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[Why is the jelly fried and delicious?

】 _How to fry_Fry

Jelly is a kind of pure natural ingredients with very high nutritional value. It is eaten a lot. Sometimes it is cold, especially in summer. It is a favorite of everyone. In addition, you can add fried jelly, and the taste is very good, but you need to pay attentionThe best thing is to choose the sweet potato jelly if the jelly is not sticky, and add the ingredients when the oil is a little bit smoked, so the effect will be very good.

First, fried jelly powder material: 600 g jelly powder, onion ginger garlic, red and green pepper are appropriate, 1/2 tablespoon of soy sauce, 1 teaspoon of hot sauce, salt, chicken essence. Method: 1, first look at raw materials: jelly cut into 1-2 cm large pieces, onion ginger garlic slices, green and red peppers cut into small circles 2, pour wide oil in the pan, be sure to wait for the oil to slightly smoke, then add jelly, it is best to fry for about 3 minutes, remove jellyLook, just don’t suck oil.

2. Scallion with ginger, garlic and garlic slices in the pot, and green and red pepper rings, add soy sauce, hot sauce, salt, chicken essence, pour jelly, and stir well.

Editor’s note: The sweet potato jelly is the best choice, it is sticky and not easy to loose.

Liucheng oil temperature, jelly powder is fried, the oil temperature should be higher.

Fried jelly can be long or short. For crispy appearance, fry for more than 3 minutes.

Second, the effect and role of jelly Jelly is made from mung bean starch, which mainly contains starch, protein and other nutritional ingredients. It has a white color, crystal clear, tender and refreshing.

However, because jelly is all starch, it is not easy to digest, so you should not eat more.

Third, how to choose jelly powder 1.

When identifying the color of wet powder skin and the sensory identification of cold powder, take a sample and observe directly under scattered light.

Good quality wet powder skin, jelly powder-white or egg blue, shiny.

Inferior wet powder skin, jelly powder-darker color.

Poor wet powder skin, jelly powder-dull in color and dull.


Tissue status identification For wet powder skin and jelly tissue status sensory identification, samples can be taken for direct observation, then cut into several pieces with a knife and then observed. Finally, use fingers to test its elasticity and stickiness.

Good quality wet powder skin, jelly powder-wet powder skin, thin and uniform, intact and intact, flexible, non-sticky, non-sticky, no impurities.

Jelly: complete block shape, elastic, non-sticky, no impurities.

Inferior wet powder skin, jelly powder-wet powder skin is thin and uneven, the shape of jelly powder is incomplete, and the elasticity is small.

Inferior wet powder skin, jelly powder-fragile to touch, poor or inelastic, touch the surface with mucus and stick to the hand, there are impurities.

In the case of wet powder skin, interlayer adhesion is expected.


Odor identification For sensory identification of odor, samples can be taken to smell the odor at room temperature.

Good quality wet powder skin, jelly powder-has the normal odor of this variety, without any other slight odor.

Inferior wet powder skin, jelly powder-slightly smelly.

Poor wet powder skin, jelly powder-musty, fermented or other bad smell.


Taste identification For sensory identification of wet powder skin and jelly taste, take a sample and chew it carefully to taste its taste.

Good quality wet powder skin, jelly powder-has the inherent flavor of this variety.

Inferior wet noodles, jelly-light and boring, raw starchy or slightly offensive.

Poor quality wet powder skin, jelly powder-bad taste, tooth decay, sour, bitter, astringent or other abnormal taste.

[How to make frozen eggs]_How to do_How to do

[How to make frozen eggs]_How to do_How to do

Eggs are a very common food, and they basically have a place in people’s refrigerators.

Many people also like to freeze eggs.

So, can frozen eggs be eaten?

In fact, as long as the egg shell is not cracked, frozen eggs can be eaten. Using frozen eggs, you can make iced eggs, and you can also use fried methods to cook frozen eggs, which also has a unique flavor.

First, can the eggs be eaten when they are frozen into ice, and still be eaten when they are frozen into ice, but it is best not to eat them if they are cracked without cleaning.

