Did you choose the right medicated diet-

Did you choose the right medicated diet?

Walking on the streets of the city, the medicated diet has quietly turned into a meal for some people. Many businesses have launched the sign of medicated supplements.

Yeah, it ‘s not only delicious food but also good health!

However, there are also many people who are sick because of improper diet.

  Medicinal diet should not be taken casually, as the name suggests, it is a dish on the table of people.

Among the more than 4,000 commonly used Chinese medicines, there are 500 kinds that can be used as medicinal ingredients, of which about 60 are safe and delicious.

  With regard to the problem of medicated diet, too many people are blindly taking care of it now, and what should or should not be eaten-in fact, the knowledge of taking medicated diet is so great that not everyone can do it, and not everyone is suitable for it.

Take the three common medicated diets of Astragalus stewed chicken, pineapple chicken slices, and rock sugar lotus seeds, which are very particular about eating.

Astragalus stewed chicken is eaten in spring, pineapple chicken is a summer dish, and rock sugar lotus seeds are best eaten in autumn.

There are no seasons, and the three dishes are very different.

Pineapple chicken slices, rock sugar lotus seeds are allowed to be consumed by yin and yang and healthy people, while stewed chicken with astragalus is a medicinal diet to enhance immunity.

  Indeed, the traditional Chinese medicated diet is by no means a simple addition of food and traditional Chinese medicine, but is a kind of refined medicine, food and seasoning, which is made of three drugs, food and seasoning under the guidance of the theory of syndrome differentiation of traditional Chinese medicine.We can provide special foods for preventing and curing diseases and strengthening life.

  Home medicated diet is relatively safe. As the commonly used medicinal diet in the family, the so-called “medicine and food homology”, commonly used Gastrodia elata, ginseng, Eucommia ulmoides, Poria, angelica, ginseng, Chenpi, pearl powder, Cordyceps, Cassia, Asparagus, cloves, Astragalus, Baiji, Codonopsis, Chinese wolfberry, licorice, Ophiopogon antlerii, yam, yam, ganoderma lucidum, Shouwu, etc. These herbs are mainly botanicals and can be bought in some pharmacies.

  These “medicinal and food homologous” Chinese medicines are compatible with food and need to follow the theory of traditional Chinese medicine when applied, otherwise errors or effects will also occur.

  Of course, some medicinal diets have already entered the homes of ordinary people. It is not harmful to eat some, and it is especially beneficial to health.

Such as vegetarian fried lily (clearing lungs and coughing), chrysanthemum tea (clearing heat and clearing eyes), longan porridge (spleen and strengthening kidney), hawthorn cake (eliminating blood and nourishing blood), red bean porridge (spleen and detoxifying), mung bean porridge (clearing heat and diuretic)and many more.

These medicated meals can be eaten by ordinary people, and can be eaten by people with various diseases.

  Master the basic principles of medicated diet. Medicated diet is different from ordinary diet. When applying it, we must pay attention to the taste of traditional Chinese medicine, the contraindications of medicated diet, the selection and processing of food, and the cooking techniques. We must also master the basic principles of medicated diet.


Focusing on the whole, dialectical feeding is generally considered to be warm and hot traditional Chinese medicine, such as ginger, shallots, red dates, walnuts, mutton, cumin, etc., which have the effects of warming, dispersing cold, and helping the sun, and can treat cold syndrome, Yin card; and cold, cold dietary Chinese medicine, such as mung bean, coriander, watermelon, pear, coriander, purslane, chrysanthemum, etc., have heat-clearing, purging fire, cooling blood, detoxifying effect, can be used to treat heat syndrome, Yang Zheng.

