.


How ginger soup hangover ginger soup has been proven to be a very effective hangover soup. The flavor of ginger soup is very strong and refreshing. It can not only promote the body to produce hangover enzymes, reduce the content of acetaldehyde in the body, but also warm the stomach and reduceThe symptoms of nausea and discomfort in the stomach can even activate liver function cells, strengthen the detoxification function of the liver, and accelerate the decomposition of alcohol and acetaldehyde.

At the same time, ginger soup will replenish the body’s moisture to prevent dehydration after drunk.

The practice of ginger soup: Ginger soup mainly promotes ginger broth, such as ginger lean broth, ginger fish soup, and so on.

Because ginger broth is not only very nutritious, it can supplement human nutrients, and it will be more delicious than other ginger soups.

Here’s how to make ginger broth: 1.

Prepare an appropriate amount of ginger, peeled and patted; 2.

2. Ginger is placed in the pot together with fish, chicken, or pork; 3.

Heat with high heat and, after boiling, expand, simmer for about 10 minutes without cover; 4.

Add the right amount of seasoning and stir, and drink the soup while it is still hot.

Can ginger soup hangover?

Ginger soup has a certain hangover function, whether before or after drinking, drinking some ginger soup is very good for the body, and has the effect of hangover and hangover.

Xugong Machinery (000425): nearly 900 million depreciation measures to refine the real asset quality; focus on mixed improvement exhibition; group excavators, tower cranes, concrete machinery and other highlights

Xugong Machinery (000425): nearly 900 million depreciation measures to refine the real asset quality; focus on mixed improvement exhibition; group excavators, tower cranes, concrete machinery and other highlights

Brief evaluation of the performance In the first half of the year, the company’s operating income was US $ 31.2 billion, a year-on-year increase of 30%; net profit 深圳spa会所 was US $ 2.3 billion, an annual increase of 107%, which has exceeded 2018.

In the second quarter, the company’s revenue / attribution net profit increased by 27% / 110% each year, and net profit continued to grow rapidly.

Operating net cash flow hit a record high.

Operating analysis and interim report performance doubled in line with expectations; the net profit margin increased and the impairment of nearly 9 trillion was provided to consolidate the quality of assets. The gross profit margin for the first half of 2019 was 18.

33%, an increase of 1 pct per year, a total cost reduction of 4 per year.

18pct%, the company’s net margin is 7.

36% increase every year 2.

7 points.

In the first half of the year, net operating cash flow was 28 trillion, an increase of 46%, a record high over the same period.

In the first half of the year, impairment losses on assets and credit impairment losses8 were made.

90,000 yuan, more than the whole year of 2018.

Risks were cleared and asset quality was substantially consolidated.

The core product-lifting machinery’s gross profit margin improved significantly, the performance of pile workers / fire fighting machinery outstanding in the first half of the year, the company’s lifting machinery revenue was 11.5 billion, an increase of 34%, accounting for 37% of total revenue share.

Product gross profit margin 24.

86%, an increase of 3 per year.


The company’s industry leaders have consolidated and consolidated, and the short-term market share has changed. The market share has gradually recovered since June.

Piling / fire-fighting machinery and spare parts are growing at an annual rate of 45% / 59% / 46%, with outstanding performance.

In the second half of the year, the high-altitude operation platform in fire fighting machinery expanded the new production line to break through the expansion of production capacity and gradually achieve sustained high growth.

The scale effect of fire fighting machinery is significant, and the gross profit margin has increased by 7 compared with the same period last year.

9 points.

The reform of mixed ownership of controlling shareholders has been advanced in an orderly manner; the group excavator, heavy truck, and tower crane have many highlights. At present, the company’s controlling shareholder mixed reform plan has been approved by Xuzhou State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.

The reform of the system has brought new vitality to growth, and the company expects to benefit in many ways.

Parent company’s high-quality assets will not exclude injection in the future.

The Interim Report revealed that the sales volume of the parent company’s excavators exceeded 20,000 units in the first half of the year, a year-on-year increase of more than twice that of the industry, ranking second in the industry in the domestic market.

Heavy trucks maintained an increase of more than 12% in the decline of the industry, ranking first in the industry, with sales exceeding 10,000 units in the first half of the year.

The increase in market share of tower cranes will accelerate the growth into a new important sector of the order of 3 billion.

Earnings forecast and investment recommendations are expected to net profit 35/45/52 million in 2019-2021, an increase of 73% / 28% / 15%, a compound growth rate of 36%.

