Top 10 tips to keep your wife from losing heart

Top 10 tips to keep your wife from losing heart

1.Every day, hug your wife every day, until she hates you and you are not afraid of sweat, because her heart is sweet.

  2. Always tell your wife in good faith when appropriate or when you are in a happy mood: “I love you!

“Love you everything!

“” We are so happy together!


Seeing this, some people may sniff and sniff: “Old fashioned!

“But how many people did it?

  3, housework is always a headache, take the initiative to share with his wife, and rush to cook (protecting his wife’s skin is to protect his own pocket).

No matter if you make it completely unpalatable, only your wife will meet without changing color and will encourage you: “It will be delicious once more!

“(Hee hee).

I have time to try to accompany my wife to eat. Studies have shown that eating alone is prone to stomach problems.

  4, wife’s birthday, various festivals, anniversaries, you do n’t have to celebrate with great fanfare, but remember to give her a gift; you do n’t have to give a gift, but ask her to have dinner with you; you do n’t invite her to eat, butRemember to bring her a bunch of flowers; if you think it ‘s wasteful to send flowers, buy her a snack that she likes; do n’t buy snacks, but remember to call and send a valuable text messageshe was.

You forgot to send a text message, just wait for her to blame you. It’s not a good thing to have more grievances. People who have seen ghost movies know more!

  5. When you are free and not tired, just go shopping with your wife. Do not use men as an excuse for shopping. You always think that it is a conspiracy of some men. You do n’t want to accompany you.Waiting for it!

So my wife has to go shopping, my husband is still “accompanying” occasionally, I know you have been wronged, but your clothes, pants, socks, and how much is your wife to buy.

  6. Your female colleague, female friend, if you have the opportunity to introduce it to your wife, do not hide from a phone call to answer, laugh and laugh at others, pretending to be more popular!

This is just the immature expression of a little man, don’t make a smart wife a joke!

Being generous with her about your circle of friends will only make her trust you more!

Trust is built up little by little!

  7, bravely bear the responsibility of supporting the family, whether the wife is independent or bird-like, even if the wife is working like you now, you have to pay more or less monthly, you must also consider yourself as homeTop pillars!

When you see your wife is tired and come home to cook, you have to say, “So hard, let me support you!

“A wise wife will also think of your hard work, get care and recognition, and his wife’s work will be scaled up!

  8. When your wife wants to learn knowledge and improve herself, try her best to encourage her to create conditions for her, and she must also become positive and progress with her. The more she learns, the more confident and connotative you are, the less you will be.Many women have troubles.

If you make progress together, you can also balance the differences between each other, and also contribute to the creation of a better life.

  9. A large part of a person’s time is spent at work. I often talk to my wife about my work, and share the joy and pain with her.

Maybe many men think that sharing success is enough. As for the hardship, bear it yourself!

Praise here first!

But women are also willing to share everything for you. This is like you have incurable disease (for example, please forgive me). If you are afraid that you will not be happy and even intimidating, you will pretend to be bad and let women leave you.

In fact, once you realize the truth, a woman’s pain and regret will torture her for life!

Therefore, the most reliable way to meet frustration is to share with your lover, she will never fall into the rock, but will only encourage you to support you, because you treat her as a person who can share the suffering, and she can really share the hardships with you!

  10. If there is only one computer in the family, it will never be exclusive (unless you are IT), or play with your wife, or instruct your wife to play.

When you leave to drink water, help your wife by the way!

Falling in love requires skill-21 taboos in love

Falling in love requires skill: 21 taboos in love

Falling in love requires skill: 21 taboos in love 1: Don’t fall in love with a good friend’s boyfriend / girlfriend.

  2: Do n’t be your boss ‘s rivals. 3: Do n’t mention your lover ‘s old relationship. Even if the other party voluntarily mentions it, try to minimize criticism and comparison.

  4: Don’t criticize your lover in front of your friends. You don’t think you will hear the words in his / her ears, you will definitely hear them, and they are salted and vinegared.

  5: Don’t praise any old lover in front of him / her, it is better to keep his / her name and appearance not to let the other party know.