  As far as the five flavors are concerned, sour dietary Chinese medicines (such as ume, pomegranate, etc.) can converge and astringent; bitter dietary Chinese medicines (such as bitter gourd, almonds) can clear heat, lower gas, purging fires, and dryness; sweet dietary Chinese medicines (such as jujube,Honey, caramel) can nourish, reconcile, relieve pain and analgesic; traditional Chinese medicine (such as ginger, green onion) has a function of divergence and qi; salty traditional Chinese medicine (such as seaweed, kelp, etc.) can soften and loosen; light traditional Chinese medicine (Such as Poria, Coix Seed, etc.) can penetrate urine.


The medicine is delicious, and it is convenient to take the medicated cooking. It is mainly “stewed, boiled, braised, steamed”, and finally it can be a “soup.” In this way, the active ingredients of the medicine and food can be released during the heating process of time.And enhance efficacy.


The medicinal materials are preferred, and the medicinal materials prepared by scientific cooking must be fresh and high-quality. Anything that is spoiled or moldy cannot be eaten.

  Good medicated diet must pay attention to cooking techniques.

Generally, traditional Chinese medicine without harmful odor can be cooked with food. If the medicine is dissolved or has an obvious bad smell, the medicine can be wrapped with gauze and cooked with food. The medicinal properties enter the food or soup. Guide when takingDrug residue removal.


Appropriate amount and constant, some targeted “diet and diet” is an important health care principle of traditional Chinese medicine, medicine treatment should also be appropriate and moderate.

Do not eat too much in the short term, do not rush to achieve success.

Should be based on your own situation, often take a small amount, perseverance, will be effective over time.

Things to note in winter fitness

Things to note in winter fitness

Life lies in exercise, and a lot of it has been implemented. I get up and exercise every day of the year.

However, there are still many diseases, especially in the winter, and many people are sick due to sports.

What is the reason for this?

Mainly because many people do not consider the reasons for the season, what problems should you pay attention to in winter sports?

  What should I pay attention to in winter sports?

  1, the action should be moderate, soothing action jittery, hard.

The weather is cold in winter. During the exercise, the action is fierce and hard, and it is easy to cause symptoms such as hypertension, arteriosclerosis, and spinal bone hyperplasia.

And the action is too hard and too violent, and it is easy to be injured.

  2. Exercise without masks. The weather is cold in winter. Some people, especially the elderly, wear masks to exercise because they are afraid of cold and colds.

This is because the mask blocks the nose, which is not conducive to the need for increased ventilation during exercise, hinders the smooth progress of breathing, affects the inhalation of oxygen, and causes hypoxia.

It causes discomfort such as belching, chest tightness, and rapid heartbeat.

  3. Don’t breathe in the wind. Because of the cold winter weather, the human body inhales a large amount of cold air during exercise, which will cause bad stimulation to the breathing, digestion and other organs, which will induce and aggravate the diseases of breathing and digestion.

  4. Preparatory activities are sufficient. In winter, the temperature is low. Some people, especially the elderly, have slow blood circulation at the extremities, elasticity of ligaments, bending and joint distortion.Injury accident.

  5. Don’t eat cold winter weather immediately after morning exercise. Many people have eaten hot food immediately after the exercise, in order to ensure the range of the body.

However, I don’t know the consequences of vomiting blood and blood in the stool.

Each of the seven types of female health care has its own soup

Each of the seven types of female health care has its own “soup”