The main nutrient in the egg is protein. If the egg is frozen into ice cubes, as long as the shell does not crack, it will not affect the protein content in the egg, but it will become more fishy, and you can continue to eat it.Consume as soon as possible.

However, if the eggs are frozen and cracked without washing, it is best not to eat them, because there are bacteria on the egg shell. When the eggs break, they will be infected by bacteria, and they will have diarrhea.

Tip: Add frozen eggs to cold water and let it thaw slowly.

Second, how to eat frozen eggs, according to normal practice, frozen eggs will have a heavier taste, when fried, add some sugar / cooking wine / white vinegar / salt / garlic / ginger to remove the fishy taste.
2. Peel the frozen egg directly, cut it in half, add some water, and add water to the egg under heating.

3, the cold pot of eggs due to fishy taste, fried / fried is the best practice.

Third, raw eggs and cooked eggs have nutrition. Some people believe that raw eggs have the effect of nourishing the lungs and nourishing the voice.

In fact, raw eggs are not only unhygienic and prone to bacterial infections, but they are not extra nutrients.


Raw eggs are difficult to digest and waste nutrients.

The human body mainly digests and absorbs proteins in eggs by pepsin and plasma protease in the small intestine.

In egg whites of raw eggs, there is a substance that resists trace amounts of proteases, which can hinder protein digestion and absorption.


Raw eggs contain avidin, which affects the absorption of biotin in food, and easily causes the body to lose appetite, general weakness, muscle pain, skin inflammation, and eyebrow flaking.


Raw eggs have a dense protein structure and contain antioxidant proteases. A large part of them cannot be absorbed by the body. Only the cooked protein becomes soft, which is more beneficial to human digestion and absorption.


About 10% of fresh eggs contain pathogenic Salmonella, mold or parasite eggs.

If the eggs are not fresh, the infection rate is higher.


In addition, raw eggs have a special fishy smell, which can also cause central nervous system depression, reduce the secretion of digestive juices such as saliva, gastric juice, and intestinal juice, resulting in loss of appetite and indigestion.

Therefore, eggs should be cooked after being cooked at high temperature. Do not eat unripe eggs.

Diou Home Furnishing (002798) Quarterly Comment: Tooling advantage significantly increased Q1 net profit by 48 year-on-year.


Diou Home Furnishing (002798) Quarterly Comment: Tooling advantage significantly increased Q1 net profit by 48 year-on-year.


In the first quarter of 2019, net profit attributable to mothers increased by 48 per year.

8%, the performance slightly exceeded expectations Diou Home Furnishing released the first quarter of 2019 report, the company achieved revenue of 10 in 2019Q1.

410,000 yuan, an increase of 37 in ten years.

6%; net profit attributable to mother is 0.

66 ppm, an increase of 48 in ten years.

8%, the growth rate is close to the performance forecast of 30%?
The 50% growth rate cap is slightly higher than we gradually expected.

Benefiting from the steady increase in the delivery ratio of hardcover rooms and the rapid development of the company’s tooling business, we expect the company’s EPS to be 1 in 2019-2021.

28, 1.

70, 2.

27 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

Osgeno benefited from the rapid development of tooling business, with revenue growing 47 per year.

15% of the self-operated engineering business has grown rapidly.

15% to 9.

47 ppm, with net profit growing 21 per year.

49% to 0.

69 ppm, net margin is about 7.

8%, ten years ago 1.

5pct was mainly due to the increase in retail expenses; excluding consolidated amortization expenses of 551.

After 80,000 yuan, the profit will be 0.

6.4 billion.

In 2019, the company continued to increase its share of cooperation with existing customers such as Country Garden. New customers such as Agile, Rongsheng, R & F and other leading real estate companies tried to gradually increase the volume of retail.Distributors are encouraged to cooperate with the assembly enterprises to jointly help Osheno’s revenue and achieve high growth.

Regarding Emperor Sanitary Ware, 2019Q1 revenue was 16 per quarter.

4% to 0.

94 trillion, net profit can be reduced by 467 trillion, exceeding the loss reduction of 63.


The gross profit margin was stable, the expense ratio rose slightly, the repayment increased, and the cash flow was good.

6 points to 33.