  6: Do not attack the immediate family of the lover.

  7: Don’t go with him / her to romantic places you used to go with old lovers.

  8: Don’t say who is interested in you and who pursues you, you will lose some of your personal freedom. 9: Don’t see in front of others how you and your lover are intimate and replace the intimacy process.

  10: Don’t talk to your current lover about your intimate behavior with any old love, and make him or her explicit or implicit.

  11: Don’t criticize his / her figure.

  12: Don’t look down on his / her dead party.

  13: Men must not scold lovers stupidly in the public, women should not laugh at their men in front of outsiders. 14: Don’t break up every time you argue.

  15: Don’t tell the other person clearly why you love him / her (for example: because you are smart / because you are beautiful / because you have a full body .) 16: love is not 100% true, and the remaining leave is one-tenth (eg praise him/ Her) 17: Do not play games that are frank with each other, do not believe that both are often frustrated and frank.

  18: Don’t easily share a floor with him / her and raise a dog together.

  19: Just before you broke up, admit that you never loved him / her.

  20: Avoid excessive consumption / dissolving / mixing into each other’s life.

  21: You can love to live without him / her, but don’t tell him / her.

Six life tips to quickly detoxify

Six life tips to quickly detoxify

What to do after food poisoning?

Three meals a day are essential for everyone every day, but if you don’t pay attention to diet hygiene, eating outdated foods by mistake can cause food poisoning.

Food poisoning refers to acute poisoning diseases caused by consumption of articles that are not good for human health. Food poisoning usually occurs without knowledge.

So what about food poisoning?

Let ‘s take a look at the coup.

  The first reaction after food poisoning is often abdominal discomfort. Those who are poisoned will initially feel abdominal distension, some patients will soon have abdominal pain, and some will have acute diarrhea.

Nausea is also associated with abdominal discomfort and subsequent vomiting.

  Food poisoning is caused by both individual and group poisoning.

The symptoms are mainly nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea, often accompanied by fever.

Severe vomiting can also cause symptoms such as dehydration, acidosis, and even shock and coma.

  Once someone has symptoms of food poisoning such as vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain, first stop eating suspicious food at the same time, and immediately call the center 120 for help.

Before the ambulance arrives, the following self-rescue measures can be taken: 1. Those who have vomiting have no obvious vomiting soon after poisoning. They can use their fingers, chopsticks, etc. to stimulate the root of their tongue to induce vomiting.Induce vomiting to reduce the absorption of toxins.

  If after a large amount of warm water induces vomiting, when the vomit has become a clearer liquid, an appropriate amount of milk can be added to protect the gastric mucosa.

If bloody fluid is found in vomiting saliva, it may indicate that there may be gastrointestinal or pharyngeal bleeding, and vomiting should be temporarily stopped.

  2, catharsis, if the patient eats poisonous food time complications (such as more than two hours), and the spirit is better, you can use laxatives to promote the toxic food out of the body.

The use of rhubarb and senna leaves for decoction or flushing with boiling water can achieve catharsis.

  3. If detoxification is caused by food poisoning caused by eating deteriorated fish, shrimp, crab, etc., take 100 ml of vinegar, add 200 ml of water, and take it once after replacement.

In addition, 30 grams of perilla and 10 grams of raw licorice may be used.

  If you eat a spoiled preservative or drink by mistake, the best first aid is to infuse fresh milk or other protein-containing drinks.

  After food poisoning, we should not panic. We should go to the hospital in time to report the situation to the doctor and explain what poisoning we eat, so that the doctor can test based on the food, so that we can know what the patient is poisoned, so that the doctor can facilitate the treatment.!!

I hope this kind of suggestion can be used by readers!

  4. Retaining food samples Because it is determined that the poisoning substance is for the treatment, after the food poisoning occurs, the food sample causing the poisoning should be stored for the hospital to test.

If there is no food sample nearby, the patient’s vomit and feces can also be kept for the doctor’s diagnosis and treatment.