Cordyceps militaris, a female Cordyceps militaris who has poor sleep and dark skin, drinks with the old turtle, has the effects of strengthening the spleen, soothe the nerves, and whitens the skin. It is a suitable supplement for white-collar women in all seasons.
  The spleen and stomach are not strong, and the anger is very strong. The female with a pea-faced face is an old turtle of Poria cocos, which clears heat and detoxifies, and strengthens the spleen and stomach. If you urinate red, then drink this soup.
Poria cocos has a strong flavor, so it should be covered by seasoning when cooking, which is also a good way to check the cooking skills.
  Females who are too busy and stressed to work with American ginseng turtles-Compared to ginseng, American ginseng is mild in nature and suitable for more people tonic, and it is suitable for all seasons. The tonic effect of turtles is well known.
This soup is especially suitable for those white-collar women who are busy with work and overstressed, and can nourish qi and nourish yin, clear fire and eliminate annoyance, and nourish the stomach.
  Female Cordyceps militaris with dry lungs and cough and phlegm in autumn and winter-the main role is to nourish the lungs and nourish the kidney, stop bleeding and reduce phlegm, but Chinese medicine pays attention to the coldness of duck meat, so it is more suitable for summer consumption.
However, it should be noted that people with cold spleen and stomach and stomach ulcers are best not to eat it, so as not to be counterproductive.
  Winter coughing and shortness of breath female female Bawanghua ribs soup-Qinghuo lungs, qi, can be eaten often.
  Irregular menstruation, women with rough skin red dates and black chicken soup-red dates have been a good product for nourishing blood since ancient times, and black chicken is more beneficial to Qi and nourishing yin, especially suitable for female friends.
  Gastrodia milk pigeon soup for females with stress headache——Gastrodia is particularly effective for headaches, dizziness and numbness of the limbs, while young pigeons are rich in nutrition and smooth in texture, so they are favored by female friends who are over-exposed.
  It is not suitable to use soup tonic when drinking soup for colds. Even mild American ginseng is best not to be taken because these greasy soups tend to worsen cold symptoms.
  Women are suitable to supplement the warm soup before the holiday. Do not cause excessive menstrual blood because of excessive supplementation.
  These soups with therapeutic effects need to be drunk frequently to work, it is advisable to 2-3 times a week.
  Precautions for making soup: If you want to cook a pot of soup at home and let your family share the food and happiness, you also need to pay attention to the following: 料 Selection of materials: It is best to choose ginseng, angelica, wolfberry,Astragalus yam, lily, lotus seed material.
  In addition, you can choose a mild soup according to your physical condition.
If the body is strong, you can choose Chinese herbal medicines such as mung beans, kelp, winter melon, lotus seeds, etc .; if the body is too cold, you should choose ginseng as soup.
  Water temperature: The meat in cold water will not immediately solidify the protein in the outer layer of the meat, the protein in the inner and outer layers can be fully dissolved in the soup, and the taste of the soup is delicious.
  Feeding: The meat should be simmered first to remove the residual blood and water in the meat. It can also remove part of the fat to avoid fatness and ensure that the soup has a good color.
The whole chicken should be cooked in a pot to ensure that the chicken meat is fine and not rough after the soup is cooked.
In addition, do not put salt prematurely. Salt will make the water contained in the meat run out quickly, and it will also accelerate the solidification of the protein and affect the umami taste of the soup.
When making fish soup, first fry both sides of the fish with oil, the skin of the fish will be knotted, it will not break easily, and it will not have a fishy smell.
  Heat: Do not overheat the fire. The heat depends on the boiling level of the soup.
After the pan is boiled, cook on low heat for about three hours.
Because the ginseng contains a kind of ginsenoside, if it is cooked for too long, it will decompose and lose its nutritional value. Therefore, the best time to cook ginseng soup is about 40 minutes.
  Time: The nutrients in the soup are mainly amino acids. If the heating time is too long, new substances will be produced and the nutrition will be destroyed. Generally, fish soup is about 1 hour, chicken soup and pork rib soup are about 3 hours, so it is not the time to cook.越久越好唷  煲过汤的肉料处理:无论煲汤的时间有多长,肉类的营养也不能完全溶解在汤里,所以喝汤后还要吃适量的肉。

Ways and habits for workplace success

Ways and habits for workplace success

Make an agreement with yourself and create more opportunities to show yourself: show your strengths.

Use your own strengths at least daily.

  Show your energy.

Create a day, 100% committed to what to do.

  Show your language.

Find out the day, use only positive language, and therefore influence people around you.

  Show your tolerance.

Discover the day and ignore the mistakes made by others.

  Show your gifts.

No reason is needed to give a person a gift.

