What are the most nutritious health wines in the world?


What are the most nutritious health wines in the world?

The first place, mulberry wine: mulberry wine is a new type of pure natural food, using green and environmentally-friendly, whole fruit temperature-controlled fermentation technology to produce high-quality beverages, fruit wine.

Modern research has confirmed that its nutritional value far exceeds that of wine. The content of selenium in trace elements, which has 10 major effects on the treatment and protection of the human heart and immune system, is higher than that of wine.

41 times, the protein is 8 for wine.

44 times, lysine is 9 of wine.

23 times, antioxidants and so on are far more than wine.

It has many beauty and health care effects such as nourishing and nourishing, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, lowering blood fat and blood pressure, softening blood vessels, enhancing immunity and so on.

銆€銆€Second place, wine: A variety of amino acids, minerals and vitamins contained in wine can be directly absorbed by the body.

Therefore, wine can play a good role in maintaining and regulating the physiological functions of the human body.

Especially for the weak, people with sleep disorders and the elderly are better.

銆€銆€Third place, alcoholism: “Compendium of Materia Medica” records: “鏋囨澐 娑?Run five internal organs, there are phlegm and cough, Shengjin Runfei, clearing heat and stomach effect.”

Capsules are sweet and sour, cool, with clear lungs, lungs, cough, and stomach, thirst, qi, stop vomiting, the main upper body, the effect of Shengjin Run five internal organs.

It can cure cough, vomiting blood, dry heat and other symptoms. It can be used to treat lung heat cough, heat-heated lung sac, hemostasis and vomiting.

The effect of clearing the heat and strengthening the stomach, so the bio-fermented alcoholic beverage will become the health-care liquor favored by consumers!

銆€銆€Fourth place, cider: It is made from apples such as Guoguang, red banana, yellow banana and ruby.

The wine is amber, with the aroma of apples; the flavor is remarkable, the taste is slightly sweet, and the wine contains some nutrients in the apple, as well as rich vitamins, as well as malic acid and citric acid.

Malic acid has a certain effect on preventing arteriosclerosis.

銆€銆€The fifth place, Hawthorn wine: Hawthorn, also known as red fruit, after the wine is bright, sour and refreshing, mellow and long, with outstanding flavor.

The right amount of hawthorn wine has the effect of eliminating the product, strengthening the spleen and appetizing.

銆€銆€Sixth, lemon wine: Modern medicine proves that lemon has therapeutic and preventive effects on stomach gas, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney stones, etc.; national medical certificate, lemon has heat, diuretic, beauty, moisturizing and other effects.
Therefore, lemon fermented wine will become a high-end health wine that is favored by the public.