6%, the period expense rate increased by 0 in ten years.

6 points to 25.

8%, of which the sales expense ratio is maximized to 0.

9pct is mainly due to the increase in engineering costs and advertising costs; the scale effect gradually appears, and the management expense rate gradually decreases to zero.

6 points to 7.

6%; financial expense rate increased 重庆耍耍网 by 0 in ten years.

2pct is mainly due to the increase in current borrowings and the increase in interest expenses.

Operating net cash flow increased by 656% to 1.
USD 8.2 billion was mainly due to the increase in current receivables; high growth in engineering business and long-term growth of accounts receivable + bills receivable increased by 52% to 16.
500 million, accounts receivable + bills receivable turnover days increased to about 73 days.

Expansion of its own production capacity and long-term and long-term growth of the basic production and use, we expect the company’s 2019 production capacity is expected to reach 5,700 GM.

With the continuous release of the company’s production capacity and the improvement of the previous production capacity, the problem is expected to be eased and at the same time, it is expected 成都桑拿网 to form a scale effect, improve production advantages, and further improve the company’s profitability.

Significant tooling advantages, maintaining the “Buy” rating Ossino has a significant advantage in the field of ceramic tooling. In 2019, the company is expected to continue its high revenue growth, driven by the stock + incremental customers.

Maintaining profit forecast, we expect the company 2019?
The net profit attributable to mothers will be 5 in 2021.

0, 6.

6, 8.

7 trillion, corresponding to EPS 1.

28, 1.

70, 2.

27 yuan.

With reference to a comparable company’s average PE of 23 times in 2019, give Diou Home Furnishings 22?
23 times PE estimates, the target price range is 28.


44 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: Real estate sales exceed expectations, and new client expansion is below expectations.

Wingtech (600745): Non-public offering of funds to implement the smooth implementation of excess capital to help companies collaborate with Anshi Qifei

Wingtech (600745): Non-public offering of funds to implement the smooth implementation of excess capital to help companies collaborate with Anshi Qifei
Event: The company issued an announcement to complete the non-public offering of shares to raise funds at an issue price of 77.93 yuan / share, the number of issues is 8,336.670,000 shares, the raised funds budget is 64.9.7 billion.The remaining funds after deducting related expenses are intended to be used to pay the cash consideration for the acquisition of Anshi Semiconductor, supplement the liquidity of listed companies, and repay the debts of listed companies. Opinion: The fundraising of targeted funds was completed more than expected, showing that investors expected the company to raise funds this time, of which 43.3.7 billion was used to pay the cash consideration for the acquisition of Ace Semiconductor, so far the acquisition funds have been fully in place.The company’s final issue price for the fundraising was 77.The price of RMB 93, which is higher than the expected budget, reflects the importance of the synergy between the two parties after the acquisition of Wingtech and the good expectations of the company’s long-term growth. Repayment of debt supplements liquidity and optimizes the company’s financial quality.Beyond 3.7 billion, the rest of the funds raised will be used to supplement the liquidity of listed companies and repay debts of listed companies.According to the company’s budget estimates, the company will need to repay the internal and external expenditure principals and indexes totaling approximately 600 million and 16 in 2019 and 2020, respectively.9 billion.The company’s own business has ample net cash flow. The proceeds raised this time will further reduce the company’s cash repayment pressure and optimize the company’s financial quality.After the debt is repaid, the company’s interest expenses will decrease in the future, and the reduction in financial expenses will effectively increase the company’s net profit. The merger and acquisition of Ace Semiconductor progressed smoothly, and the synergy effect began to appear. Ace Semiconductor is a global leader in power semiconductor devices. The company entered the field through the acquisition of Ace Semiconductor, and opened the huge space for domestic substitution through the advanced of Ace Semiconductor.Performance brings huge increase.In addition, the power components of AXA Semiconductor and the company’s existing business form a synergistic effect that promotes each other, and complements each other in aspects such as industrial chain integration, customer resource sharing, and technology complementarity. Investment advice and profit forecast The company’s endogenous development and outbound M & A have achieved good performance.As a dual leader in ODM and power semiconductors, the company’s business development will have better performance in the future.Considering the consolidation of Ace Semiconductor next year, the company is expected to achieve operating income of 314 in 2019-21.43/626.67/782.7.5 billion, net profit attributable to mothers is 7 respectively.18/29.71/37.100,000 yuan, the corresponding EPS is 0.69/2.86/3.57 yuan / share, corresponding to the next two years of performance, the company estimates that it is still at a relatively undervalued level, maintaining the company’s “Buy” rating. Risks suggest that 深圳桑拿网 downstream demand is less than expected, 5G mobile phone advancement is less than expected, and technology research and development is less than expected.