EPS is 0.



66 yuan; PE is 10/8/7 times.

Given 10 times PE in 2020, a reasonable market value of 45 billion yuan and a target price of 5 in June-December.

7 yuan.

Maintain “Buy” rating.

If the excavator is injected, we believe that the reasonable estimate of the excavator business of XCMG may exceed 20 billion.

Risk warnings: Infrastructure real estate investment is less than expected; sales risk of some product industries; exchange rate risk.

China-WHO New Crown Pneumonia Joint Expert Study Team Positively Evaluates Changes in China’s Fight Against Epilepsy

China-WHO New Crown Pneumonia Joint Expert Study Team Positively Evaluates Changes in China’s Fight Against “Epilepsy”
After the 9-day study tour to China was concluded, the China-WHO New Crown Pneumonia Joint Expert Study Team at the Antique Press Conference in Beijing on the 24th introduced the study situation and recommendations for China and global epidemic prevention and control.  The inspection team found that the epidemic situation of new crown pneumonia in China reached a peak between January 23 and February 2 and stabilized, and has been steadily decreasing since then.There was no significant change in the DNA of the new crown pneumonia virus.Neonatal pneumonia has a fatality rate between 2% and 4% in Wuhan, and 0 fatalities outside Wuhan.7%.The recovery period for mild patients is approximately two weeks, and the recovery period for severe or critical patients is three to six weeks.  Bruce Elward, the foreign leader of the joint expert inspection team and senior adviser to the Director-General of the World Health Organization, took the graphs of China ‘s new crown pneumonia virus epidemic, the number of outbreaks in Hubei and Hubei as examples, and took China again.The unprecedented public health response measures have achieved obvious results in slowing the spread of the epidemic and replacing the human-to-human transmission of the virus, and have avoided or at least replaced hundreds of thousands of new cases of coronary pneumonia.In addition, China has also played a vital role in protecting the international community, promoting valuable time for countries to adopt active prevention and control measures and providing worthy experience.China is taking a preventive, phased, and orderly approach to gradually restore normal order in all sectors of society, economy, education, and health.Other countries should quickly reassess the measures they have taken against China.  Bruce Elward 上海夜网论坛 said, “In the global response to and preparedness for the epidemic, I have been as prejudiced as others: being ambiguous about non-drug interventions.Many people will say that there is no medicine and no vaccine, so there is nothing we can do.And China’s approach is to use whatever it is, and save lives as you can.The Chinese method proved to be successful.Bruce Elward paid high respect to the sacrifice of the people of Wuhan in fighting the epidemic.He said: “I went to Wuhan 25 years ago, and Wuhan at that time may be much smaller than it is now.When I arrived in Wuhan again two days ago, everything changed.There are many high-rise buildings in the city, and the railway station is very modern, but everything becomes quiet.The lights in the high-rise building we drove by were 15 million Wuhan people, who had stayed at home 杭州桑拿 like this for weeks.The colleague in Wuhan who worked with us told us, ‘this is our responsibility, we must protect the world from viruses, and we are doing what we prove to be doing’.”Bruce Elward is emotional,” I think this is very important, and the world needs to recognize the contribution made by the people of Wuhan.For the people of Wuhan, the world owes you.When the epidemic is over, I hope to have the opportunity to thank the people of Wuhan again on behalf of the world. “Hearing Bruce Elward’s comments, the translators at the scene sounded choked when they spoke.  At least on the afternoon of February 24th local time, the World Health Organization routinely briefs on the new crown pneumonia outbreak in its original headquarters.At the meeting, WHO Director-General Tan Desai introduced the report submitted by the expert group.Tan Desai is distinguished: “The key message of the team’s report to bring hope, courage and confidence to all countries is that the virus can be brought under control!”The sudden increase in new crown pneumonia cases in Italy, Iran, and South Korea is deeply troubled by Tan Desai, and there have been many speculations about whether this phenomenon means that new crown pneumonia has now become an epidemic.This primacy and guesswork are understandable.WHO has declared neocoronary pneumonia a “public health emergency of international concern”, which is already WHO’s highest alert level.Whether WHO uses the term “pandemic” to describe an epidemic is based on a continuous assessment of the geographical spread of the virus, the severity of the disease caused by the virus, and the impact of the virus on society as a whole.From the overall assessment, neo-pneumococcal pneumonia has not yet reached the “pandemic” level, and the virus has not seen uncontrolled spread worldwide, nor has it seen any serious illness or death on a large scale.Of course, this virus has the potential for a “pandemic.”The current use of the term “pandemic” for new coronary pneumonia is not true and will certainly cause panic.  Tan Desai said that epidemics around the world affect different countries in different ways and need to take targeted measures.Although the sudden increase in new cases outside China is alarming, everyone needs to know the facts, not to show panic.Panic does not prevent infection or save lives.Now is the time for all nations, communities, families and individuals to focus their efforts on preparing for a response.  All parties must focus their efforts on stopping the spread of the disease while doing everything in their power to prepare for a potential pandemic.There is no one-size-fits-all approach, and each country must make a risk assessment and take response measures based on its own circumstances.Therefore, everyone must ensure compliance with three priorities: all countries must prioritize the protection of health workers; communities must be involved to protect those most vulnerable to serious illnesses, especially the elderly and those with potential health problems; andProtect the countries with the most vulnerable health systems, and do your best to control the epidemic in countries that have the ability to control it.  Tandersee breaks through. The epidemic is a global threat. We can only face it and overcome it together. When countries, regions and the global health organization, the media, the private sector and people around the world take joint action, it will show a strongThe collective power we can unite to win.(Reporter Yang Haiquan)

