Fun yoga ball for easy thin body

Fun yoga ball for easy thin body

Sphere Yoga is an emerging weight loss exercise for the retina.

Music sounds and dances with colorful soft yoga balls, which can effectively lose weight and resist the fatigue of the day.

Compared with traditional yoga, ball yoga can better exercise the body’s balance, suppleness and coordination of the body. Through full contact between the human body and the ball, it can effectively massage local body muscles to achieve weight loss.

However, using a yoga ball is more difficult for beginners. It takes a certain amount of time to practice and make the huge ball flexible and flexible, which requires more practice.

  The little common sense of yoga ball can fill the ball to eight full, and the ball body is flexible, which is convenient for us to do grip and grasp movements.

  Beginners can practice small balls with the principle of easy control.

Skilled people can practice large balls.

  Stand still and keep your thighs straight.

Exercise your legs to eliminate excess body on the legs and make your body lines more beautiful.

  Raise your hand to grasp the big bamboo style to maintain balance, pay attention to the soles of the feet to firmly grasp the ground.

The effect is to stretch the legs and make the legs more slender.

  The angled legs make a horse-shaped figure, press the ball with both hands, the legs try to relax, the hips are aligned, and the toes are up.

Can tighten thigh muscles, massage the uterus, and improve irregular menstruation.

  The legs of the triangle are separated on the ball, sitting on the top of the fitness ball, the body is bent to the right, and the right hand is placed on the calf or the instep.

The effect is to eliminate the excess aunt measuring waist and arms.

  Single-leg wheels are mainly placed on both hands and legs.

This position can stimulate the balance area of the brain and enhance the body’s balance. It is good for the nervous system, digestive system, heart, blood vessels, respiratory system and glandular system.