[Can I eat ice powder while pregnant?

]_Pregnancy_Can you eat

[Can I eat ice powder while pregnant?
]_Pregnancy_Can you eat

In the hot summer, most areas will be very hot. At this time, people are prone to heatstroke, often feel dry mouth, and people’s emotions will become irritable. At this time, you can eat more cool and cool food, which isIncluding ice powder, this is a widely popular snack. Under normal circumstances, there is not much contraindication to eating ice powder, so can women during pregnancy eat it?

Can I eat ice powder while pregnant?
It can be eaten. The nutritional requirements are not high in early pregnancy. After 4 months of pregnancy, you should start to pay attention to increasing nutrition, intake of certain calcium, iron and other elements.

Should eat more eggs, fish, refined meat, milk powder, etc. Why supplement nutrition from the diet, fruits and vegetables are also not allowed, regular pregnancy tests.

Ice powder is not recommended for pregnancy, because ice powder is cold. Eating too much is likely to induce uterine contraction. It should be avoided better, a light and rotten diet, avoid cold, frozen, spicy food, regular pregnancy tests,Conducive to understanding the development of democracy.

You can eat it, but do n’t eat too much iced stuff, do n’t put too much brown sugar. You can eat brown sugar ice powder during pregnancy. Just do n’t eat too much at one time because the sugar content is relatively high.Prepare 7 grams of ice powder with recipe ingredients, brown sugar and boiling water.

Method Step 1: Take 7 grams of ice powder, put it in a container, pour in boiling water and stir; 2 until it melts completely, and let it cool naturally after you don’t see the particles; 3, put it in the refrigerator and refrigerate for 2 hours after thoroughly cooling, and use brown water for boiling waterMix thoroughly; 4. After refrigerating, take out the ice powder, put it in a bowl, and pour in brown sugar juice.

Tips Brown sugar water is also added to the refrigerator to refrigerate, so as to cool off the heat.

Where is the special product of ice powder? Ice powder is the most popular thing in summer in all parts of Guizhou. When walking on the street with sweat and dry mouth, it is the happiest thing to see the sale of ice powder. Come to a bowlBingbing is cool. When I eat the sweet and smooth ice powder in my mouth, my body’s dryness is immediately eliminated, and it is really happy.

[Mixed beef sauce]_Mixed beef sauce_How to do_How to do

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Cold is easy to cause joint pain, keeping warm is the first _1