China Jushi (600176): Short-term performance under pressure is bullish on long-term competition

China Jushi (600176): Short-term performance under pressure is bullish on long-term competition

The 19H1 performance reached the highest level, and the decline in the second quarter narrowed the company’s 19H1 revenue / net profit 50.


600 million, ten years +0.

9% /-16.

8%, net of non-attributed net profit 9.

700 million, at least -23.

8%; 19Q2 income / net profit attributable to mother 25.


600 million, previously +1.

7% /-14.

6%, net of non-attributed net profit 5.

200 million, at least -21.

3%, 深圳桑拿网 performance basically in line with expectations, the decline in the second quarter narrowed.

In 19 years, the industry will continue to digest the increase in production capacity in 18 years. Due to the weaker-than-expected increase in demand, it is expected that the rise in glass fiber prices will show a low level fluctuation, but it will help the market share of Boulders to increase in the long term.



81 yuan (previous value: 0.



92 yuan), with reference to the 16x valuation of comparable companies, given 16-18x target PE in 2019, with a target price of 9.


80 yuan / share, maintain “Buy” rating.

  Under the pressure of glass fiber prices, the gross profit rate fell and the cost rate increased during the period. The decrease rate of 19H1 fiberglass and product revenue decreased by 1杭州夜生活网%, which was due to the decrease in price reduction and the slight decrease in sales volume. The growth rate of other business income (mainly building materials trade)High; the company’s 19H1 comprehensive gross margin decreased by 5.

2pct up to 40.

4%, mainly due to the decline in the price of glass fiber products, while rising prices of raw materials, energy and other costs brought pressure on the cost side, the company’s gross profit margin is still at the industry’s best level.

The cost rate during the period increased by ten years.

2pct, in which the increase in sales expense ratio increases by 0.

5pct, the transportation cost increases, and the management cost rate (including R & D) is gradually increased1.

4 points, mainly due to the increase in employee compensation costs, the increase in financial expense ratio1.

3pct, increased due to interest denied.

Non-recurring gains such as government subsidies and fair value increased, and the final 19H1 net interest margin changed by 4%.

5 pieces up to 20.


  The industry’s cold winter period in 19 years is conducive to the withdrawal of low-end production capacity, and the company’s market share has increased further. According to our statistics, the glass fiber industry has increased its production capacity by about 94 in 18 years, and it is mainly concentrated in the second half of the year. At the same time, the global economic growth in 19 years was less than initially expected.Including trade friction and other factors, the glass fiber industry in the first half of the year showed an oversupply situation in the first half of 1919. Compared with Q1, the price of glass fiber in 19Q2 continued to decline, but this was mainly reflected in the price pressure of low-end roving products, wind power yarns,The prices of high-end products such as thermoplastics are relatively stable. China’s Boulders account for more than 60% of high-end products, defensive replacements, and small businesses with a single product structure have increased pressure to survive. Boulders, as the industry leader with the lowest cost, continues to expand its market share.
At the same time, on May 19, Jushi’s US glass fiber production line was successfully ignited with an annual production capacity of 9.

At 6 tons, the establishment of a US plant will help to get closer to the market and reduce the risk of Sino-US trade friction.

  Lowered profit forecast and maintained “Buy” rating. Considering that sales volume growth rate was lower than initial expectations, the EPS forecast for 19-21 was lowered to 0.

81 yuan (previous value: 0.



92 yuan), we believe that the industry in 19 years will still be mainly digested to increase production capacity in 18 years, and because the demand growth is less than expected, it is expected that glass fiber prices will show a low fluctuation pattern, due to the base effect in 19Q4, the growth rate of Boulder’s performance is expected to appear an inflection point.

