Barley red bean porridge is not as effective

Barley red bean porridge is not as effective

I bought a health book “Live To Heaven” for my parents. I turned it over after I found it and found it very helpful to these young people.

  Especially this glutinous rice and red bean porridge, after a few days of making it myself, my body feels really good, so I recommend it to everyone during this time. Before sending the book to my parents, I will extract it to the blog.

However, I did not adopt the method recommended by the author. It was too troublesome, or it was done by the method recommended by my father.

Before going to bed every night, I put in rice red beans and water in an electric casserole and turned it to the automatic position. I can drink hot porridge when I wake up in the morning.

 If there is a medicine in the world that can be eaten as a meal, can be used as tea, and even delicious to support people, and can make the whole family never get sick, would you like to try it?

  The method of removing moisture from the body is very simple, only two “medicines” are needed.

These two medicines can be used as tea and rice, and can solve big problems. One of them is barley and the other is red beans.

These two kinds of things do not need to be proportional to each other, grab them one at a time, wash them and put them in a pot and boil them. After cooking, the best product for removing dampness and spleen is red rice porridge.

  There is a good thing about barley red bean porridge, that is, it won’t become sticky and dense, and the red beans and barley that are always rotten underneath, the top is red soup, and most of the active ingredients of barley and red beans are in the soup.

When porridge, put some water, these soups are enough for us to drink for a long time, just for tea . As for the efficacy, it is really trivial.

Rice, called “coix seed” in Chinese medicine, is listed as the top grade in “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic”, which can cure dampness and paralysis, improve the stomach and intestines, eliminate edema, strengthen the spleen and stomach, and lighten and strengthen Qi.

Red beans, called “Red Beans” in traditional Chinese medicine, also have obvious benefits of water, swelling, and spleen and stomach, because it is red, red into the heart, so it can fill the heart.

Modern people have high mental stress, heart qi deficiency, inadequate diet, less exercise, and weak spleen.

It is necessary not only to remove dampness, but also to replenish the heart, and to strengthen the spleen and stomach.

Boil it into porridge, which is intended to transform the effective ingredients to be fully absorbed by the human body without causing any burden on the spleen and stomach.

  The “swelling” effect of indica and red beans is also very interesting.

We must never think that swelling is edema.

Take a look at today’s people. At least five or six of the ten people are blessed. This is also swollen, which is called bloated body.

In Chinese medicine, obesity and edema all mean that the body is wet.

The water cannot flow with the blood and qi, and stays between the cells of the body, causing the body to swell rapidly.

The edema is so severe and the obesity is also serious, but it is only deep or shallow.

Drugs or foods with strong dehumidifying properties can remove these stagnant fluids and reduce swelling.

Therefore, red beans must be used in the treatment of edema, and practice has proven that indica red bean porridge has a good weight loss effect, which can lose weight without harming the body, especially for middle-aged and obese people, the effect is particularly good.

  Wet evil is the root cause of various chronic and refractory diseases in modern times, and barley red bean soup is the best medicine to cure wet evil.

After I have prescribed prescriptions to patients, I always prescribe some precautions on diet and living, and the most said is to go back to boil rice and red bean soup as tea.

For patients who do not have this condition, I will let him use porridge and red beans to make porridge as a staple food for dinner.

  Someone said to me, “I added a handful of rice when I cooked red rice porridge, and the porridge became thick. The taste is so beautiful!”

“I said,” Do not add rice in!


Because rice grows in water, it contains moisture and is sticky, so the rice thickens as soon as it is boiled.

Both red beans and barley are dehumidified. They do not contain moisture, so they are not thick how to boil, and the soup is very clear.

Traditional Chinese medicine just uses its clear nature to remove the moisture from the human body. Once rice is added, it is equivalent to moisture, so the whole porridge is thick.

Although the taste may be better, it is not necessarily good for health, because that handful of rice, all red beans, and barley are in vain, and the benefits are completely useless.

  In addition to red bean barley porridge, you can also learn more about the nature and taste of various foods, and learn from each other by adding and subtracting yourself to form more dietary prescriptions that suit your constitution.

In this way, food can really become a good health product.

Skin Care Age Care Is Longer

Skin Care Age Care Is Longer

Also let you care about eye problems when you are young, but the age of 28 is the watershed of most women’s skin.

It is likely that within this year you will feel that your skin has become very fast, and the first point of age often appears on the skin around your eyes.