  Maybe it does n’t suit your style, but find a way to show yourself, and do n’t repeat the opportunity that no one gives you a chance.

In your own way, start now.

  Ten Fatal Mistakes of Unlucky Staff Here are ten of the strongest self-destructive work habits summarized by TechRepublic, everyone should take caution: 1.

Successful people without a life plan have their own goals, whether in their minds or on paper, and take them out from time to time for reference.


If the skills are not in the times, we must live to learn the old.


If you don’t work hard, you won’t be recognized without results.


Effectiveness may not be effective. Those who believe that email can replace other communication methods often make this mistake.

Communication with people requires efficiency, and more effective.


Think of yourself as irreplaceable. Once you start to feel that a certain job is not done by you, no one is far away from your stardom.


People who think they know everything successfully have a total interest in something new, rather than posing as if they knew everything.


The people around you who only tell you nice losers always want to hear how smart they are.

Successful people know how to listen to negative opinions.


The loser who misappropriates the credit of others is always anxious to take all the honor as his own.


It is one thing not to improve oneself to see credit, but not to let others see their own strengths and achievements is another matter.


In addition to the ability to see things comprehensively, in addition to doing well on one’s own, you should always refer to other people’s opinions and obtain a variety of perspectives to make progress.

  If you still don’t want to be fired by your boss, it is best not to have the following problems: Ignore the expectations of others.

It is not for you to be obedient, but you must establish your own value in this group.

  Work only for money.

Staring at the clock every day only ruins myself.
  Trail News Dissemination Center.
Those who are keen on gossip always get what they deserve.

  Always missed the deadline.

You are a member of the group, and if you don’t do well, it will drag everyone down.

  Don’t do business at work.

Make endless phone calls, chats, surf the Internet, and blog, and you’ll soon be able to go home and do this full-time.

  On the other hand, if you are really like this, you should probably think about whether you are doing what you like to do now, and maybe change your job to get you back.

Common method for treating lumbar spondylolisthesis!

Common method for treating lumbar spondylolisthesis!

Although there are many methods to treat lumbar spondylolisthesis, in fact, not every lumbar spondylolisthesis treatment method is suitable for every lumbar spondylolisthesis.
How to treat lumbar spondylolisthesis should also look at the etiology and symptoms of patients with lumbar spondylolisthesis.
  Only by understanding these two points can we have a good therapeutic effect on the treatment of lumbar spondylolisthesis.
Let’s introduce some of the indications for the treatment of lumbar spondylolisthesis. Knowing the indications for the treatment of lumbar spondylolisthesis, I believe you will know how to treat lumbar spondylolisthesis.
  Patients with mild spondylolisthesis without obvious unstable symptoms may be treated non-surgically.
Such as lumbar support or wearing waist protection, back muscle exercise, physical therapy braking, traction, etc., can reduce symptoms and prevent further development of spinal spondylolisthesis.
Especially children and adolescents with simple pedicle fracture can achieve better results.
For acute isthmus fractures, if they can be diagnosed early, most of them can heal by braking.
Elderly patients can use this method.
Orthopedic experts at Beijing Heng’an Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine believe that if the spondylolisthesis is severe or gradually worsens, the symptoms are obvious, and those who fail to undergo strict non-surgical treatment need surgery.
  I. Surgical treatment 1.
适应症  (1)持续腰背痛,经非手术治疗3个月以上无效者;   (2)伴有椎管狭窄及持续性神经受压者;  (3)年龄在50岁以下,无严重的心肺Disease, diabetes and osteoporosis; (4) those with SSR ≥ 30%.
Principles of surgery ① Reduction of spondylolisthesis, recovery of the physiological curvature of the lumbosacral segment, stabilization of the spine through bone graft fusion, elimination of shear forces, and prevention of further development of the detachment; ②Relief of compression on nerve roots.
  二、非手术治疗  适应症  (1)椎弓崩解症状轻微者,或虽有轻度滑脱但无明显症状者;  (2)病情初次发作,病程较短者;  (3)60岁以上老年人Patients with mild spondylolisthesis, asymptomatic or mild low back pain, without surgery; (4) SSR <30%.