  Of course, this emergency treatment is only for the treatment of acute food poisoning. After the emergency treatment, patients should immediately enter the hospital for treatment.

At the same time pay attention to the food that causes poisoning, brake doctor to determine the poisoning substance.

  5. When the patient has the typical symptoms of food poisoning such as vomiting, diarrhea, tongue coating and limb numbness, dyskinesia (1).

To prevent suffocation caused by sudden death, the patient should lie on his side for easy vomiting.


During vomiting, do not let the patient drink water or eat food, but rehydrate immediately after vomiting stops.


Take a sample of vomit and stools and check with your doctor.


Such as abdominal pain and hypertension, a supine sleeping position with knee flexion can help relieve abdominal muscle tension.


The abdomen covers blankets to keep them warm, which helps blood circulation.

  6. When your face turns blue, sweats cold, and your pulse is weak, you should be taken to the hospital immediately. Beware of shock symptoms. Generally speaking, symptoms occur within a short time of eating, which is often severe poisoning.

Children and the elderly are highly sensitive and should be treated as soon as possible.

Food poisoning causes toxic shock and can be life threatening.

17 toxic daily necessities endanger your health

17 toxic daily necessities endanger your health

1. Air freshener.

hzh{display:none;}  空气清新剂大多含有苯酚。After being inhaled by the human body, it can cause dyspnea and headaches and irritate the eyes.

After contact with the skin, it may also cause peeling and cause measles.

  Alternatives: Freshen the air with natural methods, such as growing potted plants or placing grapefruit peel.

  2. Bleaching agents Most bleaching agents contain a chemical called sodium hypochlorite.

It is very corrosive and emits irritating and toxic gases. Excessive exposure may cause damage to the lungs and hair.

Bleaching agents and ammonia products (often used in household cleaners) are particularly dangerous to use at the same time because chemical reactions occur twice and chlorine is released.

  Alternative: For some stains that are difficult to clean, you can wipe with lemon repeatedly.

  3. Artificial carpets Most of artificial carpets contain organic compounds, and long-term contact may cause allergic diseases.

  Alternative: Buy carpets made of natural fibers such as wool and cotton.

  4. Dishwashing liquid and washing powder Dishwashing liquid and washing powder contain sodium carbonate and phosphate, which can easily cause allergic reactions.

  Alternative: Use phosphate-free products.

  5. Electrical appliances Many electrical appliances, such as televisions, computers and electric blankets, usually contain bromine flame retardants.

Bromine flame retardants are released into the air, may be inhaled by the human body, and are not easily discharged from the body.

At present, bromine flame retardants have been shown to cause abortion in rats and have been replaced in European countries such as Sweden.

  Alternatives: Use hot water bottles instead of electric blankets; move appliances out of the bedroom to avoid inhaling bromine flame retardants while sleeping.

  6, cleaning powder Many cleaning powders used to clean glass windows contain special ammonia odor.

This can irritate and corrode the skin, causing eye and lung discomfort.

Prolonged contact with ammonia will cause liver damage.

  Alternative: Use two tablespoons of vinegar, mix with one liter of hot water, and wipe the glass with a cloth dampened.

  7. Hair dye Hair dye can be absorbed into the body through the scalp.

Earlier, the European Commission banned 22 chemicals for hair dyeing.

  Alternative: Believe that nature is beauty.

  8. Campfire stoves Dioxins can be produced at home.

A study by the University of Leuven, Belgium showed that teenagers who regularly use a campfire have much smaller plasma pills or breasts than teenagers in other regions.

  Alternative: Avoid making bonfires at home.

  9, nickel-containing jewelry Nickel-containing jewelry, jewelry may cause contact dermatitis.

  Alternative: Minimize jewelry made of gold or platinum.

  10. Toilet cleaners Toilet cleaners usually contain naphthalene.

This toxic substance can irritate the skin, eyes and respiratory tract.

When inhaled in large quantities, human liver and kidneys are damaged.

  Alternative: Pour 250 ml of white vinegar into the bowl and brush it the next day.