  Basic skin care, moisturizing and sun protection before the age of 18 is the most basic equipment for young girls.

  Because age is put there, no matter how late you wake up early, how to play, eat junk food.

As long as you have cleaned, moisturized and sun-protected, your skin will recover by itself before the age of 18.

Apart from this, a large part of the skin may still need oil control, because this age is the period when the skin’s metabolism and oil secretion are at their peak. Pay attention to cleansing while paying attention to hydration and moisturization.

In addition, if there are local defects such as red blood stains, special care is required.

You can also use some essential antioxidant essences at this age.

  18-28 year old keywords: Antioxidant, eye care also let you care about eye problems when you are young, but 28 years old is the watershed of most women’s skin.

It is likely that within this year you will feel that your skin has become very fast, and the first point of age often appears on the skin around your eyes.

So at this time you have to choose an eye cream immediately.

After 25 years of age, the skin’s oil secretion will decrease and the skin will become more and more dry. The most obvious is the eye area, so be sure to choose a very effective moisturizing eye cream.

  At the same time, simple moisturizers are not enough.

Factors such as the environment, sunlight, and stress can cause free radicals to greatly damage your skin, prompting your skin to gradually accelerate.

At this time, the skin is also prone to spots, fine lines and other phenomena, so be sure to use antioxidant skin care products.

For example, products containing vitamin C and polyphenols.

  28-38 years old, anti-aging, anti-aging, after the age of 28, the speed of wrinkles will suddenly increase, and the intensification will become more and more obvious. At this time, some anti-wrinkle products should be selected based on the original antioxidant.

In fact, skin care products containing vitamin A and its derivatives are the most effective and have the most obvious improvement effects, but these products should be used at night and sunscreen during the day.

In addition, hexapeptide (also known as botulinum toxin) is another mainstream anti-wrinkle, and skin care products containing this ingredient are also optional.

  38-48 years old, the most important for firm skin. After 38 years of age, in addition to the trouble of wrinkles, you also have to face the looseness of the skin.

In fact, if you think about it, even if a person maintains smooth skin, if there are sagging parts, someone will see through your age at a glance.

Years cause the body to age, skin metabolism is slowed, and collagen and elastic fibers of the skin are degenerated.

So add firm skin products.

Some ingredients that stimulate collagen production are the best choices.

  After 48 years of age, from skin care products to medical beauty after 48 years of age, skin aging seems to be difficult to control with skin care products, wrinkles, overlaps, stains and other issues are also getting more and more difficult.

In fact, if you want to solve these problems, you can only resort to medical cosmetology. From the traditional peeling, to the current injection cosmetology, technological advances can still help us continue to fight.

  Finally, I must say that sun protection is done for each age. In fact, the three skin care products I have always advocated should be done at each age stage. Doing these three can basically guarantee that the skin is not problematic.

The most important principle of skin care is always “prevention before it happens.”

Top 10 tips to keep your wife from losing heart

Top 10 tips to keep your wife from losing heart

1.Every day, hug your wife every day, until she hates you and you are not afraid of sweat, because her heart is sweet.

  2. Always tell your wife in good faith when appropriate or when you are in a happy mood: “I love you!

“Love you everything!

“” We are so happy together!


Seeing this, some people may sniff and sniff: “Old fashioned!

“But how many people did it?

  3, housework is always a headache, take the initiative to share with his wife, and rush to cook (protecting his wife’s skin is to protect his own pocket).

No matter if you make it completely unpalatable, only your wife will meet without changing color and will encourage you: “It will be delicious once more!

“(Hee hee).

I have time to try to accompany my wife to eat. Studies have shown that eating alone is prone to stomach problems.

  4, wife’s birthday, various festivals, anniversaries, you do n’t have to celebrate with great fanfare, but remember to give her a gift; you do n’t have to give a gift, but ask her to have dinner with you; you do n’t invite her to eat, butRemember to bring her a bunch of flowers; if you think it ‘s wasteful to send flowers, buy her a snack that she likes; do n’t buy snacks, but remember to call and send a valuable text messageshe was.

You forgot to send a text message, just wait for her to blame you. It’s not a good thing to have more grievances. People who have seen ghost movies know more!

  5. When you are free and not tired, just go shopping with your wife. Do not use men as an excuse for shopping. You always think that it is a conspiracy of some men. You do n’t want to accompany you.Waiting for it!