What are the best dietary prescriptions for tuberculosis?

What are the best dietary prescriptions for tuberculosis?

Tuberculosis can be conditioned by the diet, and the correct diet plan can use the auxiliary effect for the treatment of tuberculosis.

Therefore, I have taken stock of the dietary prescriptions of tuberculosis for everyone. I hope it will be helpful to you . 1 bone duck soup, 20 duck bones, 3 slices of ginger, seasoning.

Remove and mix the old duck with hair, wash, and cut into pieces; put the remaining medicine cloth bag into the pot, add an appropriate amount of water and cook until the old duck is cooked, remove the medicine bag, season and take it.

It can nourish yin and moisturize the lungs, cool blood and cough, and is suitable for pulmonary tuberculosis rupture of lung and yin, dry cough, short cough, sometimes blood in sputum, and hot hands and feet.

  Ho’s lungs have square pig ears, messy hair, lime trees, and white wood.

First of all, pour all of He’s Feifang Recipe into a casserole, and then add water 2000?
3000ml, soak for 5 minutes and start cooking. Remember to boil over high heat and then cook for 30 minutes on low heat.

Take it early, middle, and half an hour after dinner. It is suitable for tuberculosis.

  Hundred of three hundred boy chickens, honey lily, white pupa, mother-of-pearl, 30 grams each day, one boy chicken.

Wrap the medicinal cloths, remove the chickens from the hair, apply the medicines to the chicken belly, simmer in the heat, remove the dregs, and eat the chicken soup, once a week. March is a course of treatment for 2-3 consecutive courses.

It can nourish lungs and nourish sperm, and is suitable for cavitary tuberculosis.

  Two stewed young pigeons (about 600 grams), 100 grams each of yam, ginkgo, 30 grams of shiitake mushrooms, and 10 grams of Chinese wolfberry.

After suffocating the young pigeon, remove the feet, wingtips, add water to the boiling water pot, remove and rinse, and cut the yam into small hob pieces; shampoo the hair and wash.

Take 500 grams of chicken broth, place in the pot, add ginkgo, yam, shiitake mushrooms, wolfberry, baby pigeon and spring onion, ginger slices, cooking wine, refined salt, monosodium glutamate and other condiments, steam in the cage for about 2 hours, remove the onion, gingerServe, 1-2 doses per week.

It can be used for tonifying deficiency, nourishing the lungs and reducing fire, and is suitable for tuberculosis, dry cough, less phlegm, red eyes, red eyes, hot hands and feet.

  Plantain pig lung soup: 60 grams of banana flower, 250 grams of pork lung, 3 slices of ginger, seasoning.

Wash the pork lungs, cut into pieces, place in a pot, add water to boil, remove the foam, lower the banana flowers, ginger and seasonings, cook until the pork lungs are ripe, and then salt and MSG.

It can nourish yin and clear heat, clear gold and reduce fire, and is suitable for tuberculosis, yin deficiency and fire, coughing, sputum yellow thick, sputum injection sticky, hemoptysis, bright red, five upset fever, night sweats, etc.