Massage face-lifting method makes the face more thin and thinner

Massage face-lifting method makes the face more thin and thinner

Guide: In the modern, thin and beautiful, the big face is interrupted by many beauty lovers, the face is relatively large, except through plastic surgery to solve.

Is there a way to achieve face-lift without using a knife?

The following small series recommend this massage face-lifting method for everyone, as long as you usually do more exercises, and massage in place, the face-lift effect is some.

Let’s take a look at the detailed face-lifting massage steps.

  Removing the excess meat under the ear is the part of the nerve that transmits signals from the brain to the face. Doing more massage can make the lines of the face more firm and soft.

  1. Use your forefinger and middle finger to extend the underside of the earlobe and turn it 12 times in the forward and reverse directions.

  2. Pinch the muscles under the mandible with your thumb and forefinger and push it 12 times behind the ear.

  3, use your fingertips to push down under the ear and do 12 times.

  Removal of the mandible of the lower jaw is the most sensitive part of the nerve response, often massage to remove excess meat from the lower jaw and face.

  1. Hold the lower jaw with your thumb and forefinger, extend the Lianquan point below the lower jaw, and shake it 12 times.

  2. Pinch the mandibular muscle with the index finger and thumb and stretch it 12 times in the chin.

  3, from the lower jaw to the prevention direction to do massage, a total of 12 times.

  The sacral massage can correct the bone distortion by massage, which makes the blood more smooth and helps to discharge waste and useless aunt.

  1, apply the massage cream with both hands, palms and stickers, rub for dozens of times, so that the palms are hot.

  2, the roots of both hands palms are placed back and forth 6 times in the most prominent part of the humerus.

  3, put your hands on the top of your cheekbones, your mouth slightly open, press the cheekbones for 1 minute.

Xiaobian Message: When you are doing massage and face-lifting, pay attention to the strength of the massage and the exact position of the acupoints to achieve the best results.

What to do after the stiff neck can restore the three major massage methods for rapid treatment

What to do after the stiff neck can restore the three major massage methods for rapid treatment

What to do after the pillow is restored?

The stiff neck is a common symptom in daily life. In the morning, the neck is stiff and the pain is unbearable. This is a stiff neck. The stiff neck affects our life and work. How to quickly treat the stiff neck?

How can I recover from a stiff sleep?

Let’s take a look at it together.

  I don’t know how many friends are safe when they sleep.

It is estimated that there should be very few. According to the latest research, the average person is not very stable after falling asleep.

This kind of instability is actually a manifestation of the functioning of our brains.

But maybe, this is not stable, and many times it will cause our physical discomfort, such as the stiff neck, which is one of the most prone symptoms.

When we have a stiff neck, it is very uncomfortable. Sometimes the neck can’t move at all.

Of course, this is not to say that after the stiff neck, our neck will become unable to move, but after the stiff neck, we are not willing to turn the neck, because a neck will hurt.

So, what can I do after the stiff neck?


Massage method: the patient is seated, the family’s left hand holds the patient’s forehead, the right thumb or the other four fingers (thumb on the left, four fingers on the right) are inserted into the neck after the double ribs, top to bottom or bottom to top 揉 orTake it several times.

Then take the item and the shin bones will move the patient’s head forward, back, left and right, from light to heavy, from slow to fast.

Or the patient’s own thumb is inserted into the same side of the neck, the other four fingers are inserted into the opposite side, from top to bottom, from bottom to top, you can also press the sputum to press the pain point.

Repeated for about 15 minutes, the pain can be relieved quickly.

  2, massage method 2: you can first press with your finger, and put it in the painful part, turn the neck; then the back of the wooden comb, saffron oil or active in the painful part of the scrape, or useThe pin is gently rubbed a few times in the pain; finally, take a hot towel and apply it to the neck. The heat can be tolerated, and the symptoms of the neck can be relieved quickly.


Cupping method: in the most obvious place to shorten the tenderness, replace the tank with the appropriate caliber, about 15 minutes, to alleviate the pain of the stiff neck.

Big Pore Hydrating Astringent Helper_1

Big Pore Hydrating Astringent Toner Help

What to do if the pores at both ends are large, how to condense the pores and keep the skin hydrated and healthy?