In the medium and long term, we are optimistic about the integrated layout of the production base and industrial chain of Jushi. It is expected that the medium and long term company will achieve sales growth, continue to optimize its product structure, and continue to reduce costs due to technological progress.

With reference to the average 19x 16x estimate of comparable companies, the company is given a 16-18x target PE for 2019 with a target price of 9.


80 (previous value: 13.


85 yuan), maintain “Buy” rating.

  Risk Warning: The global economic climate is down, and the cost decline is less than expected.

2 face-lifting yoga moves for beautiful smiles

2 face-lifting yoga moves for beautiful smiles

The core tip: Cheeks are fleshy, and even more obvious when you smile.

How can I lose face?

Xiao Bian teaches you 2 types of face-lifting yoga exercises, which can not only lose weight on the face, but also help you to beautiful lips and create beautiful smiles!

  By compressing the muscles around the mouth and cheeks with air, you can reduce your face, prevent wrinkles, and relieve stress.

  1. Hold your breath, your cheeks bulging and your mouth tightly closed.

Push the air to the left cheek.

  2. Then push the air to the bottom of the nose and bulge between the upper lip and the nose.

  3. Next, let the air enter the chin, and the chin bulges.

  4. Finally, place the air on the left cheek.

Repeat the entire action 3 times.

  Stimulating the area around the mouth with your tongue can achieve the effect of sports massage to reduce your face, while preventing bad breath and lip beauty.

  1. Compared with the mouth, slightly pout, and then use your tongue to push around the lips clockwise.

  2, then repeat the action of counterclockwise direction 1, do 3 groups clockwise and counterclockwise.

  3, then extend the lips, the corners of the mouth pulled diagonally upwards on both sides, pouting slightly.

  4, then open the mouth, about one finger can be added, the lips inward.

Hold your posture for about 20 seconds, then relax.

Muscle fiber types and training

Muscle fiber types and training

After a period of hard training, some people have made progress, but the effect is not significant.
This involves an important issue of muscle fiber type.
Human muscle fiber types are different, so the speed of practice, the number of times, and the length of time are different.
Therefore, only by knowing which type of muscle fiber you own can you get better results from your exercise.
  I. Types and characteristics of muscle fibers 纤维 From a physiological point of view, muscle fibers can be divided into two types according to the characteristics of contraction; slow muscle fibers (ST) and fast muscle fibers (FT).
These two types of muscle fibers differ in many ways, including muscle contraction speed, contraction strength, and endurance levels.
Fast muscle fibers contract fast, with high force, but are prone to fatigue; slow muscle fibers contract slowly, with low strength, but are not prone to fatigue.
  The human muscle is composed of fast muscle fibers and slow muscle fibers.
The two types of muscle fibers coexist in each muscle, and the muscle fiber types of each muscle in the body are also different.
If the proportion of muscle fibers in the muscle is made large, the muscles are mainly fast muscle fibers. If the proportion of muscle fibers in the muscles is large, the muscles are mainly slow muscle fibers.
  Second, the discrimination of muscle fiber types: 1. Biopsy.
The precise way to determine the type of muscle fiber is to perform a biopsy, which involves removing a small piece of muscle from the body and analyzing it under a microscope to determine the type of muscle fiber.
This method is accurate, but it is troublesome and damages local muscles, so it is not necessary for ordinary people to use this method to judge.
  2. Test muscle endurance.
This method assesses muscle fiber types by observing muscle fatigue characteristics.
This method works well.
The method is: if 80% of the maximum muscle contraction strength can be repeated for more than 15 times, the slow muscle fiber accounts for a higher percentage; if 80% of the muscle contraction maximum strength can be used for more than 5 times, it isFast muscle fibers account for a higher percentage.
  3. Assess muscle development.
In general, fast muscle fibers have greater potential for increasing muscle volume than slow muscle fibers.
If your muscles develop faster, you can consider yourself to have a higher percentage of fast muscles and vice versa.
  Third, exercise repetition times and time Once you have a general understanding of your muscle fiber type, you can use it to practice the exercise to determine the number of repetitions.
The principle of muscle fiber selective hypertrophy informs that endurance training can cause selective hypertrophy of slow muscle fibers; speed-explosion force training can cause selective hypertrophy of fast muscle fibers.
  Therefore, people with a higher percentage of slow muscle fiber types in their body may benefit most from a relatively high number of repetitions because this type of muscle fiber is more suitable for endurance training.
Generally speaking, the number of hip exercises can reach 20-25 times, the legs 15-20 times, and the upper torso 10-15 times.
For people who are naturally dominated by fast muscle fibers, completing a relatively low number of repetitive and faster exercises will yield better results.
Generally speaking, the number of hip exercises is 10-15 times, the legs are 9-12 times, and the upper torso is 6-8 times.
  Muscle exercises must be completed with a suitable intensity within a certain period of time in order to increase muscle volume and strength.
Generally speaking, the hip exercise and suitable time range is 90-120 seconds, the legs are 60-90 seconds, and the upper torso is 40-70 seconds.
  If you can do it according to the above method, your bodybuilding training will get better results.