Xugong Machinery (000425): The core competitive advantage of cranes continues to grow

Xugong Machinery (000425): The core competitive advantage of cranes continues to grow

In total, the company’s car crane sales increased by 30-40% for 11 months with excellent operating quality, and the growth rate significantly surpassed the industry; the tonnage structure benefited from the overall rise, and car crane revenue is expected to increase by 70-80%.

Fist product car cranes have strengthened their services since Q2, and they have climbed steadily since Q3. It is expected that the final share will return to about 45%.

Quality has always 南宁桑拿 been the company’s strongest core competitiveness. After strengthening service, expansion has increased rapidly, and the company’s car crane customers have excellent quality. At present, 80% of customers have a corresponding down payment ratio of more than 40%.

According to the situation of itself and the market, optimize the product structure and strengthen the service of automobile cranes. ① The limited production capacity of automobile cranes is inclined to medium and large tonnage.

The company’s crane plant area is only about 1,000 acres, which is relatively small compared to its peers and limited production capacity. Priority is given to ensuring the production of medium and large tonnage cranes to promote the overall increase in the average tonnage of products. The growth in sales revenue of automobile cranes is focused on sales growth.

② Considering market preferences, increase K series promotion efforts.

The new G series launched by the company in 2018 has excellent quality, high-end positioning, and higher prices, but the current market demand is more sensitive to price. In 2019, according to the current demand characteristics, the K series was re-launched at a price higher than the G series.Attracted to withstand the current market welcome.

③ Strengthen services.

The company’s crane product quality has always led the industry, but there is room for optimization in terms of service rankings with its peers. After strengthening staffing in Q2, the effect began to appear in Q3, and the product share rebounded rapidly.

Judging that the growth rate of infrastructure investment in 2020 will be more than 8%, which will promote the overall growth of the construction machinery industry. ① Recently, the Ministry of Finance issued a portion of the newly added special debt quota of 1 trillion in 2020 to reduce the capital ratio.The starting point of the project’s minimum capital ratio is to leverage the scale of the scale of infrastructure investment and promote the role of “stable investment”.

According to our sensitivity analysis, under the background of neutral judgment, it is expected that the two counter-cyclical adjustment policies of 1) new special debt regulations and 2) reduction in capital ratio of fixed asset investment projects will promote the growth rate of infrastructure investment above 8%;② As the sector benefiting the most from the macro environment, construction machinery will continue to maintain a positive growth in 2020 under the support of infrastructure construction and the scale of real estate.

Among them: 1) The sales volume of the excavator industry is expected to increase by 0-10%: Benefiting from the alternating infrastructure update cycle, infrastructure investment growth, strict environmental protection policies, manual replacement, and overseas export growth, and other factors, the sales growth of leading companies is expected to exceedIndustry, the degree of concentration has further increased; 2) the truck crane industry has grown by more than 10%: restructuring, most of the downstream are infrastructure, and the most beneficial infrastructure growth is upward; by 2021, the national six emission standards are promoted, and the demand for equipment upgrades is enhanced, driving the truck crane industryincrease.

Profit forecast and investment rating: Regardless of mixed changes of controlling shareholders, only based on the growth rate of existing business sales and continued repair of statements, is the company expected to be 2019?
Income in 2021 will be 529.



400 million, net profit attributable to mothers was 40.



One million yuan.