Cold easily causes joint pain, keeping warm is the first
The invasion of cold air, Changsha’s high temperature is like riding a roller coaster, up and down.Middle-aged and elderly people who have suffered from bone and joint diseases are even more difficult to suffer. When the cold wind blows, the bones and joints are faintly painful.According to experts from the Department of Joint and Sports Medicine of Hunan Provincial People’s Hospital, recently, the number of patients who came to the hospital due to joint pain caused by acute sudden drop has increased significantly.Experts remind that the cold wave is coming. In order to avoid pain caused by cold joints, citizens must do warm work. At the same time, the middle-aged and 南京桑拿网 elderly people should avoid accidental falls and fractures.Don’t let your shoulders be cold and cause pain before the cold wave comes. Salsa (a pseudonym) from Changsha is 19 years old and is an art student at a university in Hunan.For almost a year, Sasa’s shoulder has always been painful, but she has never been to the hospital because of the mild symptoms of pain.On November 25th, the temperature in Changsha plummeted, and her entire shoulder and hip pain worsened, so severe that her arms could not be lifted. The family felt serious. She accompanied her to the hospital for a diagnosis. The diagnosis showed that Sarah had myofascia.Pain syndrome.”In the current temperature environment, many people will experience pain in the shoulder, back and other parts.”Wang Jing, the chief physician of the Department of Joint and Sports 成都桑拿网 Medicine of Hunan Provincial People’s Hospital, explained that myofascial pain syndrome is caused by incorrect body posture, plus the effect of cold weather, it will cause obvious shoulder pain, any ageCan occur in adults, especially those with bad posture habits, sedentary desks, abnormal exercise postures, excessive shoulder load, excessive joint movements, etc., may cause shoulder and back muscle strain, low back muscle strain, and boots in the coldThe trigger of the weather caused severe shoulder and back pain.”For this kind of pain, the key to prevention is to develop a good posture, correct exercise mode, to keep warm in cold weather, and to wear a warm down vest in the vicinity to improve blood circulation.”” Wang Jing believes that in addition, shoulder-back muscle coordination exercises, muscle relaxation, stretching, etc. should be paid attention to; when lifting heavy objects, pay attention to shoulder weights to balance shoulder forces, palms forward to reduce the burden on shoulder muscles;When moving objects up high, move first, then shoulders.Strengthening the balance training can reduce the fall injury in winter Chen Ye, who lives in Yuelu District, is 80 years old. She was admitted to the hospital last week. Because she was not careful when doing exercise at home, she fell to the ground and her family rushed her to the hospital.After a thorough examination, Chen Zheng was diagnosed with a fracture of the femoral diameter caused by an accidental fall, and was unable to walk and was confined in bed.”Because of excessive osteoporosis in middle-aged and elderly people, coupled with the cold and wet weather in winter, the ground is slippery, and it is easy to fall and cause fractures. Ordinary flat ground falls may cause osteoporotic fractures in middle-aged and elderly people.”Wang Jing introduced that the common fracture sites are the wrist, spine vertebra, hip, etc., especially hip fracture, the degree of harm.In the cold winter, middle-aged and elderly people should be alert to osteoporotic fractures caused by accidental falls.”There are two causes of osteoporotic fractures, one is the internal cause of osteoporosis, and the other is the external force such as a fall.Wang Jing said that in addition to necessary treatments for these diseases, lifestyle adjustments are necessary.Middle-aged and elderly people can eat more calcium milk, eat appropriate low-salt diet, and supplement protein; lifestyle, avoid smoking and drinking alcohol; use drugs that affect bone metabolism with caution, such as glucocorticoids, anticoagulants, anticonvulsants, etc.At the same time, choose an appropriate exercise method, middle-aged and elderly people can appropriately choose outdoor sports for strength training and rehabilitation treatment, walk appropriately according to the condition of the knee joint, 5000 to 10,000 steps per day, can also ride a bicycle, or practice Tai Chi, increaseMuscle strength, enhance balance and reduce falls; further use hip protection pads to prevent falls to prevent fractures caused by accidental falls in cold weather.Balanced training can improve joint stability, prevent falls, and reduce fall-related injuries. People with good health can try it.The easiest training method is: step on a relatively stable chair with one foot, keep stepping on one foot, maintain balance, maintain this action for 10 seconds, repeat 10 to 15 times, repeat the action with another leg.Lower limb muscle strength exercises can take meditation, scapula, back, waist against the wall, arms hang down naturally, the calf is perpendicular to the ground, the knee is slightly bent, and the angle of flexion reduces the painless position of the knee joint.Knee pain patients can improve their pain through local warmth. Recently, Lin Ying, 50, has developed knee pain.Because of suffering from joint disease for many years, Lin Yu’s pain recurs as soon as he encounters cold weather.Recently, doctors diagnosed her with knee osteoarthritis.”The number of people who come to see a doctor for knee pain caused by cold weather has increased significantly, accounting for about 60% of the total number of visits.Wang Jing said that knee joint pain after cold exposure is more common in the elderly.If the patient has previously suffered from osteoarthritis or patella cartilage softening, bursitis, tendonitis and other basic diseases, the pain symptoms will be more obvious.The cold can also cause muscle contractions and even fractures, which can cause knee pain.Common arthritis includes osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is arthritis caused by autoimmunity and is a chronic systemic disease. Osteoarthritis is a common joint degenerative disease.Occurs in weight-bearing and hyperactive joints such as knees, hands, waist, and spine.”People with degenerative complications such as arthritis, shoulder joints, and rotator cuff injuries are prone to pain symptoms in winter, and cold is the biggest cause of pain.”Wang Jing explained that when the weather becomes cold and falls sharply, the blood vessels around human joints will shrink, resulting in poor blood circulation and producing metabolites. If these metabolites cannot be effectively removed in time, they will slowly accumulate in the joints.Surrounding, once the accumulated concentration becomes higher, pain can be exacerbated.Coupled with bloated clothes and weight gain in winter, the strength of the human knee joint will increase, so it is more likely to cause knee pain.Wang Jing reminded that the pain caused by atrophic diseases of these joints can usually be improved by local warmth. The knee joint can be kept warm with soft knee pads. It is not recommended to maintain a strong knee pad to keep warm, avoid muscle atrophy and surround the malignancy.cycle.Daily use of hot water to soak your feet to ensure local blood circulation in the joints.Related Links Expert tips on how to prevent elderly people from falling Changsha Evening News, November 27 (whole-media reporter Yang Weiran) What factors can easily lead to elderly people fallingJiang Fenglin, Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine, Third Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, believes that he is older than 60 years old, has unstable walking, accompanied by osteoporosis or arthritis, or has living organisms at home, uses furniture with wheels, no night lights in the bedroom, and the living roomLight bulbs below 60 watts, and toilets and bathing areas without handrails and other borrowing facilities are all reasons for the elderly at home to fall.If the family member or the caregiver finds that the old man has fallen, do not lift the old man blindly. The correct method is to judge whether there is a fracture and go to the hospital for CT and other tests in time. To judge the nature of the disease, it is only temporary cerebral hemorrhage, or brainStroke; to determine if it is sudden death, the patient should immediately lie flat on a hard board. If it is sudden cardiac death, quickly perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, tap the anterior cardiac area, press the chest heart and mouth-to-mouth artificial breathing, etc., and contactContact the emergency center to rescue the patient in the expected time.In addition, Jiang Fenglin reminded to pay attention to small details of home life.Bathroom: It is the easiest place for the elderly to fall. If there is an elderly person in the home, it is recommended that the floor of the bathroom should be covered with non-slip mats, and handrails should be installed inside.The bathroom is equipped with a solid armrest, which can be grasped immediately by the elderly when they fall; installing an armrest beside the toilet can help the elderly to get up and sit down more easily, especially for the elderly with weak feet.In addition, it is recommended that the elderly take a bath with a bath stool to prevent dizziness.Kitchen: Many households’ kitchen lights are not bright enough, which poses a safety hazard to the elderly.If the kitchen door is too biological, it can cause inconvenience to the elderly who have weak feet.Common things should be placed at your fingertips, not high or low, to avoid the elderly from squatting down and picking things up, and may get dizzy and fall when they get up.Bedroom: It is better to turn on a night light in the bedroom at night, so that the elderly can have enough lighting when they wake up in the middle of the night.Some bedroom floor plates are shifted, causing the ground to be uneven and easy to fall. Repair should be done as soon as possible.Shoes: Wear appropriate shoes to reduce the risk of falling.It is recommended to measure the foot shape before buying new shoes, and you should wear non-slip, non-slip shoes indoors or above.(Reporter Luo Yue)