Old TCM health care in place

Old TCM health care in place

The old Chinese medicine health care is in place. The 50-year-old and 72-year-old Professor Liu Bingquan of the Department of Acupuncture of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has clear eyes, delicate and shiny skin, quick movements, and no oldness. Does he have any kind of health regimen?

  Liu Bingquan is used to boiling water with 19 slices of hawthorn every day, and about a large glass of water, when drinking tea, it is best to drink after meals.

Liu Bingquan said: “Hawthorn can lower blood pressure and soften blood vessels. Since a few years ago, I have adhered to this lifestyle.

If the elderly have chronic diseases such as hypertension and vascular sclerosis, they can drink a glass of hawthorn water every day. If they are not sick, drinking hawthorn water can prevent it.

“He pays attention to moderate weight loss and insists on walking or gymnastics for half an hour every day.

When walking, the heels and soles touch the ground at the same time, the first aunt on the stomach.

Only go to bed three hours after a full meal. Wear thinner underwear when sleeping to increase your body’s calorie consumption.

He tried his best to climb Baiyun Mountain once a week, from uphill to downhill, for about three hours, taking a deep breath and stretching his limbs at will.

  Liu Bingquan advised people to prevent stroke after age 50.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that stroke is related to old age and physical failure, liver and kidney cancer, and that 100-year-old life begins at the foot. As the saying goes, the tree must wither, the root wither, the person wither, and the foot wither.

“It is better to strengthen your body and soak your feet with warm water before going to bed than to take tonics.” Liu Bingquan said that you can step on your feet and step on the kidney channels such as Yongquan, Taixi, Hegu, Quchi, etc. and take it once a dayEach time, one to two minutes per point, can nourish yin and tonify the kidney, and extinguish the liver.

  Frequent exercise of fingers and toenails can help strengthen peripheral nerve circulation and increase blood flow to the heart, brain, and kidneys. The specific method is to squeeze 5 toenails with your thumb, and pinch your left finger with your right index finger and middle finger., Or pinch with your left index finger, left middle finger.

  Liu Bingquan has another trick to prevent stroke: wash hands carefully.

Wash your hands with a basin of cold water and then a basin of hot water.

Chinese medicine believes that the hand is the place where the Sanyin and Sanyin Meridians walk, and one cold and one hot is an opportunity. It has a reflex effect on the cerebral blood vessels and can prevent stroke.

  Liu Bingquan also has a unique “Yangmu Jing”: every two hours (especially during work), use your index finger, middle finger, ring finger to gently buckle (cover light pressure) the eyeballs, buckle for a few seconds each;Afterwards, be sure to look far and relax your eyes.

Ten years ago, Liu Bingquan wore a high degree of reading glasses. Now, the reading glasses are removed, and his eyes are getting better and better.

  He also pays attention to diet to prevent tinnitus and high blood pressure. He usually eats iron-rich foods such as laver, spinach, and black fungus; pays attention to dietary supplements, eats calcium-rich foods, and supplements vitamins A and E, especially vitamin D.Rich in foods such as fish liver and egg yolk.