Corresponding to the closing price on December 10, 2019, PE is 9 respectively.

1x, 7.

6x, 6.

6 x.

Maintain target price of 7.

79 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk factors: the risk of gradual fluctuations in the construction machinery industry

Psychological Test-The Value of Virgin

Psychological test: the value of a “virgin”

Men like virgins. If you love, you must love a virgin.
Women always like to ask men “what do you like me”, it is simple, just like women are virgins.
In fact, virgins are not just virgins, virgins have become a plot.
How many men in this world are virgins and don’t care about their girlfriends and future wives?
  It is a fact that men love virgins. What do men love virgins, virgins have extraordinary significance to men.
Confused: Topics Virgin issues with a long history!
  What does a man love a woman?
  What does a man love a woman?
What place is there for a woman to cherish.
Men love women, love women’s cuteness, love women’s beauty.
  What is the most attractive thing for a woman? The enthusiasm when a woman first received a love letter. The first time she was dating a boy and she was afraid of being found nervous. The woman was shy when she first pulled a man ‘s hand. The woman was the first time.The kind of implicitness when leaning on a man’s shoulder, the nagging of a woman for the first time kissing, the half-push and half-heartedness of a woman for the first time and the man’s caress, the woman’s desire and anxiety for the first time as a bride, the woman’s first encounter with a manWhen hugging and lying, the feelings and desire are still off, and for the first time, a woman looks on time with a beloved person for the first time.
  女人和男友在一起脸红的害羞,女人为了心上人而吃醋高翘的小嘴,男人为女人制造惊喜时女人的微笑……  处女膜与女人的第一次  这一切的一切,都是女人吸引男人的地方.
Love is so great. Love is great because of it. Without it, why would a man love a woman?
The implicit love of men for women.
Love the tenderness of water, tenderness of women.
  These countless countless women deserve the first love of men. Only virgins can give the same. Some women always say that men love virgins and do n’t know what they love virgins. Is n’t that just love that film, does man love this film, ifA woman always has marginal sex with other men. She has done everything except intercourse. So what does this film mean for men?
  Men love this film, they love the countless firsts hidden under the film, and the countless first-time women who love the countless looks.
  女人接触的男人递增其价值递减  都说做新娘时的女人最美丽,为什么,因为做新娘时女人把自己无数的含蓄,无数的娇羞,无数的忐忑,无数的渴望,无数的激动都给了男人To make yourself infinitely beautiful in countless firsts, to let a man conquer himself on his wedding night, and explore a territory for life with his lover, all of which will make men unforgettable.
  If a woman lacks these, it is undoubtedly a little bit less beauty. After pulling the hands of N boys, she loses her tension. After the first kiss is gone, she removes her shame and leans on many shoulders.The feeling of happiness overflows again, and women gradually lose their beauty one by one. Men can still accept it, coquettishness is gone, there is subtleness, cuteness is gone, there is beauty, and men can still love women’s concubines, loveWomen devote their first greatness to themselves.
  However, one by one, the value will gradually decrease, and love will gradually fade, and even the changed love will change from infinite value to the time when it can be measured, love, soWith deadline.
  Reasons why men still love her when women are no longer beautiful. Some women are always complaining. When they were young, they were like flowers and they married a poor boy. But when they were forty years old, they couldn’t hold him back.
It ‘s very simple. If a woman only uses a 20-year-old beauty and a 30-year-old charm to attract a man, she can only reach 40. Beauty can be measured by money. If you have money, do beauty, ugly women alsoWill turn into a swan.
  Then since you use valuable beauty to maintain men, your love must have a limit.
Men also have a shot in their hearts saying that a woman knows how much she has paid for herself. When a woman is no longer beautiful, a man thinks, “When I have nothing, my woman dedicates herself to the most beautiful things without reservation.With me, I can’t do something sorry for her. ”
  When a woman is no longer radiant, men will recall the glory days of the past and the woman. When the woman is no longer implicit, the man will think that this woman was also very shameful. When the woman is no longer beautiful, the manI will recall the difficult years that I have traveled with women, and the journey of struggle together.
  Men will remember the stalemate when two people ate a bowl of noodles, once when they were homeless, when they lived in the overpass, the romantic romance of the world, once they used the worldly confrontation to the end for the sake of union, and the man would be happy at this timeI thought that my beloved woman gave her most precious things to herself, and now she is no longer beautiful, but men will love women and pity her the same, this is the infinite value of love.
  Paying one point, there are always gains, so when the 20-year-old beauty is still figuring out how to arrange dates with different boys, when the 30-year-old charming young woman holds countless banknotes in her hands,They get love, money, enviable eyes, decent identity, but at the same time it is fair to go to heaven. Since you have got so much, beautiful, money, status, then of course you ca n’t get the kind of truth you expect.Real love, the kind of unforgettable sea.
  It ‘s not for women that men get the world, that ‘s why some people do n’t love Jiangshan and beauty. If a man does n’t even get precious things about women, is this man a failed man? If a man has nothing in his lifeIt’s a virgin. I never know what a hymen is. Will he die forever?

