[Can you eat mung bean soup when pregnant]_ pregnant women _ impact

[Can you eat mung bean soup when pregnant]_ pregnant women _ impact

Mung bean is a kind of ingredient that many families always prepare. Adding a little mung bean when cooking rice can make the taste of rice more unique and refreshing.

In the hot summer, many families will also make mung bean soup, so as to clear the heat and relieve heat, and facilitate the function of urination, it also has a certain role in the middle and middle areas.

For people who love beauty, eating more mung beans can also nourish and maintain the skin’s best condition.

So for pregnant women, can I eat mung bean soup during pregnancy?

Can pregnant women eat mung bean soup? Mung beans contain essential lysine, which is an important raw material for protein synthesis, which can improve the protein’s ability to transform, thereby improving appetite and digestive function.

Lysine can promote development, improve intelligence, increase height, and gain weight, so it is called nutritional amino acid.

And mung beans have high nutritional value, and the content of protein, calcium, iron and phosphorus are all superior. These have certain effects on promoting and maintaining the body’s life development and various physiological functions.

Mung beans are cool and sweet. Drinking them can relieve heat and quench thirst. Because of its diuretic and gas-releasing properties, mung beans drink after food or drug poisoning can clear the body of toxins.

Traditional medicine believes that: mung bean has a sweet and cold taste, is nontoxic, has heat-clearing and detoxifying effects, relieves heat and quenches thirst, replenishes water and swells, repels eyesight, and has the effect of skin beauty.

Related experiments also show that mung beans may have obvious effects on treating atherosclerosis, reducing plasma in the blood, and protecting the liver.

So, can pregnant women eat snacks?

Can pregnant women eat mung bean soup?

Although pregnant women can drink mung bean soup, pregnant mothers are advised to consider their own physique and consume it in moderation.

After all, mung beans are cold foods, and pregnant women with weak spleen and stomach should not eat more.

Do not eat mung bean food when taking medication, especially warm supplements, to avoid reducing the efficacy.

Uncooked mung bean has a strong fishy taste, and is easy to nausea and vomit after eating.

During the first three months of pregnancy, it is best not to drink mung bean soup, because mung bean soup contains a lot of vitamin A, and then drinking mung bean soup will affect vitamin development.

After three months, the development of food gradually stabilized, and then mung bean soup was ready for drinking.

But you can’t drink without restraint, because mung beans are cold, and some pregnant women who drink too much become physically weak, especially those who are physically weak, and they should pay special attention to it.Cold pain in waist and legs, diarrhea and other symptoms should be fasting mung bean soup.

In summary, pregnant women can drink a small amount, but it is not suitable for long-term drinking.

Mung beans are yin, which is not suitable for those who have a cold spleen and stomach.

Efficacy and function of mung bean soup High temperature in summer, people sweat easily, the loss of water is relatively large, eating a bowl of iced mung bean paste is the most pleasant!

Eating mung bean paste is good for the human body!

So what is the efficacy and role of mung bean paste?

1. Mung bean tastes sweet, cool in nature, and can be used to clear the heat and detoxify the stomach meridians, relieve heat and relieve anxiety, quench the thirst, strengthen the stomach, and promote swelling and swelling;Symptoms such as pimples can be cured by eating a stack of mung bean paste with other drugs!

3, mung bean paste can clear the heat and relieve qi, quench thirst and diuretic, not only can replenish water, but also supplement inorganic salts in time, which is of great significance for maintaining the balance of water-liquid absorption.

4. Mung beans also have a detoxifying effect. In case of organophosphorus pesticide poisoning, lead poisoning, alcohol poisoning or taking the wrong medicine, you can pour a bowl of mung bean soup for emergency treatment before rescue in the hospital, often in a toxic environment or contactPeople with toxic substances should often use mung beans for detoxification and health care!