Basic skin care and moisturizing in summer _1

Basic skin care and moisturizing in summer

The “intensity” of sunlight is constantly escalating, making MMs’ skin feel more stressed.

Then, sunscreen, whitening cream, whitening mask.

However, everyone knows that in order to prevent the sun and keep white, you must first do basic skin skills.

  The first step: exfoliating to remove skin dirt. In order to prevent skin tanning, many MMs will buy skin care products containing whitening ingredients for more concentrated and intensive whitening skin care.

However, when your skin is covered with old dead skin cells, no amount of whitening ingredients can be absorbed.

Therefore, hurry up and exfoliate first, to pave the way for your whitening.

  The night is when the speed of the old dead horny is accelerating, so the morning is the perfect time to exfoliate.

MMs can mix scrub particles with cleansing products according to their skin texture and needs, which is gentle and effective.

  If you want to exfoliate thoroughly in one go, you can also choose an exfoliating mask, this method is especially suitable for oily skin MM.

  The second step: hydrating and repairing your skin. You may just use some toner every day as a hydrating skin.

But now the whitening sunscreen war is imminent, these are not enough, why not give the skin a deep and deep hydration?

  Everyone pay attention, the hydration work is particularly suitable for exfoliating, because the pores of the skin were opened at that time, and the hydration essence is easier to enter the inner layer of the skin.

  It is recommended that you apply a paper film that is fully soaked in hydrating and moisturizing essence every day after cleaning your face at night. It is very effective and the price of the paper film is quite cheap.

  But remind everyone to pay attention, hydration is not simply a “shell” thing, external application and internal adjustment are indispensable.

Numerous authoritative studies at home and abroad have shown that waking up in the morning is a time when the human body is relatively dehydrated, so the first thing you should do when you wake up is to drink a large glass of water first, and perform simple and effective hydration “work.”

In addition, may wish to eat more fruits containing vitamin C.

  Step 3: Facial massage to brighten skin tone After the hydration step is completed, if you want to adjust the skin to the best state to resist external damage, then massage for facial detoxification is essential.

Facial massage can promote blood circulation and lymph circulation of the skin, accelerate the discharge of aging and replacement inside the skin, purify the internal environment of the skin, and restore the radiance of the skin.

Experts suggest that you can arrange a massage and detoxification treatment in a beauty salon during a conditional MM festival; or you can also massage yourself to improve skin tone.

  Self-pressing method: Grip your hands into fists and press on the lower edge of the face. “Gently step on, slowly release”-rhythmically massage.

Then gently pinch the ear with both fingers, and press the middle finger lightly on the front of the ear.

Then gently push the forehead, eyes and cheeks toward the ears.

Finally, from both sides of the nose to the lower jaw, gently push the massage to the bottom of the lower jaw.