Each of the seven types of female health care has its own soup

Each of the seven types of female health care has its own “soup”

Cordyceps militaris, a female Cordyceps militaris who has poor sleep and dark skin, drinks with the old turtle, has the effects of strengthening the spleen, soothe the nerves, and whitens the skin. It is a suitable supplement for white-collar women in all seasons.
  The spleen and stomach are not strong, and the anger is very strong. The female with a pea-faced face is an old turtle of Poria cocos, which clears heat and detoxifies, and strengthens the spleen and stomach. If you urinate red, then drink this soup.
Poria cocos has a strong flavor, so it should be covered by seasoning when cooking, which is also a good way to check the cooking skills.
  Females who are too busy and stressed to work with American ginseng turtles-Compared to ginseng, American ginseng is mild in nature and suitable for more people tonic, and it is suitable for all seasons. The tonic effect of turtles is well known.
This soup is especially suitable for those white-collar women who are busy with work and overstressed, and can nourish qi and nourish yin, clear fire and eliminate annoyance, and nourish the stomach.
  Female Cordyceps militaris with dry lungs and cough and phlegm in autumn and winter-the main role is to nourish the lungs and nourish the kidney, stop bleeding and reduce phlegm, but Chinese medicine pays attention to the coldness of duck meat, so it is more suitable for summer consumption.
However, it should be noted that people with cold spleen and stomach and stomach ulcers are best not to eat it, so as not to be counterproductive.
  Winter coughing and shortness of breath female female Bawanghua ribs soup-Qinghuo lungs, qi, can be eaten often.
  Irregular menstruation, women with rough skin red dates and black chicken soup-red dates have been a good product for nourishing blood since ancient times, and black chicken is more beneficial to Qi and nourishing yin, especially suitable for female friends.
  Gastrodia milk pigeon soup for females with stress headache——Gastrodia is particularly effective for headaches, dizziness and numbness of the limbs, while young pigeons are rich in nutrition and smooth in texture, so they are favored by female friends who are over-exposed.
  It is not suitable to use soup tonic when drinking soup for colds. Even mild American ginseng is best not to be taken because these greasy soups tend to worsen cold symptoms.
  Women are suitable to supplement the warm soup before the holiday. Do not cause excessive menstrual blood because of excessive supplementation.
  These soups with therapeutic effects need to be drunk frequently to work, it is advisable to 2-3 times a week.
  Precautions for making soup: If you want to cook a pot of soup at home and let your family share the food and happiness, you also need to pay attention to the following: 料 Selection of materials: It is best to choose ginseng, angelica, wolfberry,Astragalus yam, lily, lotus seed material.
  In addition, you can choose a mild soup according to your physical condition.
If the body is strong, you can choose Chinese herbal medicines such as mung beans, kelp, winter melon, lotus seeds, etc .; if the body is too cold, you should choose ginseng as soup.
  Water temperature: The meat in cold water will not immediately solidify the protein in the outer layer of the meat, the protein in the inner and outer layers can be fully dissolved in the soup, and the taste of the soup is delicious.
  Feeding: The meat should be simmered first to remove the residual blood and water in the meat. It can also remove part of the fat to avoid fatness and ensure that the soup has a good color.
The whole chicken should be cooked in a pot to ensure that the chicken meat is fine and not rough after the soup is cooked.
In addition, do not put salt prematurely. Salt will make the water contained in the meat run out quickly, and it will also accelerate the solidification of the protein and affect the umami taste of the soup.
When making fish soup, first fry both sides of the fish with oil, the skin of the fish will be knotted, it will not break easily, and it will not have a fishy smell.
  Heat: Do not overheat the fire. The heat depends on the boiling level of the soup.
After the pan is boiled, cook on low heat for about three hours.
Because the ginseng contains a kind of ginsenoside, if it is cooked for too long, it will decompose and lose its nutritional value. Therefore, the best time to cook ginseng soup is about 40 minutes.
  Time: The nutrients in the soup are mainly amino acids. If the heating time is too long, new substances will be produced and the nutrition will be destroyed. Generally, fish soup is about 1 hour, chicken soup and pork rib soup are about 3 hours, so it is not the time to cook.越久越好唷  煲过汤的肉料处理:无论煲汤的时间有多长,肉类的营养也不能完全溶解在汤里,所以喝汤后还要吃适量的肉。