Lose weight does not hurt diet Recipe lotus leaf barley slimming tea

Lose weight does not hurt diet Recipe lotus leaf barley slimming tea

I’m not interested in all the diet foods and tea drinks on the market, because these products are relatively large and have more or less harm to the body.

I watched TV on the other day, and I introduced this method through real people and real things.

Features are: obvious weight loss effect; nutrition and health without any complications to the body!

  Here, the reason people can’t help but shine is that they specifically asked a nutrition and health expert for a detailed explanation: barley . spleen and dampness Hawthorn .Basically, the raw materials are put together and boiled in water. If you stick it for a week, you can effectively remove the garbage in the body and have a very good effect on the human body.

“The Spring Festival is approaching. Many people have the fear of growing meat in the face of the delicious food on the table.

Especially for people who are overweight, or who are overburdened with gastrointestinal tracts, they can refer to this recipe and have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival!

  The raw materials and methods of lotus leaf barley slimming tea: Raw materials: 1.

Barley . 15 grams 2.

Chenpi . 10 grams 3.

Dry lotus leaves . 10 g 4.

Dried hawthorn flakes . 20 g 5.

Water . 900 ml 6.

Rock sugar . Moderate (optional) practice: 1.

Wash lotus leaves, hawthorn, barley, and rind; 2.

2. Soak the barley in warm water for 20 minutes; 3.

Add 900 ml of clear water to the pot, boil over low heat for 20 minutes; 4.

Next, put the rind into the pot and simmer for 5 minutes on a low heat to give full play to its medicinal effect; 5.

Then add lotus leaf and hawthorn flakes, keep stirring, open the pot and cook for another 2 minutes, then add an appropriate amount of rock sugar to melt according to personal taste; 6.

After cooking, filter through a fine sieve.

In order not to waste, use a gauze for a while or squeeze again with clean hands.

  Tips: 1.

A variety of raw materials can be purchased in Chinese medicine stores and large supermarkets; 2.

The original recipe used 700 ml of water. I felt that there was too little water during the cooking process, so I added 200 ml more because the last lotus leaf and hawthorn were cooked for 2 minutes. 3.

Pregnant women may be banned from breastfeeding; 4.

The above amount is for one person (you can drink it twice), and drink a drink 30 minutes after lunch and dinner (you can drink this cup in the microwave in the evening).

8 foods that are good for children

8 foods that are good for children

Fish: is one of the foods of choice for promoting intellectual development.

The fish head contains very rich lecithin, which is an important source of neurotransmitters in the human brain. It can enhance human memory, thinking and analysis ability, and can control the degradation of brain cells and delay aging.

  Walnut: Walnut is recognized as a traditional Chinese brain-building food because of its unsaturated fatty acids. 2?
Three walnuts are suitable and persistent, which can use the nutritional brain, enhance memory, and eliminate brain fatigue.
  Milk: It is an excellent source of high-quality protein, riboflavin, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B12, and vitamin D. These nutrients can provide the brain with a variety of nutrients. Milk derivatives-yogurt can enhance the function of the immune systemTo prevent the growth of tumor cells, prevent dynamic and static sclerosis, activate pepsin, enhance digestive function, and improve the body’s absorption of mineral elements calcium, phosphorus, and iron.

  Eggs: Eggs are rich in high-quality protein, containing 12 per 100 grams of eggs.

7 grams of protein, eggs are particularly rich in methionine, and both cereals and beans lack this essential amino acid.

Pumpkin: Pumpkin is an excellent source of beta-carotene. Pumpkin contains more vitamin A than green vegetables and is rich in vitamin C, zinc, potassium, and cellulose.

  Sunflower seeds: Sunflower seeds contain a large amount of linoleic acid and other unsaturated fatty acids that are necessary for the human body, which can promote the regeneration and growth of human cells, protect skin health, and reduce the accumulation of blood in the blood. Rich traces of iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, etc.Elements and vitamin E make sunflower seeds have a certain effect of nourishing the brain and brain.