“High blood pressure in the elderly can cause atherosclerosis, robes involve cochlear sclerosis, and absorption of vitamin D can reduce blood pressure.

Liu Bingquan said.

  Liu Bingquan also often implements “purulent therapy” for himself. This is an ancient Chinese therapy. Ai Zhi was inserted directly into the acupuncture point to apply Ai, and after burning the skin, it caused blistering, purulent, and left marks.

Professor Liu said that purulent therapy is often used for the conditioning of hypertension, chronic diseases, and stomach diseases, which can improve human immunity.

Spring health needs to know competition for jealousy

Spring health needs to know “competition for jealousy”

春季养生需懂得“争蜂吃醋” 蜂蜜雪梨水 取雪梨1—2个,削皮去核切块,放入炖盅内,加少许水,置锅内用文火隔水炖约1小时,取出待After cooling, add about 2 scoops of honey and stir well to drink water and eat pear meat, which can achieve the effect of moistening the lungs and moisturize and relieve the thirst, dry mouth, dry throat caused by dryness.
All things resuscitate in spring, allergic sources increase, which can easily cause allergies to people with special constitutions.
Honey has been considered a nutritious food and medicine since ancient times.
Honey has anti-inflammatory and expectorant effects, moisturizes the lungs and relieves cough. It can also treat allergies caused by pollen, etc. Long-term use can also relieve the onset of asthma.
Loquat honey has the best antitussive effect. You can use one of Sydney and slice it with honey and eat it several times a day.
Honey milk drink 50 ml of honey, 50 ml of milk, 25 grams of black sesame seeds.
Black sesame is smashed and blended with honey and milk.
Suitable for postpartum blood deficiency, dry bowel, constipation, chlorosis, and moist skin.
After the beginning of spring, there are many spring holidays. When the gastrointestinal tract is affected by a greasy meal, it affects the function of the gastrointestinal tract, and honey can promote the normal secretion of gastric acid and enhance the function of intestinal peristalsis, which can significantly shorten the defecation time.
If you have accumulated food, you can take 25 grams of honey on an empty stomach every morning and evening.
Banana honey porridge Use 50-100 grams of rice, 200 grams of bananas, and moderate amount of honey.
After the rice is boiled, add bananas cut into small sections, and then add honey after cooling to eat, which can intestinal laxative, nourish yin and beauty.
Take a bite of vinegar every day to stay away from gynecological diseases. Vinegar can flavor, beauty, and cure diseases.
As early as in Zhang Zhongjing’s “Treatment of Typhoid and Miscellaneous Diseases” and Li Shizhen’s “Compendium of Materia Medica”, there are records about the medicinal efficacy of vinegar.
Chinese medicine believes that vinegar acid temperature has the effects of dispersing paralysis and detoxification, qi and analgesics, and can also treat some common gynecological diseases.

The many benefits of tennis for women

The many benefits of tennis for women

Tennis is an aerobic and anaerobic exercise, so tennis can be changed so that people who want to exercise can be satisfied in different parts: those who want to exercise can get a coordinated whole body exercise by playing tennis. Take a bath after playing for a dayThe fatigue of work is gone, followed by appetite and sleepiness; I hope that KEEPFIT for weight loss and bodybuilding, tennis will consume your excess aunt and make your body perfect. Experiments show that 2 months after you start playing tennis, Weight has been greatly reduced, and then slowly lose weight until it is balanced, so tennis is the most effortless way to lose weight.

  Tennis can be played or can be indoors, so as long as you like this sport and are willing to engage in it for a long time, you can play it at almost any time.

On sunny days, go out with three or five golfers to play, bask in the sun, and chat; in case the weather is bad, it rains or it is too hot and cold, it does n’t matter if you get addicted to the ball, it costs a little to go to the indoor court.Can save the urgent need.

  You can dry him for 3 hours at a time, or dial 1 hour and a half hours, and leave after the call.

Unlike professional fitness, which requires you to have a fixed schedule every day, tennis is mainly leisure. As long as you don’t touch the tempo for a month, the fitness effect is as good.