Mount Emei A (000888): Increase in passenger cableway ticket price increase, performance arts project opening, incremental increase expected

Mount Emei A (000888): Increase in passenger cableway ticket price increase, performance arts project opening, incremental increase expected

The 3Q19 results were higher than we expected the company’s 3Q19 results: 1-3 years 19 operating income8.

7.3 billion, an annual increase of 3.

04%; net profit attributable to mother 1.

8.6 billion, an increase of 10 in ten years.

34%, corresponding profit 0.

35 yuan.

Among them, 3Q19 operating income3.

4.4 billion, an annual increase of 6.

65%; net profit attributable to mother 1.

09 million yuan, an annual increase of 10.


The company’s performance was higher than our expectation, mainly due to the rapid improvement of passenger ropeway maximization.

  Ropeway revenue contributes to revenue growth.

1) 3Q18 Emeishan peak season attractions tickets are reduced by 25 yuan, reducing ticket revenue growth; 2) The increase in tourist ropeway utilization has become the main driving force for the company’s performance growth, 2H18 / 1H19 ropeway revenue increased + 12% / + 23%.

There are a total of two ropeways in the attraction. The Jinding ropeway is located in Gaoshan District and the Wannian ropeway is located in Zhongshan District.


0, a significant increase (theoretical highest rating of 4.


  Financial analysis: 1) 3Q19 gross profit margin reached 47 due to improved ropeway efficiency.

7%, increase by 0 every year.

2ppt; 2) 3Q19 selling expenses twice +24.

3%, corresponding to the sales expense ratio 上海夜网论坛 of 1.