Four Nos for Hypertension Patients

“Four Nos” for Hypertension Patients

The National Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival are over half, and it is a good time to relax and relax.
For the holidays, you must eat and drink in moderation.
People with high blood pressure should make reasonable arrangements for holiday life and achieve the “four nos”.
  1、吃不要油腻 节日饭菜比平时相对要多脂、多油、多甜,加上节日里居家时间多,活动少,消化功能会受到较大的影响而降低,饮食还是要保持低脂、低Oil, low salt, and low calories. A full meal is good for your health.
  2、喝不要太猛 饮酒不是坏习惯,“无酒不成席”是老百姓的习俗,少喝慢饮,和血行气,能增添节日气氛,但最好不要劝酒,更不要灌酒,一人喝醉The whole table was disappointed.
Drinking too much or drinking too much can hurt your spleen and stomach.
Poor quality alcohol and spirits have greater damage to the cardiovascular system and must be prevented.
  3、玩不要当真 亲朋好友相聚,免不了会要摆上一桌“棋牌之战”,千万要牢记只能把它作为娱乐消遣,桌上输赢,不必当真,切勿为此而怒发冲冠,或闷闷不乐, Feeling bad.
Prolonged table entertainment has already caused an increase in blood pressure, such as mood swings, the harm is even greater.
  4. Don’t be thrilled. Let’s celebrate the holiday season. When old friends meet and talk about the past, they will often gushed. This state is very unfavorable for patients with hypertension.
If you talk for 20 minutes continuously, the blood pressure may increase by about 10%. The higher the basic blood pressure, the greater the increase; the more excited the emotion, the more obvious the change in blood pressure.

Six things women can’t have in love

Six things women can’t have in love

Women in love are blind.

I always thought that if I tolerate more in love, sacrifice can change him, but often it is not satisfactory.

Today, I will tell you about seven kinds of psychology that women cannot have in love. Let ‘s take a look.

  Happiness speaks a few times and changes will come true “We are very happy” “We are very good” “He is good to me”, these are the exclusive lines of happy little women.

Unfortunately, if he really doesn’t love you that much, repeating these lines daily will not only be a happy little woman, although he can maintain a happy image.

You know, these are really two things.

  If you chase after yourself, you will not run away. If you work hard and defeat many competitors and chase him, it means that your vision can stand the test. Presumably, you are also the one who chooses from the left and right.

So you think, after experiencing a lot of hardened exchanges, natural feelings are better than Jin Jian, and everyone is convinced.

So take “happily ever after” to hypnotize yourself, but unfortunately you ignore it. The difference between reality and a fairy tale book is: Prince Charming will change his heart.

  With a child, he can be fastened. Not every man wants to be a dad, even if he whispers that he wants more children.

Too many mistresses, after the grandmother gave birth to a child, she still could not be a big wife, and even worse, she had to pay for her maintenance, and even went to court to test the DNA and fight a paternity test.

The succession of the heirloom is complete, you are promoted to be a mother, and he may not be willing to be a father.

  You can hold him back without a child. Well, you think in your heart that men love love and hate children, so it is better to not have children according to his intentions.

The truth is, no matter if you have children, no matter how obedient or obedient, he is not interested in you: you are just busy.

  When eachother eats a meal, he says he loves you, “I only love you if I don’t love rivers and mountains,” even if we are against the world at the same time.

This is so touching . anyone will be moved.

Unfortunately, he is not the Duke of Windsor, so what he said is not a seaswiss alliance, and it cannot be taken seriously. It is even more foolish for you to eat eachother.

  Low-key is a special cure for Huaxin. The handsome guy loves everyone, and the handsome guy grabs everyone. When you associate with a handsome guy, of course, you hope everything goes well.

But you have him and you don’t want to live a high-profile day all day.

Yeah, people who happily hang on to their mouths every day have heard a lot of meat!

So you just listen to him and keep a low profile for a long time.

Yeah, and then wait until your low profile is really no good, and there are a few people around him; only you, do n’t know it!

Basic skin care and moisturizing in summer _1

Basic skin care and moisturizing in summer

The “intensity” of sunlight is constantly escalating, making MMs’ skin feel more stressed.

Then, sunscreen, whitening cream, whitening mask.

However, everyone knows that in order to prevent the sun and keep white, you must first do basic skin skills.

  The first step: exfoliating to remove skin dirt. In order to prevent skin tanning, many MMs will buy skin care products containing whitening ingredients for more concentrated and intensive whitening skin care.

However, when your skin is covered with old dead skin cells, no amount of whitening ingredients can be absorbed.