The correct use of astringent moisturizing toner is the key to solving skin problems!

Proper use of toner will keep us fresh and refreshing in the coming summer.

Let’s take a look together!

  Toner can sterilize and condition the skin’s pH value, condition the cumulative damage of the tap water (hard water) to the skin, and once again remove the remaining grease, makeup and metals and chlorides in the tap water.

Therefore, lotion is not just a bottle of water, it can re-do a healthy and soft conditioning for the skin, and help the effective absorption of subsequent maintenance ingredients.

  Can I use an alcohol-based toner?

  Experts point out: Alcohol allows to remove the oil secreted by the skin.

  At the same time, it also has antiseptic function, and it also has a sterilizing effect, but to fully achieve this purpose, the concentration of alcohol needs to be as high as 60%?
70%, this proportion is very irritating and harmful to the skin.

Nowadays, there are more and more non-alcoholic lotions, because many of their ingredients are sufficient for the advantages of alcohol but not irritating, especially some plant formulas, you can try it.

  Is there no seasonal difference in the use of toner?

  Experts point out: In fact, it is not just during the season change. Whenever the condition of the skin changes, the corresponding toner should be used alternately.

  Moisturizing toner can be used in winter or when the environment is dry; plant-based astringent toner can be used in summer or when the oil is more vigorous; whitening or hypoallergenic toner can be used in autumn and spring.

For acne or rough keratinous areas, you can use the corresponding toner locally, but it should not be used for a long time.

  Oil control effect lotion is a must-have for spring and summer?

  Expert guidance: oil control toner is not suitable for long-term use, it will change the skin’s natural water and oil balance.

  It is recommended to use it in the T-shaped area, or use oil-control toner during the day, and moisturizing toner at night to give the skin a chance to “gasp”.

  Kiehl’s (Kehl’s) Calendula Botanical Essence Lotion Reference Price: RMB195 / 120ml Gentle and non-alcoholic botanical extract Essence Lotion can effectively balance normal to oily skin.

Complete extraction of Calendula Flower Extract can tighten skin and improve skin.

  Suitable for skin: Neutral-Oily muscle improvement cycle: One month to Internet users feedback: a great water, no alcohol, very gentle.

The calendula petals in the bottle seem very comfortable.

: You can smell a hint of honeysuckle.

I am accustomed to pour out a little bit of lightness and pat on both ends after cleansing in the morning. After absorption, I apply rubbing cream and foundation.

And use it as a mask before going to bed at night, very comfortable and moisturizing.

Although it does not polish to tighten skin and remove acne marks, I insist on using it for a while and find it helpful for fine pores.

One small disadvantage is that it does not last long, so buy a small bottle for freshness, and always keep it in the refrigerator.

  Estee Lauder Exquisite Glow Toner Reference Price: RMB300 / 200ml Helps balance the balance of water and oil in normal and mixed skin.

Extracts from plants such as white hemp, citronella and barberry, which thoroughly cleanse and astringent the skin.

At the same time, it provides sufficient moisturizing power to achieve the ideal state of oil-water balance for normal and mixed skin.

  Suitable for skin: neutral, mixed muscle improvement cycle: 3-4 weeks Netizen feedback: This water has been used, after washing the face, use a cotton pad to pat the lotion on the face. I usually use foundation, and every time I remove and washAfter that, I used this lotion to clean it thoroughly, and the cotton pad could still bring out the clean makeup.

The cleaning power is really good.

My large pores have improved a lot.

It is very good in summer. I have oily skin, and I don’t feel dry in winter.

  Clarins Purifying Toner Reference Price: RMB260 / 200ml Suitable for skin: Blend, oily muscle improvement cycle: 3-4 weeks Non-alcoholic, plant-based toner that can make mixed and oily skin feel fresh and complete the cleansing steps.
Gently removes remaining marks from the cleansing milk.

Invigorate your skin and make your race clear and transparent.