6%; management costs +19 per year.

1%, corresponding to the management expense ratio of 10.


3) Due to the decrease in investment by associates, the investment income of 1-3Q19 companies decreased by 18.6 billion compared with the same period of the previous year; 4) Net cash flow from operating activities of 1-3Q193.

4.3 billion yuan, a marked improvement over the same period last year.

  Development trend Business diversification: 1) On August 23, the company announced an increase in capital to Yunshang Tourism1.

USD 20.7 billion, accounting for 40% of the tourism capital on the cloud after the capital contribution, becoming the controlling party.

2) The tourism business on the cloud includes literary and artistic creation and performance, art performance venues, cultural tourism project marketing and planning, etc. It is a construction and operation company of “only Emeishan” tourism performing arts project.

3) The premiere of “Only Mount Emei” on September 6, the project was edited by the well-known director Wang Chaoge (Impression, see also the director of the series). It is an original ecological real village immersive drama with an investment of about 700 million yuan.

4) The company expects that the project will bring an increase of 5% of tourists to the attractions every year, increase the hotel accommodation rate by about 10%, increase tickets every year, 33 million ropeways and 20 million hotels.

  Earnings forecasts and estimates As the company’s performance exceeds our expectations, we raised our EPS forecast for 2019/2020 by 6% / 6% to 0.

44 yuan / 0.

47 yuan.

The current sustainable correspondence is 2019/202013.

8 times / 12.

7 times price-earnings ratio.Maintain Outperform rating and 7.

Target price of 30 yuan, corresponding to 16.

8 times 2019 P / E ratio and 15.

4 times 2020 price-earnings ratio, compared with 21 recently.

5% upside.

  Risks Natural disasters affect travel; reform of state-owned enterprises exceeds expectations.

Daqin Railway (601006): Daqin Line 2Q traffic volume interval 2.

6% was slightly less than expected due to insufficient demand

Daqin Railway (601006): Daqin Line 2Q traffic volume interval 2.

6% was slightly less than expected due to insufficient demand

Company News Company Recent Situation The Daqin Railway announced its production and operation data for June.

In June, the Daqin Line completed the insertion of 3,582 cargoes every 7th.

8%, worse than the replacement of May 1.

3%, worse than the growth of the same period last year 8.


The average daily traffic volume in June was 119.

April (May average daily volume 128.

5 initial).

  We believe that the cause is the decrease in demand for thermal coal caused by the economic environment and hydropower squeeze.

  2Q Daqin line completed the volume of 1.

08 billion tons in the past decade 2.

6% (1Q capacity is extended by 3 per week.


The 1H Daqin Line has gradually completed the capacity2.

2 billion tons, 3 years before.

2%, lower than the growth of 7 in the same period last year.


  Comment on the Da Qin Line’s traffic volume is continuously affected by the potential impact of insufficient demand.

Since the beginning of this year’s national power generation growth, the growth of power generation from January to May has increased year by year.

3% (an increase of 8 in the same period last year.

5%); while the increase is mainly due to better hydropower contribution from the incoming water. Squeezed by hydropower, thermal power only increased by 0 from January to May.


  The 2H volume still needs to pay attention to the suppression of transportation demand by the economic environment.

In June, the peak demand season gradually ushered in, and coal consumption speeded up, but the number of days of coal inventory at the factory continued to maintain at the level of nearly 30 days.

Based on the changes in Qinhuangdao coal inventory, we believe that the Qinhuangdao replenishment inventory in late June will have a certain promotion 重庆耍耍网 effect on the Daqin line’s transportation capacity, but if there is no subsequent downstream thermal power plant demand support, this round of inventory replenishment may be completed in early July.

In the second half of the year, we still need to observe the impact of the macroeconomic environment on traffic volume.

  Performance preview and outlook for the second half of the year.

We expect 2Q net profit to be roughly flat and 1H net profit to be slightly below 2% twice.

The traffic volume of the Daqin Line is slightly inclined. The change trend of investment income from Shuohuang is similar to that of the Daqin Line. The other lines perform better.

Looking ahead to the second half of the year: (1) The Mongolia-China Railway that opened in October does not yet constitute direct competition with the Daqin Line in terms of cargo resources (the Dabao Line), and the Daqin Line may maintain 4.