So my wife has to go shopping, my husband is still “accompanying” occasionally, I know you have been wronged, but your clothes, pants, socks, and how much is your wife to buy.

  6. Your female colleague, female friend, if you have the opportunity to introduce it to your wife, do not hide from a phone call to answer, laugh and laugh at others, pretending to be more popular!

This is just the immature expression of a little man, don’t make a smart wife a joke!

Being generous with her about your circle of friends will only make her trust you more!

Trust is built up little by little!

  7, bravely bear the responsibility of supporting the family, whether the wife is independent or bird-like, even if the wife is working like you now, you have to pay more or less monthly, you must also consider yourself as homeTop pillars!

When you see your wife is tired and come home to cook, you have to say, “So hard, let me support you!

“A wise wife will also think of your hard work, get care and recognition, and his wife’s work will be scaled up!

  8. When your wife wants to learn knowledge and improve herself, try her best to encourage her to create conditions for her, and she must also become positive and progress with her. The more she learns, the more confident and connotative you are, the less you will be.Many women have troubles.

If you make progress together, you can also balance the differences between each other, and also contribute to the creation of a better life.

  9. A large part of a person’s time is spent at work. I often talk to my wife about my work, and share the joy and pain with her.

Maybe many men think that sharing success is enough. As for the hardship, bear it yourself!

Praise here first!

But women are also willing to share everything for you. This is like you have incurable disease (for example, please forgive me). If you are afraid that you will not be happy and even intimidating, you will pretend to be bad and let women leave you.

In fact, once you realize the truth, a woman’s pain and regret will torture her for life!

Therefore, the most reliable way to meet frustration is to share with your lover, she will never fall into the rock, but will only encourage you to support you, because you treat her as a person who can share the suffering, and she can really share the hardships with you!

  10. If there is only one computer in the family, it will never be exclusive (unless you are IT), or play with your wife, or instruct your wife to play.

When you leave to drink water, help your wife by the way!

Six life tips to quickly detoxify

Six life tips to quickly detoxify

What to do after food poisoning?

Three meals a day are essential for everyone every day, but if you don’t pay attention to diet hygiene, eating outdated foods by mistake can cause food poisoning.

Food poisoning refers to acute poisoning diseases caused by consumption of articles that are not good for human health. Food poisoning usually occurs without knowledge.

So what about food poisoning?

Let ‘s take a look at the coup.

  The first reaction after food poisoning is often abdominal discomfort. Those who are poisoned will initially feel abdominal distension, some patients will soon have abdominal pain, and some will have acute diarrhea.

Nausea is also associated with abdominal discomfort and subsequent vomiting.

  Food poisoning is caused by both individual and group poisoning.

The symptoms are mainly nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea, often accompanied by fever.

Severe vomiting can also cause symptoms such as dehydration, acidosis, and even shock and coma.

  Once someone has symptoms of food poisoning such as vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain, first stop eating suspicious food at the same time, and immediately call the center 120 for help.

Before the ambulance arrives, the following self-rescue measures can be taken: 1. Those who have vomiting have no obvious vomiting soon after poisoning. They can use their fingers, chopsticks, etc. to stimulate the root of their tongue to induce vomiting.Induce vomiting to reduce the absorption of toxins.

  If after a large amount of warm water induces vomiting, when the vomit has become a clearer liquid, an appropriate amount of milk can be added to protect the gastric mucosa.

If bloody fluid is found in vomiting saliva, it may indicate that there may be gastrointestinal or pharyngeal bleeding, and vomiting should be temporarily stopped.

  2, catharsis, if the patient eats poisonous food time complications (such as more than two hours), and the spirit is better, you can use laxatives to promote the toxic food out of the body.

The use of rhubarb and senna leaves for decoction or flushing with boiling water can achieve catharsis.

  3. If detoxification is caused by food poisoning caused by eating deteriorated fish, shrimp, crab, etc., take 100 ml of vinegar, add 200 ml of water, and take it once after replacement.

In addition, 30 grams of perilla and 10 grams of raw licorice may be used.

  If you eat a spoiled preservative or drink by mistake, the best first aid is to infuse fresh milk or other protein-containing drinks.

  After food poisoning, we should not panic. We should go to the hospital in time to report the situation to the doctor and explain what poisoning we eat, so that the doctor can test based on the food, so that we can know what the patient is poisoned, so that the doctor can facilitate the treatment.!!