  Banana: Banana contains the so-called “salt of wisdom”, which is a super source of tryptophan and vitamin B6. It also has a lot of fiber, and children have irregular stools. When constipated, eating a banana a day can alleviate the above symptoms.

  Kelp: Kelp contains alginic acid, which has the function of preventing leukemia and gastric cancer. It can lower blood pressure and blood lipids, and also has hemostatic effect on arterial bleeding. It is an effective food for preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

People who eat kelp have significantly higher cholesterol levels in their blood than those who do not.

  Sesame: It is known as “anti-aging fruit”.

Sesame is a kind of high-protein crop. Its protein content is high and its value overlaps with eggs and meat. Sesame is rich in 8 amino acids that are necessary for the human body and cannot be synthesized by itself.

Sesame and red dates are accompanied by a magical effect of relieving cough.

Facial massage points

Facial massage points

The acupuncture points commonly used in facial massage are: the slurry is in the center of the jaw-labial sulcus, and the current lip is sunken.

Indications: Crooked eyes, swollen face, swollen gums, toothache, salivation, madness.

  The warehouse was opened 4 minutes beside the corner.

The attending mouth and eyes are skewed and drooling.

  In the middle of the human ditch, 1/3.

Indications: mouth and eyes are crooked, drooling, and stuffy nose.

  Yingxiang opened 5 minutes beside the midpoint of the outer edge of the nasal wing, in the nasolabial sulcus.

Indications: nasal congestion, nasal abyss, skewed eyes and mouth, itchy and swollen face.

  Four white eyes face up, pupils straight down, when the sacrum is in the depression.

Indications: Itchy and painful eyes, narrow eyes, crooked mouth and eyes, headache and dizziness.

  Cheng Wei eyes squarely, pupils straight down, when the lower edge of the satellite and the eyeball.

Attending eyes are red and swollen and painful, night blindness, tears in the wind, and eyes and eyes skewed.

  Gaze at 1 minute above the inner condyle.

Indications: Redness, swelling and pain, tears in the wind, itching and pain in the eyes, dizziness, myopia, and color blindness.

  The inner end of the bamboo eyebrow, when the notch on the satellite.

The attending vision is unknown, with tears, and her eyes are skewed.

  Fish waist is at the midpoint of eyebrows.

Indications: redness and pain in the eyes, drooping eyelids, and pain in the brow ribs.

  Silk bamboo hollow in the depression of the brows.

Indications: headache, dizziness, red eyes, toothache, epilepsy.

  Yintang is at the midpoint of the line between the two eyebrows.

Indications: headache, dizziness, epistaxis, epistaxis, convulsions in children, postpartum blood deficiency.

  The grandson folded the auricles back and forth in front and back, and reached the fractured jaw at the tip.

Indications: ear swelling and pain, eyesight, toothache, dry lips, and stiff neck.

  The eardrum is cut in front of the tragus, when the posterior edge of the mandibular condyle is depressed.

Indications tinnitus, deafness, toothache.

  At the posterior edge of the condyles of the mandibular joint in front of the tragus, the auditory palace is indented.

Indications tinnitus, deafness.

  You will hear in front of the tragus notch, the posterior edge of the mandibular condyle, and a hole in the mouth.

Indications Deafness, tinnitus, toothache, distorted mouth and eyes, dislocation of the jaw joint.

  The squall mastoid is anterior and inferior, and the depression of the lower inferior edge of the flat ear lobe is flat.

Indications tinnitus, deafness, skewed eyes and mouth, closed teeth, swollen hips.

  The Xiaguan is in the depression between the zygomatic arch and the mandibular incision.

Indications Toothache, tinnitus, deafness, skewed eyes and mouth, unfavorable opening and closing.

  The jawbone is in a transverse finger depression in front of and above the mandible angle. When the teeth are clenched, when the masseter muscle is at the highest elevation.

Indications are crooked mouth and eyes, chest lumps, toothache, and silent speech.

  Daying is 1 inch and 3 minutes before the mandibular angle, when the front edge of the masseter attachment.

Indications dysentery, leukemia, toothache.  Yang Bai eyes face up, pupils straight down, 1 inch above the eyebrow.

Indications: headache, eye pain, dizziness, pain in the nephew, night blindness.

  The sun is in a depression about 1 inch backward between the eyebrow tip and the outer ridge.

Indications: headache, toothache, red eyes, swelling and pain, facial paralysis.