500 million tons of transportation capacity; since the Daqin Railway only accounts for 3% of the equity of Menghua, its initial impact on Daqin will be small.

(2) The cost side pays attention to the settlement progress and amount of “three supply and one industry”.

  It is recommended to maintain a profit forecast of 149 billion (ten years + 2%) / 151 billion (ten years + 2%) in 2019/20.
Currently, it corresponds to 2019/20.

0 times / 7.

9 times price-earnings ratio.
Maintain Outperform rating and RMB10.

The target price of 12 yuan corresponds to October 2019/20.

2 times / 9.

9x P / E ratio and 6.

1% / 6.

2% dividend yield, 27% upside.

  Risks The macroeconomic growth was less than expected, the Daqin Line relocated the water port, and other railway lines were diverted.

Six-style yoga

Six-style yoga

If you are not tall, finding a boyfriend is a problem. How can you increase it in a short time?

There are also worries about buying the heightening shoes in the advertisement, then practice the heightening yoga recommended by the editor!

Help you grow a few centimeters faster, causing “dwarfism”.

  This set of moves is very simple, it is suitable for people who are new to yoga. Open your eyes every morning, don’t rush to get up first, and do some yoga moves on the bed to help you grow a few centimeters faster.

  1. Lying on your back with your legs extended, legs straight, open up to two at the same time, raise at the same time, spread your fingers, slowly lift your left foot off the ground, and step on it backwards for 30 seconds.Repeat to the other side.

  2. Twist on your back, with your legs straight, hold your head behind your hands, stretch your right leg into the bed, turn your body to the right, and bend your left leg straight to 90 degrees, placing your left leg on the right side of your right leg., Switch to the other side and repeat.

  3, bridge step1 lying on his back with his back on the ground, with the length straight and close to the body, straight and bent, the soles of the feet completely on the ground, breathing on the abdomen.

  Step2 slowly and gradually tighten, at the same time lift up to leave the ground, and keep raising, so that the thigh surface and the side of the body are in a straight line, legs straight, maintained for 30 seconds, repeat repeatedly.

  4, supine leg extension step1 supine, land on the back, twist straight and close to the floor, bend the upper left, bend the left foot completely to the ground, straighten and raise the right leg, keep the two thighs at a horizontal level, and extend the right foot as far as possible,Keep it for 30 seconds, and repeat it on the other side.
  Step2 slowly relax your body, lower your right foot for 60 seconds, lower your right leg, and repeat.

  5. Lie on your back with your limbs facing upwards, your hips on the ground, slightly straightened and pointing upwards, and keep the same width as your shoulders, palms facing each other, your feet close together, and straighten your legs and lift them off the floor, until your arms are parallel to your legs, and your head is slightlyLean back, hold for 30 seconds, switch to the other side and repeat.

  6. Shoulder stand on your back, lean on the ground, be sure to insert a section of your body, slowly lift your feet off the ground, and lift up at the same time, drag your hands behind the waist, support your waist away from the bed, in order to maintain the body balance, you canBending refractive index.

What are the symptoms of postpartum depression?

What are the symptoms of postpartum depression?

Birth is an exciting and exciting thing, but it is also a period of high postpartum depression.

After that, you will feel that all the existing life order is disturbed. You will be anxious, upset, ashamed, depressed, incapable or hopeless . If these symptoms appear, you have postpartum depression.

  Most scholars believe that postpartum depression is no different from non-postpartum depression.

At present, it is generally accepted that this group of diseases is not a disease unit based on certain clinical symptoms and course of disease, but a group of diseases that occur at the turn of the puerperium.

  The main symptoms of postpartum depression are: 1.

In terms of emotions, I often feel depressed, overcome, indifferent, and behaved as lonely, shy, unwilling to see people or sad, crying, and even worrying, fear, irritability, every night at night; 2.

2. Decreased self-evaluation, self-abandonment, self-blame, self-incrimination, or manifestations of hostility towards others around you, wary of heart, and uncoordinated relationships with family and husband;

Impaired creative thinking, reduced initiative, unresponsive behavior, caused concentration, decreased work efficiency and ability to handle objects; 4.