Leaves skin soft, comfortable and radiant.
  Feedback from netizens: Sucker green water has always been famous, and my heart has been in the grass for a long time. I caught up with a friend’s trustee to purchase it.

Very good, fragrant, does not contain alcohol, making paper film works very well and is not irritating.

It is very refreshing and comfortable to use in summer, and it must be used with this lotus oil in winter, otherwise it is not enough to moisturize.

The convergence effect is still very obvious, like one!

The many benefits of tennis for women

The many benefits of tennis for women

Tennis is an aerobic and anaerobic exercise, so tennis can be changed so that people who want to exercise can be satisfied in different parts: those who want to exercise can get a coordinated whole body exercise by playing tennis. Take a bath after playing for a dayThe fatigue of work is gone, followed by appetite and sleepiness; I hope that KEEPFIT for weight loss and bodybuilding, tennis will consume your excess aunt and make your body perfect. Experiments show that 2 months after you start playing tennis, Weight has been greatly reduced, and then slowly lose weight until it is balanced, so tennis is the most effortless way to lose weight.

  Tennis can be played or can be indoors, so as long as you like this sport and are willing to engage in it for a long time, you can play it at almost any time.

On sunny days, go out with three or five golfers to play, bask in the sun, and chat; in case the weather is bad, it rains or it is too hot and cold, it does n’t matter if you get addicted to the ball, it costs a little to go to the indoor court.Can save the urgent need.

  You can dry him for 3 hours at a time, or dial 1 hour and a half hours, and leave after the call.

Unlike professional fitness, which requires you to have a fixed schedule every day, tennis is mainly leisure. As long as you don’t touch the tempo for a month, the fitness effect is as good.

Fourteen Diamond Jumping Diamonds in the Workplace

Fourteen Diamond Jumping Diamonds in the Workplace

1. Online job hunting is especially important for those companies that advertise online on the job day and night.

These companies are usually divided into two categories: one is the garbage company, such as some ulterior motives insurance companies, intermediary companies, and so on.

The type of company is for the purpose of obtaining your personal resources and personal information.

The second category is some small and well-known companies, but because the employment conditions are harsh and the salary costs do not match their harsh requirements, so they recruit people all year round, but they can’t always recruit people who are satisfied with them.

There are also some well-known companies that, for the purpose of advertising, recruit people for fools, a run-down position can be placed online for a year or two.

  2. Carefully choose a headhunting company.

  3. Companies that only send you emails without calling you for interviews must be ignored.

It’s usually some junk company that doesn’t have the ability to meet your basic requirements.

They are not sure they can afford you, so even the telephone bill is waived.

  4. The company that asked you where to go for an interview on the first few days of the month must reject it immediately.

Because when you look there, a bunch of young graduates who have just graduated 2 or 3 years are crawling on the table and filling in their resumes.

The result of your competition with these people is that your salary is at most twice as high as them, which is 5,000 or 6,000 days.

So how should we answer?

Tell the personnel manager that I’m not free. I only have a few minutes in the afternoon on Mo Yue. If not, I don’t have to go. I waste time. It must be a low-level position.

  5. The company that allows you to bring a good academic degree certificate for the first interview, do not go, because you do n’t need to ask, it is definitely a low-level position.

  6. Before going to the company for an interview, you must ask who is interviewing you. If you do not know the general manager or deputy general manager to meet you, then I advise you to immediately reject this position.

Because if you are a middle-ranking cadre with a low rank, then your position must be a low-ranking rank.

In a word, the pigs were dressed up and showed the pigs, spending money and wasting time.

  7. Companies that let you fill out a bunch of forms as soon as you enter the door must leave immediately.

Because this is a common tactic for recruiting middle and low-level employees, especially for companies that like to produce some shit test papers, don’t waste time with them.

In addition, in order to get the job, it is impossible for the applicant to answer such test papers according to his real situation, a pile of waste paper, and the recruited person does not understand personnel management at all.

  8. Don’t go to the talent market to find a job. High-end jobs are not sold on the vegetable market.

  9. If the company’s city is far from you and you need an airplane, be sure to ask whether the company will be reimbursed or not.