I hope this kind of suggestion can be used by readers!

  4. Retaining food samples Because it is determined that the poisoning substance is for the treatment, after the food poisoning occurs, the food sample causing the poisoning should be stored for the hospital to test.

If there is no food sample nearby, the patient’s vomit and feces can also be kept for the doctor’s diagnosis and treatment.

  Of course, this emergency treatment is only for the treatment of acute food poisoning. After the emergency treatment, patients should immediately enter the hospital for treatment.

At the same time pay attention to the food that causes poisoning, brake doctor to determine the poisoning substance.

  5. When the patient has the typical symptoms of food poisoning such as vomiting, diarrhea, tongue coating and limb numbness, dyskinesia (1).

To prevent suffocation caused by sudden death, the patient should lie on his side for easy vomiting.


During vomiting, do not let the patient drink water or eat food, but rehydrate immediately after vomiting stops.


Take a sample of vomit and stools and check with your doctor.


Such as abdominal pain and hypertension, a supine sleeping position with knee flexion can help relieve abdominal muscle tension.


The abdomen covers blankets to keep them warm, which helps blood circulation.

  6. When your face turns blue, sweats cold, and your pulse is weak, you should be taken to the hospital immediately. Beware of shock symptoms. Generally speaking, symptoms occur within a short time of eating, which is often severe poisoning.

Children and the elderly are highly sensitive and should be treated as soon as possible.

Food poisoning causes toxic shock and can be life threatening.

Can you lose weight with higher intensity?

Can you lose weight with higher intensity?

In the process of slimming and losing weight, it will inevitably surround some misunderstandings. These slimming mistakes may not only make you lose all your efforts, but also cause damage to your body.

銆€銆€Misunderstanding 1: I want to lose weight, which is in the advertisement, people often hear or see the words “reducing the waist”, “reducing the hip”, “reducing the abdomen”, etc., giving the impression that I want to lose weight and thinwhere.

銆€銆€Local motion does not reduce fat locally.

Local exercise consumes less total energy, is prone to fatigue, and can not last, and people are an organic whole, not a robot, which is assembled by various parts, and no one can repair it.

Amateur energy supply is also the same, it is controlled by the nervous and endocrine system, this regulation is systemic, through the blood circulation of the whole body to achieve the distribution of aunt’s consumption.

銆€銆€The amount of exercise consumed is greater than the transient of absorption, which will lead to a reduction in the body of the adult, not only one part, but the other parts.

銆€銆€Wrong area 2: Fasting exercise is detrimental to health. People are always worried that fasting exercise will cause a large amount of glycogen consumption in the body, which may cause hypoglycemia, such as dizziness, fatigue, and palpitation.

However, Dr. Hepa from the Dallas Bodybuilding Center in the United States believes that moderate exercise, such as walking, dancing, jogging, cycling, etc., is more helpful for weight loss in 1-2 hours before meals (ie, fasting).

銆€銆€Because the amount of glycogen in the body is relatively low during fasting exercise, the body’s own regulation system will make it more used to maintain normal physiology, rather than exercise consumption.

If only the exercise with lower intensity is carried out at this time, the body will mobilize more aunts, including the aunts in the aunt’s organization to supply energy, so that it is easy to consume the excess aunt (especially the postpartum aunt), the weight loss effect will beBetter.
Exercise after meals.

銆€銆€In addition, due to the appropriate amount of exercise, the energy stored in the body is sufficient for the body to be deployed, which will not affect health.

銆€銆€Misunderstanding 3: The more the strength is, the more weight loss can be achieved. Only the long-term aerobic exercise can absorb the excess aunt. This is because the muscles mainly use oxidative loss to gain energy during small-intensity exercise, while the high-intensity exercise consumes more of the body.Sugar originally supplied energy.

銆€銆€As the intensity of exercise increases, the proportion of adult consumption will be less and less, and the movement close to the limit will consume almost no adult.

Therefore, easy and slow, long-lasting low-intensity exercise or continuous heart rate maintenance at 100-126 beats / min is most beneficial for weight loss.

銆€銆€In addition, do not extend the exercise time for the obvious effect, because such a large amount of metabolic waste, the body can not be cleaned up and caused accumulation, but will affect the health of the body, leading to weight loss failure.