Lack of confidence in life, feel life meaningless, anorexia, sleep disturbance, fatigue, loss of libido, and may also be accompanied by some physical symptoms, such as dizziness, nausea, burning in the stomach, constipation, increased heart rate of breathing, decreased milking.
Those who are seriously ill are even desperate, have a tendency to commit suicide or kill infants, and sometimes get confused or lethargic.

Women’s Love Psychology Three Sins

Women’s Love Psychology “Three Sins”

One sin: straight-forward: Most women like straightforward expressions. Although they are a little embarrassed about straightforward expressions on the first date, they will find such men full of charm, and it is difficult to reject the straight-forward expression.
On the contrary, they hate the kind of men who are meandering, babbling, talkative and overly implicit.
  Therefore, men should be frank when inviting women. If the other party does not like it, she may refuse it by suggestion or other reasons. If the other party is silent, you can judge that she will not reject your invitation.
At the same time, you also need to make her feel “refused because she can’t find any reason to do so.” This will give her comfort. She is not a casual girl, but only because of your hard request.of.
  Second Sin: Killing a woman side by side has a psychological defense instinct. She often uses words to disguise her own instincts, and doesn’t like other people’s words.
If a man is clever and speaks out of a woman’s mind, it often causes resentment.
Therefore, when pursuing women, you must master the art of speaking, look at words and words, speak euphemistically, and be precise.
  The three deadly sins: Chic and calm, a woman has a natural instinct for self-defense and is wary of men.
They don’t like the following two kinds of men, one is to stay in front of a woman and be a whisperer, and the other is to talk exaggeratedly in front of a woman.
Both people are unnatural.
Therefore, men should maintain a sense of chicness, calmness, sincerity and naturalness in order to eliminate women’s alertness and win their hearts.

Workplace Psychology: How to Avoid Common Disorders


Workplace Psychology: How to Avoid Common Disorders

Everyone in the workplace wants to be decent, but due to personal negligence, there are always some “disorders” that make both sides embarrassed.

In fact, sometimes, we have more patience, more carefulness, more observation, and some abnormal behavior can be completely avoided.

  Typical case: A mistake in the elevator that led A Yan to enter a state-owned enterprise in August this year, and she did a very stupid thing in the first week of work.

A Yan got up late that morning, she hurried to the company and found that the elevator door was preparing to close.

Ayan shouted “Wait” while stepping into the elevator.

In the elevator, a middle-aged man in his 50s is looking at her with a smile.

“It’s so familiar, it’s Vice President Wang, no, it seems to be Vice President Liu.

“A Yan’s head was spinning quickly, but she was not sure which one was the leader. In the end, she rashly fell and said,” Liu, good morning.

The leader froze, but immediately answered her with a smile.

Back in the office, she immediately took out the company’s manual and wanted to confirm that she had denied the wrong leader just now.


A Yan shouted. She did “Zhang Guan Li Dai” just now. A Yan regrets why she doesn’t have a long memory.

  Workplace misbehaviors gather: open area office, be careful with ears next to the wall: after work, looking at the office is no longer, Zhang Jun and Lu Yan who have a good relationship have a private conversation, the kind of very private, while they are chattingSuddenly, a woman’s cough came from the distant grid, and the two were embarrassed immediately.

  I don’t know if the stockings are broken: Lisa is going to a business party. She is wearing a beautiful professional suit. However, when she was toasting with her customers, she discovered that the black stockings had a big hole.

I really regret that I didn’t prepare any more. Miss Zhang evacuated the party early.

  Women drink and get drunk: It ‘s okay for a man to get drunk. If a woman is drunk, she ca n’t hold her back and spit it out. Even if you ‘re working, the boss wo n’t be distressed. Instead, you lose your manners, so inDon’t be ugly before you go to the wine table.

  Heterosexual guess around the boss: At the company’s annual meeting, everyone was seated. The boss was long overdue, and brought a beautiful woman, Xiao Zhang, who just worked recently, courtingly courtesy: Boss, your wife is really beautiful.

Everyone is stingy.

It turned out that this beauty is only a customer of the company, and as for the personal relationship with the boss, we do not know.

  When the boss reprimanded his subordinates: Director Li was reporting to the leader, the assistant reminded him that something was wrong, and Director Li was a little embarrassed and angry. He rebuked the assistant in person, and did not see the leader’s eyes staring at himself meaningfully.

