[How to pickle green garlic]_How to pickle_How to pickle

[How to pickle green garlic]_How to pickle_How to pickle

Green garlic is fresh garlic, everyone should be familiar with this condiment, and it is very irritating.

There are many ways to eat green garlic. Like many other vegetables, green garlic can be marinated. Fresh garlic is not stored for a long time and can be eaten for a long time after marinating. The method of marinating is also very simple.
So, how to pickle green garlic?

Let’s take a look at the specific method below.

One method of marinating green garlic is as follows: 1. Peel the garlic.

Soak in cold water day and night.

(Remember to change the water twice in the middle) 2. Cut the shallots and the length of the garlic cloves, spare.

3. Carrot, cut and clove-sized segments, spare.

4. Stir the vinegar with an appropriate amount of salt.

5, garlic cloves to control the moisture, and the onion section, carrot section together into the vinegar water, mix well.

Install altar.

(The vinegar water should drown the pickling material a bit) Don’t seal the jar mouth too tightly. This will help the air to enter and pickle the garlic earlier.

(I do n’t know exactly why.

I only know the experience of the older generation of pickling green garlic.

Ha ha, just follow suit!

) After seven to ten days, the garlic cloves turn green and ready to eat!

Method 2 of pickling green garlic 1 Peel and wash the garlic, ready for use 2 Prepare a clean container, preferably glass or porcelain 3 Put the peeled and washed garlic in the container and pour in the fragranceVinegar, be careful not to stay in the container as much as possible. Pour a little bit more vinegar, cover it little by little, and soak it for seven days.