Therefore, hurry up and exfoliate first, to pave the way for your whitening.

  The night is when the speed of the old dead horny is accelerating, so the morning is the perfect time to exfoliate.

MMs can mix scrub particles with cleansing products according to their skin texture and needs, which is gentle and effective.

  If you want to exfoliate thoroughly in one go, you can also choose an exfoliating mask, this method is especially suitable for oily skin MM.

  The second step: hydrating and repairing your skin. You may just use some toner every day as a hydrating skin.

But now the whitening sunscreen war is imminent, these are not enough, why not give the skin a deep and deep hydration?

  Everyone pay attention, the hydration work is particularly suitable for exfoliating, because the pores of the skin were opened at that time, and the hydration essence is easier to enter the inner layer of the skin.

  It is recommended that you apply a paper film that is fully soaked in hydrating and moisturizing essence every day after cleaning your face at night. It is very effective and the price of the paper film is quite cheap.

  But remind everyone to pay attention, hydration is not simply a “shell” thing, external application and internal adjustment are indispensable.

Numerous authoritative studies at home and abroad have shown that waking up in the morning is a time when the human body is relatively dehydrated, so the first thing you should do when you wake up is to drink a large glass of water first, and perform simple and effective hydration “work.”

In addition, may wish to eat more fruits containing vitamin C.

  Step 3: Facial massage to brighten skin tone After the hydration step is completed, if you want to adjust the skin to the best state to resist external damage, then massage for facial detoxification is essential.

Facial massage can promote blood circulation and lymph circulation of the skin, accelerate the discharge of aging and replacement inside the skin, purify the internal environment of the skin, and restore the radiance of the skin.

Experts suggest that you can arrange a massage and detoxification treatment in a beauty salon during a conditional MM festival; or you can also massage yourself to improve skin tone.

  Self-pressing method: Grip your hands into fists and press on the lower edge of the face. “Gently step on, slowly release”-rhythmically massage.

Then gently pinch the ear with both fingers, and press the middle finger lightly on the front of the ear.

Then gently push the forehead, eyes and cheeks toward the ears.

Finally, from both sides of the nose to the lower jaw, gently push the massage to the bottom of the lower jaw.

How do men undress women in sex?

How do men undress women in sex?

How do men undress women in sex?

hzh {display: none; }  做爱是个浪漫的事情,尤其是在前戏中。So how should men undress women?

Some men directly lose women’s clothing as soon as they enter the room. This inevitably leads to a sudden drop in female enthusiasm, so men must pay attention.

  Under the principle of not harming women’s self-respect, we should slowly start to create an atmosphere with gentle kisses.

When preparing to try sex, too many women will hesitate because they care about their own taste.

Some people will take a shower before the date, or before the love, but in the charm of women, it is not easy to ignore the body odor.

Body MSG has the effect of stimulating male instinct.

From your hair, the unique scent of the skin, the body odor produced by mixing with the cosmetics, is not comparable to any kind of perfume.

  His fragrance is stinking, and the body odor from white shirts can make you intoxicated.

So your fascinating scent may be the driving force behind the actions that will inspire him to love further.

In the dance or in the full tram, you will find your body odor and let him recognise your charm again.

  While kissing, caressing the hair, ears, neck, buttocks, with one hand from the waist to the head, clitoris, while the other hand from the flank to the breasts, nipples, slowly forward and forward caress straight oftenPurely sexy to go with.

  At this time, if the hand stops the caress and undresses, it is a matter of killing the scenery.

Therefore, it is still necessary to continue to caress before you can fade your clothes.

For example, touching the breast with one hand and pulling the zipper of the skirt with the other hand.

When kissing the anus from the neck, you can use both hands to remove the hook of her bra.

  You may wish to study how you can not caress your hands, but you can skillfully fade your clothes.

In addition, it is not necessary to take off in order, for example, the hook of the bra can be removed before the shirt is removed, so that the anti-energy gives the woman a more exciting feeling.