Fourteen Diamond Jumping Diamonds in the Workplace

Fourteen Diamond Jumping Diamonds in the Workplace

1. Online job hunting is especially important for those companies that advertise online on the job day and night.

These companies are usually divided into two categories: one is the garbage company, such as some ulterior motives insurance companies, intermediary companies, and so on.

The type of company is for the purpose of obtaining your personal resources and personal information.

The second category is some small and well-known companies, but because the employment conditions are harsh and the salary costs do not match their harsh requirements, so they recruit people all year round, but they can’t always recruit people who are satisfied with them.

There are also some well-known companies that, for the purpose of advertising, recruit people for fools, a run-down position can be placed online for a year or two.

  2. Carefully choose a headhunting company.

  3. Companies that only send you emails without calling you for interviews must be ignored.

It’s usually some junk company that doesn’t have the ability to meet your basic requirements.

They are not sure they can afford you, so even the telephone bill is waived.

  4. The company that asked you where to go for an interview on the first few days of the month must reject it immediately.

Because when you look there, a bunch of young graduates who have just graduated 2 or 3 years are crawling on the table and filling in their resumes.

The result of your competition with these people is that your salary is at most twice as high as them, which is 5,000 or 6,000 days.

So how should we answer?

Tell the personnel manager that I’m not free. I only have a few minutes in the afternoon on Mo Yue. If not, I don’t have to go. I waste time. It must be a low-level position.

  5. The company that allows you to bring a good academic degree certificate for the first interview, do not go, because you do n’t need to ask, it is definitely a low-level position.

  6. Before going to the company for an interview, you must ask who is interviewing you. If you do not know the general manager or deputy general manager to meet you, then I advise you to immediately reject this position.

Because if you are a middle-ranking cadre with a low rank, then your position must be a low-ranking rank.

In a word, the pigs were dressed up and showed the pigs, spending money and wasting time.

  7. Companies that let you fill out a bunch of forms as soon as you enter the door must leave immediately.

Because this is a common tactic for recruiting middle and low-level employees, especially for companies that like to produce some shit test papers, don’t waste time with them.

In addition, in order to get the job, it is impossible for the applicant to answer such test papers according to his real situation, a pile of waste paper, and the recruited person does not understand personnel management at all.

  8. Don’t go to the talent market to find a job. High-end jobs are not sold on the vegetable market.

  9. If the company’s city is far from you and you need an airplane, be sure to ask whether the company will be reimbursed or not.

Companies that do not reimburse if they are reimbursed are advised not to take the risk.

Even if you were eliminated by nine out of ten interviewees, you will still find the company’s benefits to be extremely poor.

Hard lesson, remember not to try again.

  10. To know the overall appearance and quality of a company, please pay attention to the appearance of the personnel of the personnel department, especially the quality of the personnel manager is often a microcosm of the overall quality of the company.

If the personnel manager who welcomes you is more enthusiastic and courteous, then the company’s work situation is generally better. If the personnel manager is more indifferent or not very polite, then the company’s colleagues tend to be more cruel and indifferent.

  11. Don’t try to work with Singapore or Taiwan bosses, otherwise you just wait to try to accept the destruction and distortion.

  12, pay attention to Hr’s occupational diseases, almost every HR has voyeurism and paranoia.

  13. The last and most important one. The 12-year job-hopping experience shows that better Chinese companies and foreign companies that are far away are increasingly overcoming the life-long employment system of Japanese companies, that is, refusal to switch jobs and the flow of talent.

All HRs have a stubborn and perverted mind: he does not want to be your first budding man, but strongly hopes to be your second employer and is used by the first employer in this fieldAfter 5 to 8 years, you also want to be your last employer.

Therefore, HR often harbors a strong prejudice and concern about your job-hopping experience, and the research interest in your reason for job-hopping is almost abnormal.

So, for some job seekers, the best option is not to change jobs.

Or at least 5 working in one unit?
8 years to consider changing jobs, and as a pair of 5?
In return for the accumulation of 8 years of experience, the salary should often be doubled, otherwise you are selling yourself cheaply.

This is the secret of double salary.
  14. Finally, I wish you all double your salary and double it in your career!