Companies that do not reimburse if they are reimbursed are advised not to take the risk.

Even if you were eliminated by nine out of ten interviewees, you will still find the company’s benefits to be extremely poor.

Hard lesson, remember not to try again.

  10. To know the overall appearance and quality of a company, please pay attention to the appearance of the personnel of the personnel department, especially the quality of the personnel manager is often a microcosm of the overall quality of the company.

If the personnel manager who welcomes you is more enthusiastic and courteous, then the company’s work situation is generally better. If the personnel manager is more indifferent or not very polite, then the company’s colleagues tend to be more cruel and indifferent.

  11. Don’t try to work with Singapore or Taiwan bosses, otherwise you just wait to try to accept the destruction and distortion.

  12, pay attention to Hr’s occupational diseases, almost every HR has voyeurism and paranoia.

  13. The last and most important one. The 12-year job-hopping experience shows that better Chinese companies and foreign companies that are far away are increasingly overcoming the life-long employment system of Japanese companies, that is, refusal to switch jobs and the flow of talent.

All HRs have a stubborn and perverted mind: he does not want to be your first budding man, but strongly hopes to be your second employer and is used by the first employer in this fieldAfter 5 to 8 years, you also want to be your last employer.

Therefore, HR often harbors a strong prejudice and concern about your job-hopping experience, and the research interest in your reason for job-hopping is almost abnormal.

So, for some job seekers, the best option is not to change jobs.

Or at least 5 working in one unit?
8 years to consider changing jobs, and as a pair of 5?
In return for the accumulation of 8 years of experience, the salary should often be doubled, otherwise you are selling yourself cheaply.

This is the secret of double salary.
  14. Finally, I wish you all double your salary and double it in your career!

Mulberry Honey Soup Can Help Candidates

Mulberry Honey Soup Can Help Candidates

Candidates may experience symptoms such as dizziness, headache, insomnia, and loss of appetite because they are too tired to review their homework or are too nervous.

These symptoms will be alleviated to some extent if taken with diet therapy.

The author introduces some soup, soup and porridge dietary methods for the reference of parents who are “fueling” candidates.

  Walnut longan sesame soup 500 grams of walnut meat, longan meat, 125 grams each of sesame seeds are added into a pot with the right amount of sugar, smashed, and bottled. Take 1 spoon of boiling water each morning and evening.

It is not suitable for people with bowel movements.

  Chrysanthemum jujube and longan soup 4 white chrysanthemums, 2 grams of jujube kernels (ground), 4 longan (shelled, cored), put them together in a cup, brew with boiling water, and adjust the honey to a spoonTang Daicha and drink longan meat.

Intestinal diarrhea should be used with caution.

  Lotus seed lily meat soup 250 grams of pork lean meat, washed and cut into small pieces, washed lotus seeds, lily 50 grams each, add a pot of water, add rice wine, ginger, salt, cook until the meat is rotten, lotus seedsCrisp and take on an empty stomach.

Wind cold sputum cough is less used.

  Apple fragrant Gui Gui apples, bananas, longan, each amount, peeled apples, kernels and chopped, peeled bananas, remove meat and diced, peel longan shells, pit, add a pot of water and boil, and pour an appropriate amount of wet starchStir well, season with sugar, and take on an empty stomach in the morning, twice a week.

Those who poop will eat less.

  Mulberry honey soup 100g fresh mulberry, washed, twisted juice, put the juice in a small pot, boiled with simmering heat, slowly add 25g of honey, cool and bottle.

Take 1 spoon each morning and evening, and wash the soup with boiling water.

Stomach cold, it is not appropriate for those who have diarrhea.

  Black Sesame Rice Porridge 30 grams of black sesame fried and ground, 100 grams of rice before, add boiled porridge.

It can be taken by those who are weak, dizzy, tinnitus, and constipated.

  Lily rock sugar porridge 30 grams of lily, 30 grams of rock sugar, rice, glutinous rice 50 grams each, add water to cook porridge.

Taking this porridge can nourish yin and lower fire, cure neurasthenia, upset and sleepless, and dream more.