How do men undress women in sex?

How do men undress women in sex?

How do men undress women in sex?

hzh {display: none; }  做爱是个浪漫的事情,尤其是在前戏中。So how should men undress women?

Some men directly lose women’s clothing as soon as they enter the room. This inevitably leads to a sudden drop in female enthusiasm, so men must pay attention.

  Under the principle of not harming women’s self-respect, we should slowly start to create an atmosphere with gentle kisses.

When preparing to try sex, too many women will hesitate because they care about their own taste.

Some people will take a shower before the date, or before the love, but in the charm of women, it is not easy to ignore the body odor.

Body MSG has the effect of stimulating male instinct.

From your hair, the unique scent of the skin, the body odor produced by mixing with the cosmetics, is not comparable to any kind of perfume.

  His fragrance is stinking, and the body odor from white shirts can make you intoxicated.

So your fascinating scent may be the driving force behind the actions that will inspire him to love further.

In the dance or in the full tram, you will find your body odor and let him recognise your charm again.

  While kissing, caressing the hair, ears, neck, buttocks, with one hand from the waist to the head, clitoris, while the other hand from the flank to the breasts, nipples, slowly forward and forward caress straight oftenPurely sexy to go with.

  At this time, if the hand stops the caress and undresses, it is a matter of killing the scenery.

Therefore, it is still necessary to continue to caress before you can fade your clothes.

For example, touching the breast with one hand and pulling the zipper of the skirt with the other hand.

When kissing the anus from the neck, you can use both hands to remove the hook of her bra.

  You may wish to study how you can not caress your hands, but you can skillfully fade your clothes.

In addition, it is not necessary to take off in order, for example, the hook of the bra can be removed before the shirt is removed, so that the anti-energy gives the woman a more exciting feeling.